Master Of Erossu Book Chapter 351

350 Blue Royal Capital Lights Up In Flames Gu Zexi Is Here

The huge explosion of the erossu qi shocked many.

It was because the scream of the guardian was going along with it, sounding so painful as if slowly dying! The whole capital was in momentary silence, then the huge battles continued!

Hiri was one of the lucky ladies in the capital.

Though her friends from the beasts tribe went out to fight, she herself knew that this is the end for the blue royal kingdom! Xia Feng was special and as someone who got 'saved' by him, Hiri knew it so well she could make a fast decision!

"Run away!"

She decided to save her friends and only a little time was needed for them to listen to her cries! The power of the erossu army was so astonishing and deadly they quickly followed the lady's wish and their own instincts to escape.

Strangely enough, no one disturbed them.

In fact, the erossu army wasn't really killing them, but more like defending against. It made Hiri heart calm down as she realized that Xia Feng remembers her and even helps her now! As the lady who aimed to kill him not too long ago, Hiri already had lost this very desire after living a nice life within the new lands.

However, as the erossu began his slaughter, it looked like she should back to him!

As someone who knew the blue royal's capital very well, Hiri began working for the erossu!

She has home, but was it really her home? Her qi can grow and as someone who has that erossu slave mark, she can find a way better home and grow in power. Who knows, maybe at the very top, she will find a reason for her 'rather stupid' choice to follow the man who killed her brother?

One thing was sure - the white light qi of the horned beast was now rampaging for the erossu!

While Hiri was smashing the enemies with her 'allies' who could tell that she is one of them, the erossu fire ladies surrounded the capital. Standing on the big walls, every erossu lady utilized the already prepared formation.

Their clothes, chains and hair began fluttering with the light fire qi particles.

Soon, one could see the whole capital getting engraved by the unknown glyphs full of scorching qi! These glyphs were quite calm, however. But the moment the erossu's spear pierced through the guardian's heart, the glyphs showed off the reaction!

And as he raised the small guardian's demonic body up!



The whole capital lit up in a huge flames like a candle for the fallen erossu ladies! The fire was so loud that no one could hear anything exept its flickering sounds... The blue qi cultivators were getting incinerated yet no one could help them or even notice their bodies disappearing.

Surrounded by the flames, everyone from the erossu side could only stay silently and pray!

He himself stood silent while using the flames of his erossu ladies to completely refine the body of the demon! It began melting, the blood disappearing at the rapid pace. It flew straight to his special storage ring, then everything else turned into a pure qi.

The silence for the fallen erossu ladies... lasted quite long.

Afterwards, what was needed was a mere clean up. Gathering the resources, scouring through the buildings and so, everything had been plundered by the erossu leaving only the special territories for the two kingdoms which were his allies.

"Time to go back."


Purple Hushed Kingdom!

As everyone thinks, this is a kingdom full of fire cultivators that practice a powerful flames. It's pretty hot here and a lot of ingredients, resources and cultivation techniques of fire are displayed on the roads.

The hot atmosphere certaintly makes this kingdom nice as there are a lot ladies exposing a lot of their skin! The men themselves were going with their tops naked, seemingly enjoying this hot air! However, deep inside the noble households, it was even hotter!

Was it hot because of the beauty? Yes, it was!

The black haired beauty was sitting on the comfortable chair like a queen. In front of her, there was a man with the similar status, however, he was fine with it. It didn't matter whether she looks down on him or not, he is going to be in a fucking heaven soon!

"Miss Zexi, I will make sure our dual cultivation is the long, long one."

"Oh, we will see. Show me that cock of yours."

Gu Zexi?! The queen?!


The man smiled hearing this! His hands went down, to properly unzip the cave. Of course, he was utilizing some techniques already as the beast of his could be already seen a little. He was also ready to beat the meat hard to cover it with even more qi.

Just so that the dual cultivation is even better!

However, little did he know that the lady here had never planned to cultivate with him! As he gave too much attention to his own weapon, Gu Zexi quickly stomped on the ground, her two hands reaching out to hold the man's face from behind!

"I don't even want to look at that disgusting thing of yours."

From behind, she grasped his head tightly, then utilizing her deadly steam cultivation, she made the noble suffocate! He was bravely fighting for survival, but under the tight grasps of the queen, he could only yield to her powers.

As soon as his body fell forward, so that the beast won't be even seen by the queen, she used her steam to completely cover his disgusting body! At the same time, the lady used some erossu qi from her beloved.

Of course, it was the technique 'Erossu Love Nectar'.

The lady went to another room to use it!

Within the another room, Gu Zexi properly devoured the melting man's qi masking her deed in this way! The succubuss that sleeps here... was personally seen by the queen! She knew that this is a strong succubuss that controls dual cultivation nobles from the shadows!

And Gu Zexi somehow became one of the favourites to cultivate it!

Thus, there were a lot of nobles sent by this succubuss so that only Gu Zexi can grow! All the meetings ended up with a death as Gu Zexi was killing them, however, the forces of succubus believed that Gu Zexi simply eaten them with her garden!

"Only my king can beat that succubus and dual cultivate with me! Ahhhh~~"

Though in this hot kingdom Gu Zexi was everyday facing dangers, her powers grown up highly!

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