Medical Master Chapter 307

Chapter 307 Wait Let Me Have A Look

Chapter 307 Wait, Let Me Have a Look!
In the living room.


Fang Qiu quickly wrote prescriptions as he saw his patients.

He looked like he was seeing his patients incredibly quickly but he meticulously saw each patient and would also explain the patients symptoms to them in detail after he determined what was wrong with them.

The neighbors and relatives who gathered around him listened intently and would also agree with his words after they understood their ailments and what was causing them.

They would never be able to glean such information on a day to day basis.

They naturally learned a lot from Fang Qiu after their consultation with him.

At the same time, they were even more impressed by Fang Qius abilities.

Many relatives and neighbors did not leave after Fang Qiu had seen them but rather, they continued to loiter around, perhaps because he was explaining their ailments to them in such detail. They looked like they were learning and also watching a show.

At the same time, every relative or neighbor who had been treated by Fang Qiu heaped praises on him.

Fang Qiu is amazing.

Yes, Xiao Fang is really clever. You will do great things when you grow older.

Based on how skilled you are, you wouldnt need to worry about finding a job in the future.

Exactly, he can treat every illness and hes much better than the physicians at the hospital. Hes practically a miraculous worker.

Your father is amazing for raising such a clever kid. Look at my child, hes the same age as Xiao Fang but hes still fooling around. He doesnt have any special abilities to speak of and hes driving me up the wall.

Dont even get me started on this topic. I get so annoyed each time I think of my own child!

You guys didnt raise your children right. If you had brought them over to interact more with Fang Qiu when they were younger, Im sure that even if they didnt turn out as capable as he did, they wouldnt be as bad as they are now. Fortunately, my child is still young. I plan to make sure that he goes to the University of Chinese Medicine when he is older so that he can learn from Fang Qiu.

Yes, I heard that Chinese Medicine is all the rage these days. Your father had the foresight to allow you to enter the University of Chinese Medicine.

It doesnt matter whether or not its a popular course or not. It is simply way too convenient to have a physician in the family. It would be a blessing to have someone as highly-skilled as Fang Qiu in the family.

They continued to heap praises on him.

Fang Qius mother who was continuously greeting and chatting with the neighbors and relatives couldnt stop laughing when she heard them praising her son. She felt extremely proud and happy no matter who she was talking to.

Fang Qiu had proven himself and also brought honor to her and the Fang Family.

How could she not be proud and happy when she had such an outstanding son?

In the afternoon, there was the sound of urgent footsteps when Fang Qiu was almost done seeing all his patients.

He turned to see a woman who looked troubled and haggard walking rapidly toward him with a baby in tow.

The crowd fell silent when they saw who it was and they looked at her sympathetically.

Fang Qiu was still treating his final patient.

On the other hand, the woman glanced at Fang Qiu and immediately walked over to Fang Qius mother when she spotted her. She seemed a little afraid but she gathered her courage and asked, Sis, do you think Xiao Qiu could treat my son?

She made her request, then looked hopefully at Fang Qius mother.

The crowd who had fallen silent when the woman appeared sighed in unison and their gaze shifted to the child in her arms.

The child was a two-year-old boy.

He used to be an adorable boy who was well-loved by the neighbors and his relatives but one year ago, the boy was suddenly struck by a terrifying disease myasthenia gravis.

Her husband wanted to abandon the child when he was diagnosed with this disease. It was such a debilitating illness that was also incurable, so their son would be useless even after he grew up.

However, the woman refused to abandon her son.

This child was her flesh and blood, so how could she abandon him?

She ultimately got a divorce because of this.

Her husband left her.

She was all alone with a child who was seriously ill. She couldnt work because she had to care for her child so she was forced to set up a stall selling trinkets and life was very hard for her.

Furthermore, after her divorce, she spent all her money seeking treatments for her child. All she wanted was for her child to be healed and to be healthy.

She had been to so many doctors but to no avail.

She had also been to many hospitals to seek treatment but there was no cure!

Nonetheless, she did not give up hope.

She would immediately bring her child to see treatment whenever she heard of a famous doctor or an alternative remedy.

When she heard the neighbors praising Fang Qius miraculous abilities this morning, she immediately brought her child over to seek treatment.

Uh Fang Qius mother looked sympathetically at the woman and said, Sis, Fang Qiu has only been at school for six months, so he might not be able to help you.

Fang Qius mother thought that the childs disease was basically incurable since so many doctors have failed to cure him.

She didnt feel that her son would be able to cure a disease that no doctor was able to cure even if he was incredibly talented.

Oh, the womans hopeful expression was immediately wiped from her face. She looked troubled and dejected.

She looked at the child in her arms and her eyes brimmed with tears. Then, she tamped down her sorrow and turned to leave.

Then, Fang Qiu stood up after he finished seeing his final patient.

Wait a minute!

Please dont leave just yet. Let me have a look at him, he said.

The woman stopped in her tracks at her words.

A flash of emotion immediately crossed her eyes.

There was hope.

Fang Qius words had given her hope and even this shred of hope was enough to fill her with excitement.

She didnt do anything else but immediately turned around and walked up to Fang Qiu.

Fang Qiu examined the child careful.

It is indeed myasthenia gravis, he said after he finished examining him.

Can he be cured? The woman asked and her gaze never left Fang Qiu. She was so anxious that her voice quivered.

Everyones attention was focused on Fang Qiu as well.

They hoped that Fang Qiu would be able to work a miracle because their hearts went out to this woman and her son too.

Let me try, Fang Qiu thought for a moment before he said. I cant guarantee that Ill be able to cure him but theres a high possibility that he could recover. He is still very young and this makes it easier for me to treat him.

The woman picked up the child reflexively and turned to leave.

However, the moment she turned, it felt like something had exploded in her head and she suddenly froze on the spot.

Then, she turned around to face him and asked dumbly, Did you just say that he could be cured? Is this really true?

She felt as though she was going crazy and her eyes widened in disbelief. Her eyes brimmed with tears as she stared dumbly at him.

There s a very high chance that he could recover, Fang Qiu said with a nod.


The woman was so surprised that she burst into tears at his words.

Everyone, including Fang Qius mother, couldnt help but feel a little teary.

Kid. Fang Qius mother immediately grabbed Fang Qius shoulders and said, This is not the time to exaggerate your abilities. Dont give her so much hope if you cant treat her son. Are you sure that youre able to cure him?

I cant guarantee that I can cure him, Fang Qiu said with a nod. But I am pretty confident that I can.

Fang Qiu immediately thought of the secret acupuncture techniques he had gleaned from Basic Acupuncture.

The cure was found in the book!

On the other hand, everyone was surprised when they heard Fang Qiu repeat that there was a cure.

What are you waiting for? Quick, go over and treat him! Fang Qius mother urged him.

Everyone else nodded and urged Fang Qiu to begin his treatment.

I cant treat him right now, Fang Qiu said as he shook his head. Bring your son home and give him a bath, then come back in the afternoon. Ill need time to head to the Chinese medicine hall to buy acupuncture needles.

Sure, the woman nodded and hurriedly left with the child in tow.

As for the others, since they had already been treated by Fang Qiu, they left while chattering excitedly.

After everyone left, his mother grabbed his shoulders and asked, Kid, are you sure youre able to cure him?

Although that child is very pitiful, this is something that cant be helped. You mustnt give him home just because youve taken pity on them and then let them down when you cant treat the boy or you would be dealing them with a huge blow. Moreover, the boy has been to so many famous hospitals but theyve all failed to cure him. Are you sure you can do the job?

Dont worry, mom, Fang Qiu said with a nod.

Do good without expecting anything in return, remember? I meant what I said.

Really? Fang Qius mother asked in surprise.

She could already imagine how famous Fang Qiu would be in the neighborhood if he truly managed to cure the child.

Wait, he would be known throughout the area and even across the county.

Then, he would bring great honor to the Fang Family name and everyone would greet her whenever she went about town. She would be respected by everyone, and

Her imagination ran wild.

Mom? Fang Qiu said.

Yes? Fang Qius mother said. Then, she patted his shoulder in excitement and said, You must cure him no matter what. Ill treat you to a good meal if you truly manage to cure him.

Of course, Fang Qiu said with a nod. Youd better head out to buy groceries. Im heading out to buy acupuncture needles.

Fang Qiu strode out of the house and went to buy a box of single-use acupuncture needles.

In the afternoon.

The woman followed his instructions and gave the child a hot bath, then bundled him in warm cotton clothes before she went back to Fang Qius house.

The woman and her child werent the only visitors.

Almost all the relatives and neighbors who were present earlier had returned as well.

They were waiting for a miracle.

They wanted to see how Fang Qiu would be able to cure the child.

If Fang Qiu was going to be working a miracle, they wanted to bear witness to this moment.

Moreover, they still remembered how adorable this child used to be and they all hoped that he could make a full recovery. They also hoped that his mother could go back to leading a normal life and be the beautiful, intellectual and gentle woman they once knew.

After everyone gathered at his house, Fang Qiu who had already made all the necessary preparations, took out his acupuncture tools and started to treat the boy.



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