Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 311

Chapter 311: Blood Soaked Asura
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Because of his thick blood thirst, added on with the extreme murderous intent from all his battles, those black robed men swallowed their saliva subconsciously. Their hearts started to be filled with dread as a thread of regret started to sprout in their hearts. This was simply a battle that they did not even dare to go forward to fight.

When the leader saw that those black robed men had started to retreat backwards, he roared out furiously: "Kill those who retreat!"

The moment these words were said, there was a panic in their hearts and they had no choice but to go forward to fight. They clenched the swords in their hands tightly as they rushed forward while shouting out.

"Clang clang! whoosh, whoosh whoosh!"


The sound of swords clashing in mid air resounded throughout as screams of agony were heard along with it. The birds in the trees all flew away in a frenzy..

The moment the broadsword fell, fresh blood spilled and dyed the entire ground red. The bodies on the ground started to pile up as the battle with Feng Xiao dragged on. Some of them had no heads while some were split into two. The black robed men's fear were apparent on their faces, even at the moment of their death, their eyes were flayed wide open in horror.

Fresh blood dyed Feng Xiao's robe crimson red, some were his own blood, some belong to those black robed men. It was at this moment that he had proven himself true to his words one man can hold out against ten thousand.

All the black robed men who came forward had died under his sword! Such a tyrannical fighting force! The masked leader could not help but sigh. This Feng Xiao really deserved the name of the great general!

However the case, time seemed to have slipped away bit by bit. If his reinforcements came, it would be impossible to kill him!

Thinking of this, his killing intent flashed by his eyes as he raised his hands and reached into his sleeve arrow and aimed it at the figure in the midst of battle.


An arrow shot out, but it didn't hit its target.


A second arrow shot out and scraped past his shoulder but it didn't hit any vital points.

Just at the moment that he was about to shoot out the third arrow, the two old men who had been kicked by Old White stood up furiously as they glared at the atrocious horse who had helped Feng Xiao. They couldn't wait to slaughter it!

However, they had understood from the previous round that this weird white horse with a pair of dragon horns was in fact a spirit beast. And it was a rare one as well, hence the two of them had no intentions to kill it and had decided to tame the spirit beast after killing Feng Xiao.

"All of you, fall back at once! Let us take care of this Feng Xiao!"

The two men said in unison as they raised their hands to signal the remaining black robed men to retreat. After all, the huge disparity in strength was just a one-sided slaughter. Feng Xiao was not just an ordinary person!

After hearing the words of the two old men, the remaining seven black robed men could not help but let out a sigh of relief under their breaths. Seeing that their master did not speak, they all retreated immediately.

Feng Xiao's strength was seriously terrible!

They had came with thirty men, however, it was just a few of them left. If they had continued on the battle, there was no doubt that they will die here!

A bloodsoaked Feng Xiao turned around as his sharp eyes swept over the masked man and then fell to the two men. Having him deal with the two strong Martial Cultivators on his own To be honest, he wasn't too confident.

However, he could try to drag things out! As long as he could delay and drag things out for his reinforcements to arrive in time, he would have a chance to live!

"You want to delay and wait until your reinforcements arrive? Ha ha, let me tell you this is, you have no chance."

The moment he finished speaking, they both exuded a huge blood lust!
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