Medical Master Chapter 384

Chapter 384 Hes Shameless For Selling The Earth Treasure

After the kowtow, Fang Qiu started to feel a little embarrassed.

He just randomly picked up such a nice thing. If he ran into some monks in the temple, they would just take him as a thief.

Thinking of this, Fang Qiu turned and walked away.

Beep, beep, beep Just at this moment, Fang Qius phone suddenly rang.

Taking out his phone to have a look, it was He Gaoming.

After using the special cell phone given by Li Ji, Fang Qiu transferred all the numbers on his cell phone to this one, so if someone called, there would be a caller ID.

Hello? As he picked up the phone, he walked out of the Lingyin Temple.

Master, something terrible has happened, He Gaoming hurriedly said.

The White-dressed Man made a Wulin Order of Challenge Letter to you.

Wulin Order of Challenge Letter? Fang Qiu paused for a while and continued, Whats that?

You dont know? He Gaoming was surprised.

No idea, Fang Qiu replied.

Well, He Gaoming thought about it and said, this Order is a thing that the founder of the Wulin Forum made. Because of his status, everyone looks up to him, so they acknowledge the existence of this Order.

Its quite rare to get a Wulin Order of Challenge Letter. I dont know how that guy gets it. But once the Order is issued, it means he will never stop fighting with you.

The most important thing is, you have to accept the challenge.

Because everyone acknowledges the Order, if the one who is challenged doesnt accept it, he will be despised by people of the entire martial arts world. No matter how strong you are, everyone looks down on you anyway. And your reputation in the martial arts world will also be ruined, and you would even be an outcast in the martial arts world.

What if I take it? Fang Qiu asked.

Once you accept the Order, it means you accept the challenge of the other side. If the man loses, and he refuses to give in, he will be despised by the martial arts people and always be inferior to you, He Gaoming explained.

Its like a childish game. I dont care if people look up to me. I can just look up to myself. Fang Qiu pursed his lips. This was such a childish challenge.

However, there must be a reason for the existence of this Order.

Otherwise, even he could find it childish, not to mention all the people of the martial arts world.

There must be something else hidden in this Order that He Gaoming didnt know.

Master, what do you want to do? He Gaoming asked.

Since he has issued the order, Ill give him what he asks for.

Fang Qiu opened his mouth and said, Help me send a post, saying that I accept his challenge.

Got it. He Gaoming immediately replied, and then quickly added, but, master, I dont have your account number.

Are you sure you dont know my account and password? Fang Qiu asked rhetorically.

He Gaoming then smiled smugly.

When he was giving a guarantee for Fang Qiu in his detective agency, he had already memorized Fang Qius account number and password when he watched him logging in to the forum.

At that time, he thought the mysterious man was so innocent that he didnt even know that he needed to keep the account to himself.

Now, hearing what Fang Qiu said, He Gaoming knew immediately that he wasnt innocent at all. He knew everything.

He Gaoming was quite embarrassed.

Oh, theres one more thing, just as He Gaoming was too embarrassed to say something to reply, Fang Qiu continued, I have an Earth Treasure here, help me put it on the forum and sell it.

Indeed, the Earth Treasure was of no use to Fang Qiu.

The only thing that could help him now was the Heaven Treasure.

Since it was useless to keep it, he might as well sell it.

Damn! On the other side of the phone, He Gaoming was startled and asked, Master, are you serious?

Yes, Fang Qiu replied.

Where did you get the Earth Treasure? He Gaoming asked him.

I picked it up on the road while I was walking, Fang Qiu said.

Would you like to pick up some Earth Treasures for me? He Gaoming asked obsequiously.

I remember you havent paid me back my five hundred yuan, Fang Qiu said, pursing his lips.

Ill pay you back, right now! Not only will I pay you five hundred, but Ill also pay you a thousand, He Gaoming said in a hurried, ingratiating tone.

Get lost. Fang Qiu rolled his eyes and hung up.

He Gaoming, who just made a large sum of money in the battle, found himself a fancy hotel in the downtown of Jiangnan. Staying in a luxurious suite, he stared at the phone, which just hung up, and then threw himself into the king-size bed.

Its infuriating when compared to others. He Gaoming heaved a sigh and said, why does my master have all the treasures and I have nothing at all? Ive just made tens of thousands of yuan. And I cant even afford to buy them.

Complaining for a while, He Gaoming gave a sigh.

Then he got up, opened the computer, and used the mysterious mans account to log in to the Wulin Forum to send a post.

John Doe accepts the challenge!

The title of the post was crude and simple.

On the post, He Gaoming wrote, Im John Doe. Ill accept the challenge of the White-dressed Man. You can pick the time and place yourself.

PS: I got an Earth TreasureGlimmering Jade Fruit here, ready to auction. Who pays more, who gets it.

Please leave your comments.

As soon as this post went out, it soon became a gathering place for martial art practitioners.

The post was soon flooded with different comments of the people in the entire forum.

Oh my God, what the hell is this?

And the Earth Treasure?

Shit. Dont you just get the Heaven Treasure? And now youre pulling out an Earth Treasure?

Is this really a good way to show off your wealth?

Damn! Could you a least show some respect? Now you just sell the Earth Treasure since you have gained the Heaven Treasure. You clearly look down on the Earth Treasure, dont you?

For a moment, many people responded to criticize Fang Qiu.

For these people, it didnt surprise them that Fang Qiu accepted the challenge. Since the Order had been issued, it would be inappropriate if he didnt take it.

But it was absurd to advertise the treasure by using the post while he agreed to take the challenge.

Its brutal. Ill give you 100,000!

This is outrageous. Why do you own everything? Ill give you 110,000!

John Doe, you dont show your face, but that doesnt mean youre not shameless. Show some respect, will you? Ill give you 120,000!

For a moment, it was not just about criticizing Fang Qius behavior anymore.

People were making offers to the Earth Treasure while criticizing him.

The post had completely become an auction.

However, as he saw Fang Qiu reply to his Order, the White-dressed Man flew into a rage right away.

When he posted the challenge earlier, he had gradually vented his anger. Now as he saw that the mysterious man also got an Earth Treasure and even wanted to sell it, he was really pissed off. All of a sudden, he lost his temper again.

You have the Earth Treasure, dont you? And you also want to make money from it.

Then he suddenly came up with a plan.

He sent another post, The Letter of Challenge.

Tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. Well fight in the Western Wetland. If I win, Ill get the Heaven and Earth Treasure. If I lose, Ill bow my head and respect you every time I see you.

As a result, people couldnt help but burst out laughing as they saw it.



Its not real name registration anyway. Im going to scold you like shit. You fucking idiot.

How dare you? You can get all his treasures if you win? And then just disappear if you lose. Thats what you should do in the first place if you lose. How could you add more conditions to him? Do you really want to earn everything without costing a bit? You dumb ass.

Maybe you should just stop calling yourself as a gentleman. You always want to earn everything without any cost. Youre just like the pimp in the nightclub.

Youre so shameless. Shame on you!

There had been a lot of talks.

This time, people were scolding him even harder.

However, the White-dressed Man knew what might happen after he posted it, so he didnt read any comments this time. Instead, he just kept refreshing the forums home page, waiting for the mysterious mans reply.

Master. In the deluxe suite, He Gaoming got through to Fang Qiu. The White-dressed Man is really shameless. He set the time tomorrow night at eight oclock, and the location is the Western Wetland. He also asked you to risk your treasures in the battle, but he didnt risk anything. He just wants to go over with a bang.

Well, can he? Fang Qiu asked rhetorically.

Uh, uh He Gaoming didnt know how to reply.

Tell him if he wants to raise the stakes, he can raise as much as he wants. And if hes too scared to raise the stakes and wants my treasures, then he should also offer his Heaven and Earth Treasures. Otherwise, hed better come up with five million yuan in cash. If he cant, just shut up.

Hearing that, He Gaoming excitedly replied to his post and wrote out everything Fang Qiu said.

People all burst into laughter as they saw it.

John Doe was so cool.

It seemed that he was accusing the White-dressed man of being unfair. But actually, he was also criticizing that the man was so reckless and absurd.

There was no doubt that the White-dressed Man lashed out again.

Ever since he was a child, he had always been excellent. When did he ever suffer this humiliation?

How dare this mysterious man to say such things about him!

Fine! As he was furious, the White-dressed Man immediately replied, Five million is okay!

No one would expect that he would say yes so quickly.

Although five million was a bit a small amount of money when it came to winning the Heaven and Earth Treasures at the same time, it was quite a lot for many people. After all, it was hard to make money in this day and age.

Eventually, the battle was settled.

Everyone was really looking forward to this fight.

Before the last battle, many people didnt know about the mysterious mans actual strength. Therefore, when he ranked No. 989 in the List of Martial Superiors, he got judged by many people.

Now, the battle of proving his power was about to begin.

The mysterious man who ranked No. 989 fought the White-dressed Man ranked No. 990. This battle could show whether the mysterious man was worthy of his name.

Except for this battle, people who were interested in the Earth Treasure also packed up their things to go to Jiangnan.

Even if there was no stake in the battle, this was meant to be a great show in terms of the rankings of the two men in the List of Martial Superiors, not to mention the auction of the Earth Treasure.

People thought they had to come. On that night, they started to book the flight or high-speed railway tickets to get to Jiangnan. Those would couldnt get the tickets just decided to take the train overnight and rushed to Jiangnan.



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