Medical Master Chapter 355

Chapter 355 Was It So Amazing?

Chapter 355 Was It So Amazing?
In Chengwu City.

Because everything had been arranged in advance, they headed to the central hospital of Chengwu City as soon as they got off the plane.

When they arrived in the hospital, the consulting room and all the needed equipment for the experiment were prepared.

While Fang Qiu waited outside the room, Harry and those with him entered the consulting room under the lead of the doctor who received them. They checked all the equipment in the room and made sure that everything was ok before picking up the patient records to select subject patient.

Soon, the seven of them decided to select a patient with myasthenia gravis who were waiting for treatment as the subject patient.

The decision was made because there was such a case in Fang Qius article.

They did not enquire Fang Qius opinion on it.

After selecting the patient, Harry called the patient into the consulting room through the Western-style doctor he connected before.

Having learned something about the experiment from the call, the doctor stayed in the room out of curiosity.

Fang Qiu, who had been waiting outside the room for a long while, was call in by Harry.

Looking up, Fang Qiu saw a man in his forties sit in front of the desk.

Can we start now? asked Fang Qiu.


Harry nodded.

Without any hesitation, Fang Qiu walked to the desk and sat down by it under the onlookers eyes.

Because he knew nothing about the patients illness, he had to start with Four Methods to Diagnose a Disease, namely observing, listening, asking and feeling the pulse.

After the diagnosis, Fang Qiu was sure that the patient had myasthenia gravis.

Then, he gave the patient a machine examination like what a Western-style doctor would do, and confirmed his diagnosis.

After that, Fang Qiu started his treatment.

According to his diagnosis, his therapeutic plan was to acupuncture the patient on his main acupoints, such as Cuan Zhu, Si Zhu Kong, Yang Bai, Yu Yao, Tai Chong, Tai Xi, and Xia Xi acupoints, as well as He Gu, Da Du, Pi Shu, Bai Hui, Zusanli, Zhong Shu, Yin Ling Quan, and San Yin Jiao acupoints.

Under everyones eyes, each time Fang Qiu acupunctured the patient, he would acupuncture his two main acupoints and two auxiliary acupoints on his limbs.

After seeing the patients reaction of Acuesthesia, he did not twist the needles.

Instead, while leaving the needles in the patients limbs, he ran his internal Qi and infused it into the patients body through the needles.

This time, Fang Qiu did not use the Qi from the Qigong he practiced but some superior internal Qi!

The reason he did so was that he only had this chance, so he had to try his best to show the power of Qi and acupuncture clearly to those foreigners on the spot.

He removed the needles from the patient 10 minutes later. Then, with dermal needles, he tapped the patients temple, Gallbladder Divergent Channel, and orbicularis oculi muscle from up to down and inside to outside, mainly using the reinforcing method and acupuncturing him gently.

Several moments later, Fang Qiu finished his treatment.

The patient, who had had difficulty in walking, stood up under Fang Qius signal, and he now could move his arms and legs, which he had been unable to move.

In the consulting room, Harry and other six reviewers, as well as the Western-style doctor, were astonished by the scene.

Is this the effect of Qi plus acupuncture?

How could it be so efficient?

Wow, the effect was remarkable!

They looked at the patient in astonishment.

They all felt it incredible.

How do you feel now? Fang Qiu asked the patient with a smile.

I feel Ive regained my strength, and its no longer so difficult for me to move around. I feel much better now!

The patient looked surprised and excited.

It was extremely painful for a man to lose all his strength due to such a disease.

Now, since he could stand on his own and move his body again, how could he not feel excited?

Well, its true that the Chinese Medicine has an effect on myasthenia gravis, but could it be so eutherapeutic? the Western-style doctor said with disbelief.

Though they had witnessed the process with their own eyes, Harry and the other six reviewers, just like the Western-style doctor, dared not believe that it was true.

The reason was that the effect was simply too incredible that it seemed abnormal.

Fang Qiu, Harry went to him and asked tentatively, Could you please repeat the treatment again?

Of course. Fang Qiu nodded with a smile.

After that, Harry and the other reviewers immediately found another patient.

Like the previous one, the patient had myasthenia gravis as well.

This time, I wont use Qigong and will only use the method of acupuncture. You can compare it with the previous case later, said Fang Qiu to them before the patient arrived.

Others all agreed with him.

After all, it was a must to do so to prove the existence of the Qi.

Soon, the patient arrived.

Fang Qiu started his treatment.

Twenty minutes later, Fang Qiu finished the treatment. The treatment had an effect yet was not that remarkable due to Fang Qiu not using Qi this time, and the effect was as ordinary as that of normal Chinese Medicine treatment.

Undoubtedly, the result proved two things.

One was that Qi and acupuncture together turned to be effective, and the other was that acupuncture was one of the effective curing methods.

Oh my God.

What did I see?

There is such a magical medical skill in the mysterious China?

How powerful the skill is! It worked so fast!

The reviewers could not help but feel excited.

Even the local Western-style doctor was dumbfounded.

As a doctor trained in Western medicine, he always believed that Western medicine was the most scientific medicine in the world. Though he never objected or wanted to object Chinese Medicine and acknowledged the curing methods and effect of Chinese Medicine, he could not believe that it had such a strong effect.

There were methods that could cure myasthenia gravis in Western medicine, but an operation was needed anyway and it would take some time for the patient to recover.

However, now, they saw that Fang Qius acupuncture was so effective.

It was simply too incredible!

Fang Qiu, you have discovered a big secret!

The six reviewers were so excited that they went forward and held Fang Qius hand, saying, The Eastern world is so amazing that we could find such a remarkable medical skill here. The medical community would appreciate you, so would the patients.

How great youre!

Im finally able to know why people would call the Eastern world a mysterious world. You greatly widened my horizon.

The six reviewers kept talking to Fang Qiu.

They looked very excited because they were a part of the medical community and had been devoted to the cause of medicine and thus had won global fame.

As a result, Medicine and Humans had specially invited them to be the reviewers of the periodical.

At the same time, it was exactly because they had been devoted to the cause of medicine and dedicated their lives to the development of medicine that they knew how hard it was to bring innovation to medicine.

Every day, there were hundreds of thousands of people who studied in the new fields of medicine and new medical skills.

However, few of them had managed to work out new medical skills.

Nevertheless, now, Fang Qiu succeeded.

This made the six reviewers felt very excited as if they had obtained a precious treasure.

As the editor of Medicine and Humans, Harry felt excited as well.

He might not know what a brand new medical method meant, but he knew well that his trip to China was worthwhile.

Once this medical skill was made known to the public, it would draw attention from the people worldwide.

Medicine and Humans would rise to fame because of this and might be able to ascend to the top five periodicals in the world.

In great excitement, they left the hospital.

Mr. Harry, may I ask you when will the article that I submitted to you be published? Fang Qiu asked on the way.

Normally, it would take at least half a year for a submitted article to be published.

Harry answered and added with a smile, But, considering that your case is special, we can help you publish it ahead of time. It will be published a week later.

Undoubtedly, Harry wanted the article to be published as soon as possible just like Fang Qiu did.

The finding was so amazing that it would be a blockbuster among the medical community.

Up to now, Harry did not know whether Fang Qiu had submitted the article to other periodicals.

Thus, he had to hurry to publish the article ahead of other periodicals so as to draw the most attention from the medical scholars worldwide.

A week later?

Fang Qiu pondered and continued to ask, Could it be earlier?


Harry was confused and looked at Fang Qiu with hesitation, saying, Fang Qiu, I understand youre eager to see your article published, and of course, there are some ways to publish your article quickly, but before that, I have something to confirm with you.

What is it? Fang Qiu asked.

Apart from Medicine and Humans, did you submit your article to other periodicals? asked Harry.

No, Fang Qiu answered with certainty.

Harrys eyes lit up at the words.

Can you guarantee that?

Harry added, Guarantee that the article and the data information contained in it, as well as the medical method of Qi together with acupuncture, will only belong to our periodical before its published?

Yes, Fang Qiu answered with a smile.


Harry patted Fang Qiu on the shoulder with a big smile and said, Now, lets talk about your request of publishing your article as soon as possible.

You know, we need to put much manpower and material resources into each of our periodicals, and there is a week before our next periodical is published.

A grace period of one week is needed because we have to select a part of your article to publish without infringing your intellectual property.

Therefore, the soonest time to publish your article is a week later.

Upon hearing the worlds, Fang Qiu asked, Isnt there any other ways?


Harry hesitated for a moment before replying, There is. We can publish your article on our official website, and it will be really fast, but it will still take a week to publish your article on our periodical.


Fang Qiu nodded and continued, Can you give me an acceptance letter of my article. An electronic version will do.

No problem.

Harry nodded and added, I can give it to you right now.

After saying this, he found a place to sit down and opened the laptop he carried with him at once and started operating it.

Soon, an acceptance letter with the signature of the chief editor on it was sent to Fang Qius mailbox.

Thank you, Fang Qiu said.

Its been good working with you.

Harry laughed and shook hands with Fang Qiu. Then, they set off to the airport. Harry bought a flight ticket to Jiangjing for Fang Qiu before he and the six reviewers hurried to board their own planes and left.


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