Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 1121

Chapter 1121 You Decide

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When he saw all eyes were on him, Ning Lang grinned and touched his belly saying: Look! Although the clothes on that family clan are very low-key, the materials are all of excellent quality. An average family clan cant afford this, so I think that family must be rich.

And? They asked.

And? And since we have met them, of course we should make some money! He said matter-of-factly, and said with excitement to the rest of them: Look, if we dont help them, those people wont survive. The men will die, the women will end up in the hands of the evil cultivators and their lives will be worse than death!

So I think we can do a good deed and make some money at the same time, dont you think? Isnt this business a good deal? I think we can do it. He looked at them as he spoke, hoping that they would agree with him. After all, if they were really going to do it, he would need their help.

The rest of them looked at each other, and then at Feng Jiu.

When Feng Jiu saw them looking at her, she smiled and said: You decide. I will watch, dont expect me to help. If your life is not in danger I wont do anything. The decision is up to you.

Upon hearing this, they gathered to discuss: So what shall we do? There are a lot of them but only a few of us. If we just rush out it wont work.

Ive got an idea, we give them a taste of their own medicine. Song Ming said and lowered his voice: They used medicine, so we will use medicine too. We increase the dose to make them collapse, that will work wont it?

It wont be that easy. Luo Fei shook his head: This method may work against others but it definitely wont work against those demonic cultivators. They must have someone well versed in medicine within them, otherwise it would have been impossible for the Nascent Soul stage cultivator from that family to succumb to their attack. The medicine must be really powerful if even a Nascent Soul stage cultivator cant withstand it.

Oh! No matter how powerful it is, it cant be more powerful than the Ghost Doctors medicine. Duan Ye said, pursing his lips.

Ning Lang looked at Luo Fei and asked: So what good idea have you got then?

Mmm, I have an idea. Come closer, I will tell you, so this, this..

Feng Jiu carried Cloud Devouring Beast in her arms sitting on a tree branch close by as she watched the few of them discussing their plan. After a while, they seemed to be disagreeing about something and then they seemed to have decided on a plan. Ning Lang and Song Ming retreated to somewhere further back and put on a disguise. What she saw made her tear up as she laughed. The two of them had actually dressed up as women.

However, the two of them obviously didnt know how to style their hair like a woman. In the end, Song Ming braided their hair into two plaits and put them in front of their chest. Ning Lang tied his hair into a bun and stuffed two fruits into his chest. He even applied some powder on his face, he actually looked quite pretty.

When the two of them were done, they looked in her direction whilst adjusting their skirts as if to say: Do we look good?

Although she couldnt help but laugh, she couldnt deny that the two of them looked really beautiful disguised as girls. Ning Lang was round and had a likeable look to begin with anyway. Now that he had two buns on his head and make up on his red meaty face, he looked really cute.

Song Mings womans disguise was even more lady-like than a ladys. If she hadnt watched them change into their disguise, she wouldnt have recognised them.

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