Medical Princess Chapter 548

Chapter 548 What Does Prince Xin Mean?

"Okay, Zhuozhuo, what kind of furniture do you like? I will make them for you." Ruian Great Elder Princess, who was delighted that her granddaughter was so close to her, nodded repeatedly and said.

"I like every furniture you make, grandma!" Shao Wanru said with a smile, while reaching out to shake Great Elder Princesss hand with the delight fading in her watery eyes, "Duke Xings Mansion must have not prepared a courtyard for me. Even if they do, it would not be a good courtyard. Grandma, you can seize this opportunity to make them prepare a good courtyard for me!"

The better they had to prepare for her, the more distressed Madam of Duke Xing would be. She had burned down a good courtyard. If she took over another one, Madam of Duke Xing would be extremely distressed, and that was what she would like to see.

The more distressed Madam of Duke Xing was, the better. After all, as a junior, she had no right to choose a courtyard. But her grandma was in a different situation. With her grandmas status, coupled with what they did to her this time, her grandma could definitely make Duke Xings Mansion prepare a good courtyard for her. It was almost time for her to come down the mountain, and she was not willing to live in any courtyard they offered casually.

Since Duke Xings Mansion was going to take her back, they must offer her the best courtyard. She had to leave at that time. When she returned, she must show all members of Duke Xings Mansion that she didnt come back in disgrace.

A good courtyard was of vital importance to her position in Duke Xings Mansion in the future!

She would get herself a good courtyard, and then get another one for Haoer. Although he lived in Great Elder Princesss Mansion now, Duke Xings Mansion had to prepare another courtyard for him. The one he had lived before was not good, because it was only suitable for a child who hadnt received an education. Now that Haoer had begun to receive an education, he couldnt live in the courtyard, where he had lived in his childhood. Of course, the courtyard, where their parents had lived, was the best option.

The courtyard had always been the residence of the Heir of Duke Xings Mansion. If Haoer could live in this courtyard, it almost meant that all members of the mansion acknowledged him as the heir.

She was going to step on Duke Xings Mansion and get everything they owed them in the last life back step by step

Ruian Great Elder Princess immediately understood what she meant, reached out to touch her forehead and said reproachfully, "Little mischievous monkey, okay, Ill seize the opportunity to make them offer you the courtyard, which had been burned down before. I heard that its even better than what it used to be after being rebuilt. Duke Xings Mansion has not given up the plan to use the courtyard as their First Young Masters bridal courtyard!"

"Has the courtyard been rebuilt?" Shao Wanru blinked her watery eyes and asked.

"Yes, I heard that everything inside is better than before. The marriage of the First Young Master is now being discussed, and it will probably be settled soon. If its settled, the First Young Master is going to get married before long. This courtyard is not bad as a bridal courtyard!" Ruian Great Elder Princess said with a sneer. Although she couldnt displease the Old Madam, who was extremely sick and weak, she could displease the others of Duke Xings Mansion, who should be healthy!

"Okay, Ill live in this courtyard. Grandma, you can send some servants to measure its size and then send a set of furniture there!" Shao Wanru nodded and said. With a set of furniture given by Great Elder Princess placed there, the courtyard would belong to her even if she had not returned to the mansion yet.

Duke Xings Mansion might have other excuses to reject it before. After failing to set up Shao Wanru, they had no excuse to reject her grandmas request.

Considering Old Madams poor health, Madam of Duke Xing was the only one who could come forward to negotiate. Shao Wanru was rather looking forward to seeing Madam of Duke Xing almost spat blood in anger but had to give away the courtyard

"Okay, Ill ask Nanny Gao to go there later!"

"Grandma, can I borrow a reliable coachman from you? My coachman seems to be working for someone else," Shao Wanru said. She had thought that he was just an ordinary coachman. However, since he could be bribed, he was no longer reliable. "The coachman is outside now. Grandma, please instruct someone to detain him."

"Nanny Gao, find a reliable coachman to replace the former one!" Hearing that the coachman driving for her granddaughter might be a spy sent by Duke Xings Mansion, Great Elder Princess immediately said in rage. Although the coachman was not as close to the master as a maid, he was usually needed when the master went out. If the coachman actually worked for someone else, it could cause trouble easily.

"Ill go to do it right now!" Knowing that it couldnt be neglected, Nanny Gao hurriedly went out to find a maid, instructed her to send a coachman to the parking lot and taught her how to do it in a low voice. The maid nodded repeatedly and turned away.

"Your Highness, Prince Xin asks to see you!" An old maid hurried in and reported.

"Prince Xin?" Great Elder Princess said with a frown. These princes seldom came to her place. She was wondering if something happened and brought him here. "Invite him in!"

"Yes!" the old maid said and went out, and soon came in with Chu Liuxin.

Seeing that Shao Wanru was here, Chu Liuxin, whose face was wreathed with smiles, gave an even brighter smile. He took two steps forward, bowed to Great Elder Princess respectfully and said, "Greetings, great-aunt!"

Great Elder Princess invited him to sit down, and Shao Wanru came over to salute him and then also sat down. The servants served tea.

"Why do you have time to visit me today?" Great Elder Princess looked at Chu Liuxin with a smile and asked.

"I pass by your mansion and stop by. Unexpectedly, Cousin Wanru is also here. Im sorry for my abrupt visit!" Chu Liuxin said with a smile.

In the past two years, he grew up very fast into quite a graceful man and was no longer an unrestrained teenager. The several princes of the royal family were all extraordinarily handsome. Chu Liuxin, who was no longer as mischievous as he had been in his childhood, looked like a prince now.

Meanwhile, he was not that short-tempered any longer.

"I saw someone sell kites on the street. At the thought that it was about time to fly a kite, I specially bought one for Cousin Hao," Chu Liuxin said with a smile and clapped his hands. Eunuch Liu hurriedly took a centipede-shaped kite, which was lifelike, exquisite and extraordinary, from a servant.

Shao Wanru glanced at Chu Liuxin calmly and didnt understand what he meant. It should be Chu Liuxin who followed her all the way, and as a prince, he could enter the mansion without showing a name card.

Why did he follow her all the way? He did that just in order to give her brother a kite?

"I should ask Haoer to express his gratitude to you. However, he is studying now, so it is inconvenient for him to come out and thank you in person!" Ruian Great Elder Princess said with a smile. Nanny Gao reached out to take the kite from Eunuch Liu and also expressed her gratitude.

"Cousin, do you want one? I just bought a few more. You can pick one you like!" Seeing Great Elder Princess accept the kite, Chu Liuxin turned to look at Shao Wanru and asked with a smile.

Eunuch Liu went out to fetch three or four kites and put them on the ground. They were colorful and particularly beautiful.

There were an exquisite butterfly-shaped kite, a beauty-shaped kite and a peony-shaped kite. They were in different shapes, looking lifelike and great.

"But I should stay on the mountain" Looking at the kites on the ground, Shao Wanru said hesitantly.

"It doesnt matter. I heard that there was an open space at the back of the Yuhui Nunnery, where some pilgrims fly kites. Maybe you can fly a kite there next time!" At the thought that Shao Wanru wanted to fly a kite but found it inconvenient to do that, Chu Liuxin said hurriedly.

"Your Highness, Id better not do that. Ive been observing mourning for my parents on the mountain," Shao Wanru said in a hurry, because she said slowly before so that Chu Liuxin interrupted her and misunderstood her meaning.

"Its okay to fly a kite on the back mountain. Other pilgrims fly kites there, dont they?" Chu Liuxin said.

"Im a little different from other pilgrims after all!" Shao Wanru shook her head and refused.

"Prince Xin, I heard that your mother has been picking a suitable Miss from an aristocratic family for you and has met some Misses. Im wondering if you have met a Miss you like." Seeing him sullen, Ruian Great Elder Princess asked with a smile.

This question made Chu Liuxin blush. He looked at Shao Wanru with a red face and said with a little embarrassment, "Great-aunt, my mother messes around, and you do the same thing. I am still young, and my elder brothers havent got married yet. Im not in a rush and want to take my time to pick a girl I like!"

"It makes sense. The Empress Dowager said that you were not very sensible before. I think you are obviously sensible." Ruian Great Elder Princess nodded repeatedly, felt relieved and said.

"Of course Ive grown up and am no longer a child. Grandma has always mentioned what I did in my childhood. At that time, I was really not sensible and had offended cousin Wanru. Could it be possible that you still bear grudges against me?" As Chu Liuxin said, he turned to Shao Wanru.

"Your Highness, you are too polite. At that time, I was also very young. Im afraid that I made you feel aggrieved!" Shao Wanru stood up and bowed sideways as she said softly.

Chu Liuxin waved his hand and said with a smile, "I didnt feel aggrieved, but just found it strange at first glance. I hadnt seen a Miss from an aristocratic family who climbed over the wall!"

"Climb over the wall?" Great Elder Princess asked curiously and looked at her granddaughter with a faint smile. She didnt expect that her delicate granddaughter would climb over the wall. Not to mention Chu Liuxin, even she felt strange.

"Grandma, I have to go back to Duke Xings Mansion and cant stay here with you," Shao Wanru said with a red face and turned her head to glare at Chu Liuxin. The past was past. Who didnt behave improperly when they were young? Was it worthwhile to tell her grandma about it?

After saying that, she bowed to Great Elder Princess and bowed slightly to Chu Liuxin, and then turned around and left with Yujie.

"Speaking of which it is actually no big deal. When I was in Jiangzhou, I saw Cousin Wanru come out from behind the wall. Great-aunt, I have some business. Ill tell you next time!" Chu Liuxin poked his head to look at Shao Wanru, who had walked out of the door, suddenly stood up and said with a hollow smile.

"What are you going to do? Why dont you tell me about it? I happen to be free now!" Great Elder Princess tried to persuade him to stay with a smile.

"Its a very important thing. Ill talk with you next time!" Chu Liuxin said. Seeing that Shao Wanru had gone, Chu Liuxin became increasingly anxious. After bowing to Great Elder Princess, he left in a hurry.

Eunuch Liu picked up a pile of kites on the ground and went after him.

Seeing him leave in a hurry, Great Elder Princess frowned with the smile fading on her face and asked Nanny Gao beside her, "Do you think Prince Xin has a crush on Zhuozhuo?"

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