Mastermind: Genderbent Villainess Book 2 Chapter 108

Volume 2: Empress Hatching Chapter 108 The God Realm

[Fertility Deity Aphrosia]


[Fertility Deity Aphrosia has been blocked]

'Much better.'

After a long night with her three beautiful wives, Tanya really did not feel like doing anything else in bed. She had satisfied her lovers and now she just wanted some time to talk, flirt, and rest. Life was good like that, Tanya really didn't see why she had to get into bed again.

She just wanted a well deserved break, a week deserved break after participating in a foursome.

"Tanya We still have half an hour before we have to meet everyone are you sure you want to leave right now?" Rose seductively asked, crawling up to Tanya in a sensual manner.

"Tanya is already tired from last night. She pleasured us for 10 hours, so let her at least have a day to rest. I don't want to see my wife become too tired to stand" Thankfully, Penelope knew when it was time to stop. After such a rough night, she knew that Tanya genuinely just needed some time away from the bedroom.

"Heh I can now go around the academy saying that I am Tanya's wife. All of the boys will be so jealous after seeing me hold Tanya's hand while kissing her lips" Yuri deviously mumbled in the background.

"I won't be harassed anymore! I am taken, I am Tanya's!"

Yuri really did like the idea of being Tanya's wife. Aside from having Tanya's abundant affections and body, she also had her ability to make troublesome suitors go away instantly. Besides, what use was a boy that only talks about his one inch piece of junk when compared to Tanya, a specimen of great personality, technique, as well as being in possession of a rod that can extend into double digits?

In all accounts, Tanya was better than any man Yuri had met. Yuri especially loved Tanya's big and soft chest, the perfect pillow for a saintess like herself.

"Yuri is just a little excited she will go back to normal soon" Penelope sighed nervously.

"Tanya, how does it feel that your former maid has become your wife now? Is it a bit more difficult to have your way with my heart, or easier?" Penelope asked out of nowhere. She was curious about how Tanya felt about this marriage. Since she had not been the one to suggest the marriage, Penelope felt like she was the one that was not taking initiative. Now since the roles had become equal, Penelope naturally felt like she needed to share more of the romantic load.

"Oh? It feels great. I've been waiting for this since I first saw you~"

"You were only a toddler back then!" Penelope blushed crimson, unable to hold her voice from projecting itself.

"And you were the s.e.xy maid~ and I must say, the only thing that has changed is that you're no longer the maid. You're my s.e.xy wife~"

"!!!" Penelope was weak in the knees after hearing that. No matter what stage of the relationship she was in with Tanya, she always felt like Tanya had the upper hand in teasing her.

"Now come on, we have-"

[Virtua has summoned you to her abode]


Before she could finish her sentence, Tanya was interrupted by the voice of her status board. A bright light shined all around her, enveloping her just radiance. Within seconds, the radiant light disappeared and she found herself sitting on a luxurious sofa, within a completely foreign room.

"Tanya, I summoned you and you did not reply. Is this how you treat your lover?" A voice came right from her side.

"Virtua!" Tanya shouted.

Virtua sat right beside Tanya, dressed in not so modest light coloured clothing, showing off her perfect curves and smooth skin. However, beside Virtua, was a girl that seemed much less hospitable. In black robes and sporting pink hair, this girl seemed quite embarrassing to look at for Tanya.

"I take it that this girl is Aphrosia?"

"Yes, my little sister I am sorry to have disturbed you, my love." Virtua gracefully apologised with a bow of her head. If not for her sister's shenanigans, she wouldn't have had to intervene like this.

"YOU BLOCKED ME!" Aphrosia cried out, leaking water from her eyes.

"You interrupted morning s.e.x."

"..." Virtua blushed.

"As I was saying I am really sorry for forcing you to meet us here, my love."

"Don't worry too much about it, ViVi~" Tanya whispered.


Virtua did not remember getting such a nickname. It was also so good, she loved it the moment she heard Tanya say it. Not even her little sister had enough creativity to give her a good nickname. Virtua at this point felt very blessed to have Tanya as her lover.

"Ahem So my little sister wants to duel you in the bedroom-"

"You seem different from last time you seem less mysterious more human~ I like this side of ViVi~"

"..." Aphrosia watched from the side as her sister was seduced by the very woman that Aphrosia wanted to duel. It was just too embarrassing for her to watch. A supreme goddess had really fallen for a human mortal Aphrosia finally understood that Tanya's skills were not to be reckoned with.

"Tanya it's part of my job as a supreme deity to act like that at home, I am just another woman I have needs, I have a personality, I have feelings" ViVi explained.

"Tanya, I know you like my sister, but pay attention to me~! I want to duel you in the bedroom to see who is more fit to be a love deity! As you might know, the realm of gods have deity jobs and normal jobs. I might only be a 6th ascension fighter but my deity powers are already at [Love Deity 2]. So now I will prove why I am the best in bed!" Aphrosia haughtily announced, standing up right in front of Tanya with her chest wiggling right in front of the latter's face.

"How about you let me go back so I can do very important things. I do not have time for a drawn out session in the bedroom. Please send me back." Tanya calmly replied.

"Although, if you ever need me, my love, I am a heartbeat away~" Tanya winked right towards ViVi.


"I won't let you go home until you make me come! I already promised to burn my century old collection of p*rn so sister would summon you, so you better make me feel like the best princess in the world~!"


Tanya went right towards Aphrosia and plunged a single pinky finger through the fabric and right into Aphrosia's most precious place, twisting a certain direction and waiting for the effect.

"Aaahn~!" Aphrosia's face immediately loosened and she fell to her knees, her pants leaking a divine liquid.

"One pinky is all it takes to pleasure a goddess? I sure do hope that you are able to last longer than your sister, ViVi~" Tanya licked her lips and drew closer to her deity lover.

"!!!" Virtua blushed as she jumped back!


Just like that, Tanya was summoned to the God Realm and sent back within minutes.

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