Miracle Doctor Abandoned Daughter The Sly Emperor Is Wild Beast Tamer Empress Chapter 472

Chapter 472 The Invitation from North Qing (p1)

Seeing how Cong Lu wasnt willing to help herself, Qing Bi could only go red in her eyes while she glared at Ling Yue on the other end.

If not for this girl then I wouldnt have had to lose face in front of Hou Qi.

Let me clarify my meaning before we go further. What I meant is that Ive found the way to heal the ladys face. Also, as compensation for the trouble, Ive also informed Miss Ling Yue here about the method to solving the crisis around the black fog plaguing the Northwestern Plains. I believe that would be adequate enough as compensation, wouldnt everyone agree? leisurely retracting his gaze from the group, Yan Jius explanation instantly brought everyone back to attention.

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Ye Ling Yue knows how to solve the crisis with the black fog?

Naturally the prince would be ecstatic over this wondrous news, but the same couldnt be said for Hong Ming Yue whose dreadfully worried about her future.

If Ling Yue does cure the black fog then it would undeniably be a major blow to the Hong House, theres no fault in that logic. However, what this girl was most worried about was her own reputation than her familys. Shes also called Princess Yue in Da Xia. If this plague does get solved by someone else other than herself, it would mean the name Hong Ming Yue would forever become second fiddle to her half-sister Ye Ling Yue in the eyes of the populous.

Understanding what his junior sister was fretting about, Luo Song promptly took this opportunity to seize the girls hand for his own self indulgence while also trying to help calm that heart. He knows, the only way to gain this ice beautys favor was to take aim at her enemy.

Sure enough, just when Hong Ming Yue wanted to rid herself of that lecherous hand, the boys next whispering comment had stopped her on the spot.

Your Highness (Xia Hou Qi), if the news provided by Lord Yan Jiu is correct then its imperative that we change our course and head to North Qing. Furthermore, its likely we will have to bother Princess Qing Bi and Captain Cong Lu to make a round trip with us as well. Out of consideration for the relationship between Yan Jiu and Feng Shen, Ye Ling Yue doesnt believe there would be any reason for the other party to be deceptive here.

And again, the reaction from the group varied greatly upon hearing Ling Yue intent to head to North Qing. However, this time around it was Hong Ming Yues reaction that was on the bright side with a tinge of sarcasm in that face.

Ling Yue, the truth is, one of the reasoning for my coming is to tell you that I intend to head to North Qing with Ming Yue and Luo Song as well. We are attending the Star Cave Venture as the representatives of Da Xia. When the prince was saying that, he specifically omitted Ling Yues name, meaning shes not a part of it.

The reasoning for the arrangement actually had to go back to the capital in the palace. It wasnt too long after the group left for the Northwest, thats when another messenger arrived in Da Xia carrying the message from the king of North Qing. The content of the letter wasnt anything of exceptional importance, merely an invitation letter for the kingdom to send some representatives for the annual three-year Star Cave Venture.

Regarding this venture that only occurs every three years, Ling Yue has already heard of it from Alchemist Mei of the Royal Hospital.

According to the ladys explanation, only those who have managed to create a Reincarnation Dan pill are qualified to enter; therefore, to hear the candidates are already selected was a tad surprising for her.

Chapter 472 The Invitation from North Qing (p2)

The ten candidates for the Star Cave Venture has already been elected. I, my brother and my sister are also part of the list. Hong Ming Yues words were particularly eerie to Ling Yues ear.

If she herself who participated in the creation of Da Xias Reincarnation Dan pill couldnt get a spot, why should uninvolved people like Hong Yu Ying and Hong Yu Long deserve a spot?

The self-interests within the decision making couldnt be anymore obvious.

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Fine, very good. They are using my achievements to explore the Star Cave, she sneers inside, very much displeased over the fact that she just got robbed.

Ling Yue, things are not what you think, Father he he believes this is the ideal arrangement since you are preoccupied with the black fog in the Northwest. Xia Hou Qi still wanted to explain himself for not bringing something this important up earlier, but that swiftly came to a blundering halt under the glaring contact of Ling Yues iris.

Its not like the king truly didnt consider Ling Yues candidacy for the venture, just that a secret letter that he got aside from the invitation left him with no room for refusal. It was a message indicating that Princess Qing Bi and Xia Hou Qi are a match made in heaven, meaning the lad must participate in the Star Cave Venture.

As a father, as a ruler of a nation, theres no way the King of Da Xia would willingly want to risk his main heir on such superficial adventures. Sadly, this was already out of his hands and involved the relationship of both nations.

So be it then, we can just not participate in it. What is so great about it anyways? Ling Yue, forget about them, we can cross over to North Qing by ourselves instead. Abones old home is along the way anyways so it would be easy. Unable to hold back, Lan Caier finally breaks her silence after arriving with Yan Jiu earlier.

Without official document, none of you are qualified to enter North Qing. Coming back to her sense after being frightened earlier, Princess Qing Bi reverts back to her spoiled self and starts yapping that foul mouth again.

She simply didnt want to let the competition go to North Qing with them because she could see the care Xia Hou Qi showed when learning of the girls injury.

Captain Cong Lu, I like to know if this identity token is enough to let me into North Qing, she sneers, bringing out the Phoenix Edict from her pocket.

According to Ling Yues memory, Cong Lu mentioned something about this badge being able to grant her free passage across any territory controlled by that nation.

How come you have the Phoenix Manors identification badge! Very good Ye Ling Yue, you damn thief, how dare you steal something so precious. Watch how I will cut off that hand of yours! Without thinking it through, the princess immediately went on the offensive and drew her sword for the attack.

She may not be the brightest individual out there but she does have prior knowledge of what the Phoenix Manors identification badge looks like. The reasoning? Its because during her childhood, this spoiled girl had specifically requested Feng Shen to gift the gorgeous thing to herself, just that the lad completely ignored her at the end.

However, just when shes about to slash down with her blade at Ling Yues hand, three compelling hollers instantly shook her out of the moment and made Qing Bi back off.

You dare! It was Cong Lu, Xia Hou Qi and Yan Jiu screaming in unison.

All of you! Cong Lu, even you would yell at me? As a royal princess, when have Qing Bi experience such indignation?
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