Master Of Erossu Book Chapter 402

401 Xia Feng Is A Good Actor His Weapon Not So.

"Ahh, I am sorry!"

Xia Feng raised his hands, grasping his 'crying' face. He instantly covered that pitiful expression, then trembled with an utmost shame... It was as if he was not feeling any confidence in his own beast - the erossu cultivation rod!

But while Xia Feng was that 'pitiful boy', Wodu Nula herself was becoming pitiful!

Her eyes non stop blinked as she had that tremendous cock close to her arm... In fact, she could gauge the lengh a little easier thanks to that, her eyes going wider at such thought! This is simply a beast.

Yes, it's a beast just as she said it!

But Xia Feng was just crying, thinking that his cock is not suitable for such high lady!

"As a high lady, you should have a noble d-d-d-dick! A dick that can stir up your high p-p-p-pussy!"

"S-shut up!"

"I am sorry!"

It was also embarrassing for Wodu Nula as she heard Xia Feng mentioning such things. Her body slowly retreated a little, then as if already exhausted from an appearance of the erossu cock alone, Wodu Nula just fell onto her knees.

Now, she could see that strong weapon standing still... from below.

'It's so big! Can that even get inside?!'

The weapon was truly big, forcing Wodu Nula to move her up and down as she wanted to see it... Was it the erossu qi boosting its length to scare the lady?! The erossu qi was also playing an actor game!

Both of them were the best actors right now!

"Miss Nula... I have b-b-been... l-l-looking at your ass!"

'I know it!'

"Y-your back too! You are so sexy, but I am too small! Forgive me! It's okay! I will forget about it and my little dreams!"

"Y-you aren't small! Look!"

It would be bad if her first target just left the house. Not only it would make her fail her mission, but also would put Wodu Nula in an utmost embarrassment as she was still virgin! It surely would hurt her pride and self-esteem!

For now, the lady could only... take a lead by herself.

Xia Feng was just too pitiful now! As she peeked at his face, there were a tears falling on his cheeks and his eyes were simply blinking and moving non stop around the house!

He couldn't look into her eyes at all!

What a commoner!

That's how it is when a commoner visits a high lady!

The gap between them is immense! But Wodu Nula has her mission, and her own desires... She needed Xia Feng to fulfill all of this at once! Not only her father would be satisfied, she would get that experience to control more men!


That's why, Wodu Nula grasped the big cock and her heart trembled. She just caressed it a little yet something within her heart caused the lady to increase at pace and even add more fingers... Now, she grapsed that cock tightly with her whole hands and began massaging it up and down.

Her womanly instincts were awakened by the erossu from the very start!

Just like that, Xia Feng can make most women go for him! Of course, Wodu Nula was so easy because she hoped to do it with him by her own self. The erossu qi coming from that cultivation rod pushed her simply.

It made her go all over his cock. Not only a hands, but even her little tongue.

"Ah, ah! Miss Nula! Your tongue is so hot! Ah... It makes me dizzy! I feel so good! So good! Something is building up within me! Ohhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!"

'Isn't that what I should be saying?!'

Miss Nula was still herself though! Her cute face was losing that innocence though! She continued to lick more of his shaft, painting the hot tip too with that sticky and hot saliva. The soft tongue was just going everything, even slightly below that tip to properly drench in with her love.

Of course, the lady didn't know whether she is doing fine, but she was just following her instincs. Furthermore, Xia Feng was always moaning in that utmost pleasure, so it should be all good! Her eyes were studying that movements, remembering each slash of her soft tongue highly.

She is going to dominate man with her cute and adorable face!

That small adorable face was rubbing Xia Feng's whole right now! She even uesd her cheeks to feel more of his hotness, but it was simply because her tongue got numb a little, thus, a rest was needed.

Even so, Xia Feng just continued to enjoy it, his mouth not even planning to stop.

"Ahhh! Your cheeks... feel so soft... Ahhh, it feels so good to rub your face!"

'Then I will just do it!'

Moving her head a little, Miss Nula made Xia Feng's cock enjoy that soft texture of her skin as she gently stroked that trembling with an 'embarrassment' weapon! Her whole body was also heated, and Nula could feel her own place getting wet.

It was also itching for some care, the similar care she was giving to Xia Feng now.

That's why, Miss Nula decided to make Xia Feng do her! But before that, she regained her strength and swallowed up that cock whole, bobbing her head while sucking him off. Her intent was clear - to make him come within her!

A few strokes of that 'high class' mouth and Miss Nula finally experienced a shot within her mouth! That lovely and adorable face turned into something lewd in an instant as it was the first time for a lady to feel such shot.

It was a cute sight that destroyed her innocence that was lingering on her body!

Now, she was just gulping down the huge amount of white qi while sliding her fingers on her lips and chin! It was a sexy sight indeed!

At this point, it was clear that the mature woman is going to become a real lady today!

Her body was simply exuding that desire. She was so hot and red, breathing and gesturing Xia Feng to just come down! But instead of that, Xia Feng just peeked at her face which was still a little bulged from his white seed and softly asked.

"I am sorry!"


"The amount is so low! I am sorry!"

His apologizing expression just caused Miss Nula to spit out all his white seed out from her mouth! She dirtied that luxurious carpet, but who cares?! Within her mind, Miss Nula was simply screaming about that huge shot that nearly made her suffocate and choke!

"It was a good shot! Believe in yourself, damn it!"

Ignoring that white seed on the carpet, Miss Nula slowly stood up, then her clothes fell from her body! She did it slowly and carefuly unzipped everything which was surely because of the erossu presence being here.

Though she was a little impatient which shocked her highly!

Looks her body got charmed enough with a male's presence and his beastly weapon! As she understood it, Nula twitched and quickly settled herself on the table. Her slender legs spread widely which exposed her lovely place.

"Come here and kiss me here, Ku Fang!"

"Y-yes... Is it okay? This is a high royal p-p-p-pussy!"

"Enough! Just follow my orders!"


Xia Feng then began following the orders of Miss Nula! She guided him straight to her pussy, forcing him to suck it hard. Her hands grasped his head, then pushed him even deeper while screaming to use that tongue.

Her body was simply overjoyed with that kind of pleasure!

It was so nice she forgot momentarily about her mission and everything else. Instead, her crotch was just pushing itself against Xia Feng along with her hands bringing closer that erossu head! Of course, Miss Nula would be overwhelmed by the pleasure.

She was all ready from that small preparation and Xia Feng's cock actor was also soaking her deeply with the erossu qi. Her body was just seeking the pleasure right now, so the more he sucked the more she fell.

Miss Nula was all over that pleasure right now, but Xia Feng continued to play.

It was kinda fun and he knew that a few rounds like these are needed for that high lady to fall! For now, he just continued to feel her while surping that juices... She was also a nice cultivator, so the cultivation with her is going to bountiful, not wasteful at all.

And adding her connections... This is going to be a good wild ride indeed.

"Now... I want you to put your... cock inside me! Do it slowly, okay?!"

"Okay! Ahh! I hope I will be able to satisfy you, Miss Nula! You are so cute..."

"I am cute. Isn't that obvious?! Now... do it..."

Xia Feng slowly positioned himself in front of her. His cock was raging hard after that sucking on her lovely place, so it was pretty hard for the erossu cock actor to continue its act... As he grabbed his own weapon, Xia Feng slowly put it on her thin entrance which was glittering with a love.

In fact, his cock was also dazzling with her saliva still being here.

And there was also his own liquid.

Anyway, Xia Feng was all hot and so Miss Nula!

"Ohhh! Is it okay?! Ohh, so hot! So tight! You are so tight! Is that okay?!

"Ah! Ahh... This is... good! You are doing good! Ahh! Go deeper!"

Xia Feng broke through her hymen yet not even a bit of pain assaulted her! It was simply a pleasure, a pleasure of a big cock! Her legs moved on her own, grasping his waist by intertwining around.

Then, Miss Nula pushed Xia Feng deeper by herself.

It was an action born out from her desire yet it was also something unexpected! Her whole face went backwards with a mouth opened so widely as if trying to store up a more weapons! Her chin was also coated wet from all the dripping saliva!

It was simply a sexy face!

Her two breasts were also non stop moving around. All because Xia Feng began thrusting under the orders of Miss Nula! His waist kept going back and forth, stroking that pink walls of Miss Nula! Her tight place was also clenching his rod hard eliciting a lot of pleasure for the erossu!

It was simply a good shit connection!

"Ah! Ahhh! Good! You are so good, Ku Fang! I love this!"

"Oh! Ohhhh! Good! You are so good, Miss Nula! I love this!"

"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

"Oh! Oh! Oh!"

Xia Feng was no longer crying, but his face was distorted in that utmost pleasure. He was also withstanding 'a lot' to not explode immediately.

That's what Miss Nula thought as she had 'enough' knowledge. It was clear that men want to make women come first and they are going to withstand till they reach that goal! Of course, Nula's body already came a little, but it was not that tide Xia Feng was looking for.

As a commoner, he was truly doing his best to make her feel good!

Miss Nula thought it's cute and it was as if a trigger!

"Miss Nula! I can't! I can't! It's gathering up so much! So much! I can't endure!"

"Do it! I am also close! Spray all your seed within me! Make me feel the best! Fuck me harder! Ahhh!"

"Ohhh! I am coming!"


"Ahhh! I am coming!"

The commoner and high lady came at the same time! It was so amazing feeling that Miss Nula truly forgot about her mission and everything she was suppossed to do! She just allowed herself to linger on the clouds of the pleasure as Xia Feng's seed continued to wave within her insides.

It was so damn good... That hot sticky liquid... Just going in her insides and heating her up! The pleasure was immense and Miss Nula just grabbed Xia Feng's waist tighter with her legs.

Her slender legs pushed Xia Feng forward and...

"You are so hard, it means you can do it again... Go for me... You have the best cock, Ku Fang..."


"Really... Just fuck me as you have done! Swing that waist and completely immerse yourself in your instincts! A manly instincts of a man who possess such beast!"

Just like that, Xia Feng and Miss Nula began cultivating hard! It was a pleasure she couldn't forget a few hours later, telling Xia Feng to visit her as soon as possible....

No, she said to visit him tommorow immediately!

And Xia Feng, as a man mesmerized by that beauty, just accepted it brightly.

It was as if he truly fell for him! But Miss Nula fell for that strong cock! She knew that there are differences and if he truly could make her go all soft on him at the end, then Xia Feng is that man perfect for her!

That's why, before Xia Feng left, Miss Nula closed up a distance.

Her movement was a little strange, but everyone can guess why.

"I love you, Ku Fang."

And grasping that collar, she brought him closer and gave that sweet kiss! Charmed by a manly body, Miss Nula had to make Xia Feng a real man and he is going to be a perfect fit indeed!

All perfect for her!

One might wonder... what happened to her plans?

Has Miss Nula forgotten about her plans under that manly and beastly cock?

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