Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 313

Chapter 313: Fraught with grim possibilities!
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When Old White sword the Old Man Feng, it out screamed in excitement. No one knew how afraid it was when it saw how close Feng Xiao was to death. If he really lost his life just like that, wouldn't his mistress be extremely sad?

In the blink of an eye, Old Man Feng came to Old White's side. He first saw the poison arrow deeply embedded on Feng Xiao's back, and as his gaze moved, he saw that that he was completely soaked in blood and his lips had turned purplish black. Seeing his unconscious son, his heart trembled vehemently, as he carefully propped Feng Xiao up and picked up a detoxifying pill with his quivering hands and fed it to Feng Xiao.

"Leave behind a team of men to search! The rest are to follow me back to the manor!"

After relaying his instructions, he carefully carried Feng Xiao on his back and swiftly rushed back to Feng Residence.

At the same time, Feng Jiu who was cultivating and her space suddenly had an unsettling feeling rise up within her. A sudden feeling of panic rushed into her heart as it began to thump fiercely as if something bad happened. She could not continue to cultivate with this feeling of unrest plaguing her. She could not calm down the matter what.

Hence, she let out a breath as she came out of her space. When she opened the door, she saw Leng Shuang running in frantically.

Mistress, something happened at home!"

Hearing her words, Feng Jiu's heart sank and she quickly said, "I'm heading back first, follow me!" The moment she finished saying, and tapas and had already flown away.

When the people in Cloudy Moon City saw Old Man Feng carrying back an unconscious Feng Xiao with an arrow in his back, the entire city was in an uproar.

"How could it be? It actually is Feng Xiao! Who is so bold and dare to assassinate him? His strength is of a martial cultivator!"

"Gasp! Look, his injuries aren't light at all, his back even has an arrow! The situation looks dire!"

Everyone spoke in a hushed tone as the discussions heated up. No one had ever expected that someone could injure Feng Xiao heavily to this extent, moreover it was still in the borders of Cloudy Moon City. It could also be said that after seeing Feng Xiao injured, a few family clan heads had already understood some things in their hearts.

When Old Man Feng carried Feng Xiao back to the manor on his back, the entire Feng Residence was in unrest. Everyone was very worried and anxious as the doctors immediately rushed to the courtyard that was heavily guarded. Feng Xiao's entire courtyard was surrounded by guards and everyone was on red alert.

"Old, Old Patriarch Our Patriarch I'm afraid he is is"

After the doctors took his pulse, their hearts were filled with trepidation and their faces paled and immediately dropped to their knees not daring to speak further as they trembled.

Seeing this, the OP heart sank as he tried his best to ease the turmoil and worry in his heart. With a deep voice, he sombrely said, "If there is something to say, just say it out! What is his condition?"

"Not only has Patriarch been poisoned, but he has also been inflicted by serious internal injuries. His sternum is shattered and blood has accumulated in his chest. I'm afraid His condition looks grim..."

After finishing his words, the doctor bowed and did not dare look directly at the Old Patriarch as he continued in a low voice: "Moreover, the arrow embedded at the back cannot be removed. If we pull it out, he would lose his life immediately!"

When he heard this, Old Man Feng felt his entire world spin. He trembled for a moment, fortunately he was supported by Leng Hua or else he would have fallen.

"Grandfather, what happened to Father?"

From outside, Guan Xi Lin's anxious voice rang out and in the next moment, he had swiftly pushed the door open and took large hurried strides over.

"The rest of you, leave first!" Old Man Feng signalled with a wave of his hands to ask the doctors to leave. Leng Hua supported him to the chair to take a seat. He looked as if he had lost his soul and his expression was sorrowful. He looked as if he had aged 10 years in such a short moment.
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