Master Of Erossu Book Chapter 401

400 Erossu Actor

Xia Feng was using his time in the wodu family very well.

Not only he had constant cultivation with Miss Evelin whose body was as always, alluring and welcoming the erossu well, Xia Feng also had visited many other descendants of wodu family and challenged them.

There were some who fought with him only after he beat their direct disciples, but Xia Feng was that non stop smiling idiot who challenged many. As someone who is suppossed to be from a commoner side, it was a very fitting image.

It was as if he got addicted to a cultivation and many tried to use the cultivation resources to get Xia Feng on his side, but that's for later.

Right now, Xia Feng decided to use Wodu Vara's waterfalls yet again.

It was a strong environment and the fact, that Wodu Vara was without any drop on his body yet Xia Feng was slightly soaked, annoyed Xia Feng! It was time to make his body completely vulnerable to a water, at least to the water in the waterfalls.

it means that Xia Feng has to get an access to the formations!

There surely were a few and Wodu Vara himself shown it for Xia Feng with that test.

"I am in your care!"

"Yeah, you can spend a little time here... Only a little."

Wodu Vara was strangely nice, so Xia Feng just brightly shouted he is going to rely on him and then, sunk in that waterfalls pressure... It was a good thing to use that idiot to raise his water resistance!

The days continued to pass and one day, Xia Feng got stopped.

He was in Wodu Vara's territory as usual, but not even a maid or a butler were near him. His visits were quite loud and everyone got used to him. That's why, the only one who could stop him was Wodu Vara... and his direct descendants.

In front of Xia Feng, there was a descendant.

Wodu Nula!

She was a beauty whose looks could make many hotter! The lady was surely someone old, but cultication wise, she was still young. Even so, her looks were rather looking young and innocent yet there was that mature charm in her eyes.

The lady had well refined expression, but now, she was looking at him with a slight unease and hesitation! Her body's movement was also not so confident, but it made her look rather cute. That innocent charm was surely working well.

Well, she is a virgin after all.

Anyway, her goal was to poison Xia Feng! Her father told her what is her strongest weapon! That cute looks and virginity!

That's why, Wodu Nula slowly calmed down and spoke up.

Her finger was playing with her hair as she was still a little nervous.

"Y-you have been coming here everyday... How about you stop... by my house?"


The lady spoke up with a voice that could pull a heartstrings! Wasn't she so cute, lovely and simply adorable with that nervoursness?! But what was that?!

The man in front of her was as if similar!

He stood with a blushed face, looking from side to side... He was so nervous that the worry within Nula's heart somehow disappeared!

What was that?!

Is that... No way... This is simply... an erossu actor?!

Erossu Actor!

The man who acts accordingly to his persona! Ku Fang was that commoner and so Xia Feng was playing his role very well! As a commoner who got addicted to a cultivation, Xia Feng shouldn't be really a man who can resist a beauty!

So what if his master is a beauty herself?

There is no way for 'Ku Fang' to stay so close to that master and even touch her!

Yes, that's how it is for Ku Fang!

But Xia Feng?! The erossu?! He simply cultivates as he is that man!

However, no one knows it, and so Wodu Nula got a huge boost to her confidence. She pointed her finger at Xia Feng and 'ordered' him to follow her!

"Follow me!"

It was as if the nervous princess became a confident queen! As her hand lowered down, Wodu Nula took a huge turn around and went straight in a direction to her house. Her senses were telling her that Xia Feng is following her obediently.

No, Ku Fang was following her!

And she also could feel... his nervous eyes! He was peeking at her body and that womanly parts that can stimulate many! That moving peach ass and straight back that was exposed as she wore a rather luxury and elegant dress!

Simply irresistible!

Such commoner simply had no way of resisting her charm!

'Father is right... Woman are born to support... and control man!'

Wodu Nula slightly misunderstood her father's words and added the last words by herself. It was probably a fact that being a support was slightly 'lowering' her status... She unconsciously believed so, and thought her luxurious life might get affected once she lowers her status by becoming a woman of Ku Fang.

However, as she began thinking on her own, Wodu Nula began changing... into a type that Xia Feng... had seen a lot.

'Women are support, but we are meant to control man with that support. My body will control him and I will get the benefits of my hard work! And then, I can share that support with other men too. Hmpf! I will be the one at the top.'

Wodu Nula... surely changed from a simple meeting with Xia Feng!

Soon enough, the lady stepped onto her house and left the doors open.

She could feel that Xia Feng stopped and he was rather becoming way too nervous.

Heavens... That Erossu Actor is so good!

"Come in!"

As if her loud shout was meant to destroy that nervousness or pull him by it, Wodu Nula surely made Xia Feng follow her... That man was so obedient she already lost all her nervousness... It became a confidence.

A confidence that made her virginity a joke.

So what if she is a virgin? That heavenly body of a hot and mature woman is going to sway Ku Fang's heart and make him an obedient fool! She will also poison him and get a good life for her deeds!

Virginity is rather important in a higher realms and so on, but what is more important is a true love!

'Before I find it, I will just build up a strong 'support'.'

The strong support... that controls many men!


Soon enough, Wodu Nula made Xia Feng listen to her stories. She began speaking about herself and her high attitude didn't even allow Xia Feng to open his mouth... The lady was just boasting about her talent, family and luxurious life that she has been living ever since a little.

Now, all mature, Wodu Nula aimed to made a luxurious life by herself which would outshine her sisters!

What is that confidence?!

"I can support you, Ku Fang."

And finally, Wodu Nula took a move. She literally kicked away the table which held a lot valuable fruits and meals soaked in a qi that could boost cultivators' lifespan and just put her knee between Xia Feng's legs.

Her body was also coming closer, that fragrance which was mix of mature and innocent lady... assaulted Ku Fang!

He was so red!

"You are so cute, Ku Fang... I can feel that you are interested in me... That's a normal, I know my body well."


Erossu Actor! Heavens!

How can you be so good, Xia Feng?!

"Now, I want to learn about your body..."

The lady became so aggressive and confident that even Xia Feng behind that mask was surprised. It's surely a strong 'genes' of a Wodu Family! Once she got enough confidence, she became a beast that is working towards her goals!

Xia Feng was surprised, but it was not enough to break his mask.

In fact, he became even better actor...

"Ah! But it's so embarrassing! Is my d-d-d-d-dick a good f-f-f-fit for such strong and beautiful lady as you, Miss Nula?!"


Miss Nula shouted as saying it so bluntly could throw her out from her flow!

Anyway, she regained her confidence relatively fast. Is that really a powerful genes of Wodu Family passed by a strong ancestors and now, also passed by the strongest descendant? Who knows?!

One thing is sure! Wodu Nula was a confident lady...

"Just show me that beast of yours!"

Her hand reached for erossu's pants, then slowly began pulling it down!

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