Miracle Doctor Abandoned Daughter The Sly Emperor Is Wild Beast Tamer Empress Chapter 492

Chapter 492 Do You Like Wu Chong? (1)

In light of how serious and stern the boys expression was when saying that, Ling Yue only found it frustratingly hilarious to hear such a statement from him.

As such, Feng Shen took this opportunity to pull the girl into an embracing hold with his arms after finding no resistance. Together in a seated position on the bed, the boy wasted no time in going over his story and relationship with that so-called Sacred Maiden.

Xue Pian Ran is the Sacred Maiden of the Dan Palace. I was once greatly injured during my childhood so for a while, I had to stay there and thats when I met her. We were both children at the time, but because of how bad my illness was, she was tasked in caring for me due to her special constitution. Thats when the whole arrangement came to be, it was Master Hong Ru who went to the king and discussed the idea.

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Excuses, as if the Dan Palace would lack people to take care of you. She may not have noticed it yet but the girls voice was carrying a very strong level of jealousy.

My body cannot be touched by the average person. A male with a strong level of Yang energy is still okay under good times, but for a woman, they will almost always be inflicted by my cold syndrome and become bedridden for weeks on end. Because Xue Pian Ran is the Sacred Maiden, shes been bathed in different kinds of elixirs since she was but a baby, thus making her impervious to regular poisons or outside effects. Thats why Master Hong Ru brought up the idea of matching her with me to the king, they were all afraid of me not being able to copulate with my future wife and carry on the Phoenix Lord title.

Back then Feng Shen had just stepped up to the position as family chief, thereby making him extremely busy with the daily affairs. Then as time dragged on without confirmation or word from the boy himself, the people from the Dan Palace just assumed it was granted and took the pair as fianc and fiance.

Lets say you are not lying to me and spouting the truth, then what about me? Ive taken care of you on multiple occasions and never experienced any discomfort, how do you explain that? Ling Yue could relate to why the boy would try to hide such fact from herself, but she also found it strange in some ways.

Take one of her first visits to the Phoenix Manor back at Da Xia for example, she saw firsthand how one of the tea-serving maids suffered some serious frostbites after accidentally brushing against the boys skin.

Then looking back at herself, nothing bad ever happened, not when they shared a bed, nor when they kissed just now.

You are an exception. I also found it strange when I first met you. Xue Pian Ran is able to fend off my cold effect because of all the exotic elixirs she consumed during her youth, thats why her constitution changed. But you seem to be naturally born this way with no fear of my condition. I even found that so long as I hold onto you then the frost within my body would numb away.

In reality, it wasnt entirely true that he was pretending to be having a relapse of his illness. He definitely felt a certain level of discomfort when Ling Yue pushed out the door, but when their bodies made contact, the worsening condition instantly went away, thus allowing the boy to take advantage of the moment.

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