Miracle Doctor Abandoned Daughter The Sly Emperor Is Wild Beast Tamer Empress Chapter 471

Chapter 471 Whos More Arrogant? (p1)

Is it that you cant stand to see me leave, or is it that youve really fallen for me? He chuckles, enjoying the reaction hes getting.

If you want to go then go quickly, I am a very busy girl. Besides, you are Feng Shens shadow guard, its not good that you are away from him for so long. Shooting back a glare as retaliation, Ling Yue urges him to scram with her flapping hands.

Shadow guard, you say I am that useless boys shadow guard Snorting at the claim, Wu Chong grumpily turns away due to the insult.

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Arent you? From the way Yan Jiu was phrasing it, thats what I thought. She became rather confused over the unhappy reaction and started to doubt her assumption.

That blasted Yan Jiu, it appears hes been lacking in some beatings lately. A flash of danger quickly zoomed past the mans iris.

Meanwhile back in Underground City #9, Yan Jiu was currently busy working hard to improve the performance of the city. Hes unsure why, but a very bad and ominous feeling was swiftly sprouting up from within his heart, causing him to shiver all over.

Rubbing his nose over the strange oddity, his mind starts drifting away from reality, Wu Chong that kid, what is he planning this time? He told me to prepare a secret room for him yet hes gone and nowhere to be found.

City Lord, I am here to report that there are several fast riding steeds currently heading for our location. From the looks of it, they should be Da Xias sixth prince and the prestigious guests from North Qing.

Pricking his brow over the sudden interruption by the servant, Why are all these people coming to my place for?

Meanwhile back outside the city, due to their initial argument just now, Ye Ling Yue had assumed the man was long gone after not hearing any further clamor in the distance. However, that swiftly changed when the dark figure literally stomped right back up to her face and showed a malicious grin.

Thats right, I am that useless kids shadow guard. If not for me then he wouldve died a thousand times over by now. Dont you ever forget this my little Yue Yue, I am always near him. When you go see him at North Qing later, dont even think about getting all intimate with him; otherwise, I will be quite upset. Only with that said did Wu Chong happily depart from the location.

This brain-dead, rude and ill-mannered bastard!

In a fit of rage, she makes a heavy kick at the nearby pebble before turning around for her destination. But before then, a series of stomping hooves up ahead had caught her attention.

Ling Yue, I came as soon as I heard you were injured. Flushing red from the excessive exercise, Prince Hou Qi immediately dismounted to dash over at the first sighting of the girl, leaving behind Hong Ming Yue and the others in the background.

Naturally the reception would vary from person to person: Hong Ming Yue and Princess Qing Bi showed glee in their eyes while Cong Lu (royal guard) had a frown on his face. And as if the mood wasnt awkward enough, Yan Jiu just had to come out at this moment to turn this into a three-way affair.

Who did it. Getting all concerned after seeing his crushs injured face, Xia Hou Qi promptly tightened up his fist until a noticeable amount of spirit force was pumping out of his existence.

Chapter 471 Whos More Arrogant? (p2)

Excuse me, this must be Prince Hou Qi of Da Xia. Please remain calm first, Im sure we can discuss everything like civilized adults here. Ignorant and ill-timing, Yan Jiu just had to chime in and block off the girls presence from the one lad he shouldnt.

But seriously, Yan Jiu really wanted to cry mercy. He could clearly tell Wu Chong had healed the girls injury so why not the face too? Wouldnt this be the same as making trouble for him?

Then taking another up-close look at that concerned face of that kid, What kind of joke is this? Ive already made the mistake of letting Feng Shens woman get hurt under my watch. If I let his love rival steal his woman too then I would have no face left to hide!

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You are? Not accustomed to being so closely examined by the same sex as himself, Xia Hou Qi could only retreat a few steps.

I am Yan Jiu, City Lord of this Underground City #9.

After reporting his own name, everyone aside from Cong Lu were all drastically white in their faces, this included Luo Song and Hong Ming Yue who was slightly startled too.

Yan Jiu, the genuine third person in command of the Underground Palace, is actually this jolly looking man here?

Its you who hurt her! Xia Hou Qi was frustrated and angry because he blames himself for not being by the girls side to accompany her.

Likewise, Yan Jiu was also pricking his brow at the lad, This kid and that spirit force coming out of him.

This Miss Ling Yues injury is indeed related to me, but rest assured, I will certainly take responsibility for her injuries. His meaning originally only meant he would take care of the girls accommodation and food during the way to North Qing, but to the boys ear, the meaning seems to have been twisted.

Like the rest, Cong Lu also wanted to smack his face at the idiocy of that statement, Oh please, can you not say it in such a way? Its very easy to make others misunderstand.

Shes disfigured anyways, I doubt anyone would willingly take her in the future anyways. As for you with that silver ghost mask, I doubt you are any good looking underneath it either so its perfect that you are taking responsibility, the bratty princess suddenly chimes in at the worse timing.

As much as Yan Jiu would want to correct his careless phrasing after the reminder, its already too late, Xia Hou Qi was already eyeing him with the death glare. To sooth his displeasure, the masked man inexplicably shot a sideway glance at the princess in question.

Ah! Following this exclaiming cry, Qing Bi only knew her horse had collapsed.

This was undoubtedly the work of the jolly looking Yan Jiu. Though no one was able to perceive when he acted, but the fact that the four horse hooves remain standing there like its been cleanly sliced off gives weight to his skills and speed.

This man is likely only slightly inferior to Wu Chong, Ling Yue mutters to herself, unnerved by the act.

Hes trying to assassinate me Cong Lu, why are you not moving to end this man! By this point the attendants have already helped the princess up, giving her the chance to scream for help.

Princess, I am the sole third generation heir to my family, please be more considerate. The royal guard in charge of protecting the princess unkindly tosses this comment out, meaning hes not interested in throwing away his own life for the sake of her bratty nature.

Ignoring Yan Jius personal strength and all that aside, just his knowledge about sealing spells and the traps laid around this area was enough to deter anyone from trying anything stupid.
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