Miracle Doctor Abandoned Daughter The Sly Emperor Is Wild Beast Tamer Empress Chapter 493

In honest truth, Cong Lu truly did not expect his friend to notice his presence, let alone know hes nearby. To be clear, this wasnt the royal guard captain looking down at the boy, rather he went the extra mile to hide his own aura to avoid such an outcome.

Did you forget? This is the Phoenix Manor. Every blade of grass, every tree, all of it was arranged by me. Making a faint smile, Feng Shen readily reminds his friend of this important fact.

From the surface this place may appear harmless and without danger, but that couldnt be any further from the truth. Feng Shen was very proficient in traps and strategic formations, making the entirety of the Phoenix Manor a giant mechanical contraption of death.

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Was it you who told her about the Phoenix Edict?

Im sorry, I had intended to stop her from coming. Issuing out a sigh, Cong Lu admits to the truth by making a guilty face.

You like Xue Pian Ran, this point Ive long known about it. But you shouldnt have allowed her to make a scene in front of Ling Yues presence. Devoid of any harmony in his voice, Feng Shen was a completely different person from his daylight self.

Whenever things involved the girl, the boy would instantly toss away his identity as the leader of the Phoenix Manor and become an overprotective man.

Feng Shen, you really dont like Pian Ran at all? But it was you who had her serve you back then. Its like the boy said, Cong Lu have long liked the Sacred Maiden since he was young.

This man could still vividly remember that day when Feng Shen came down with that intense cold back during their childhood. During that period, the boy specifically pointed at Xue Pian Ran when asked by the king on who to serve him, and it was precisely this reason that the marriage was arranged out of consideration for the boys future.

Its just that whether it be the girl or this man, none was able to see through to the truth. It wasnt Feng Shen back then who did the pointing, it was Wu Chong!

Because of this incident, the two opposing personalities even went as far as to go through a cold war for a period.

The reasoning for Wu Chongs argument was very simple: if they need someone to serve then its all the same. Whether it be they are ugly or beautiful, just so long as its a woman then its fine, even if it means its Cong Lus favored woman.

In that blasted bastards viewpoint, theres no such thing as off limits just because a friend has dibs. He only knows Xue Pian Ran has a lot of value.

As for Feng Shen, the boy only assumed he wouldnt make it past twenty with his physique, thats why he didnt bother to clear things up back then. Well, that was until he met Ling Yue, thus bringing to life his inner greedy desire.

Second Brother, I will enter the palace tomorrow and dissolve the marriage arrangement. As a decisive person, theres no way Feng Shen would allow his woman to suffer the slightest wrong now that hes set on the girl.

Feng Shen, if you really want whats good for her then be more cautious. You know it as well, this is North Qing. The strength and influence of the Dan Palace cannot be underestimated.

Cong Lu, the Phoenix Manor has never feared the Dan Palace, not in the past, and not in the future. The perseverance in Feng Shens voice was as solid as a rock.

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The following day.

As per his words, the lad immediately made his way into the palace that very next morning.

Miss Ye, its wonderful that you are up. Miss Lan Caier and your little friends as well have all went out today. They told me to inform you that they wont be back for a good while so you dont have to wait for them. Mr. Mu was already waiting outside the doorway at his young lords command.

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Big Sis didnt even say a word and left without me?

Ling Yue had to take a moment to come back to her senses because it was very strange and unlike the three troublemakers.

Out of reflex for her depression, she wanted to ask for Feng Shens whereabout from the housekeeper. But as her words were about to come out of that throat, she stopped. The girl still hasnt forgotten how intimate they were last night.

The young master has already gone to the palace early in the morning. But before that, he made sure to ready the servants to prepare your breakfast. And if you dont mind me asking this favor Miss Ye, would you mind helping this old timer with the account books? My age seems to be getting to me and my eyes arent as good as it used to be. Now thats just a blatant lie in and out.

Working as a housekeeper for a good portion of his life, Mr. Mus eyes couldnt be better; in fact, they are razer sharp and could see which girl had the upper hand in this contest of being the future mistress of this household.

For Ling Yue, she naturally had no reason to refuse since the Star Cave Venture was still half a month away. Adding in the fact that this senior had on more than one occasion helped herself, she was glad to help since its a personal request.

After using some food, she then went ahead to the account room specified by the elder.

The place held a lot of similarities to the study room in this estate: spacious and bright with a fragrant scent hovering in the air, its the ideal setting for reading in the autumn season where theres plenty of rain.

First off, Ling Yue had to gasp at what Mr. Mu brought out it was stacks and stacks of high-standing books. Shes not familiar with the art of balancing the ledgers, that much was clear. Fortunately the elder had a lot of patients. Through his careful guidance, it only took the whole morning before she could independently go through the ledgers on her own.

Towards this quick adaptive ability, Mr. Mu was truly elated inside. Hes been with the Phoenix Manor for decades now, witnessing the growth of the former lord and mistress, hes what you call a living fossil of the former generation.

But good times never last. Just as he was relishing in the fine moment, an annoying pest from the outside had come over to whisper some unwanted news into his ear.

Miss Ye, my body seems to be acting up again. But dont mind me though, Ill just go back and rest so please keep up your good work. Turning around, the deceitful housekeeper then leans forward like his back was in pain while he left the room.

Dont worry about me Housekeeper Mu, Im sure Ill be done with all this by nightfall. Raising a smile at the sight, Ling Yue didnt think much of it.

Really, Feng Shen is too careless in caring for others. Mr. Mu is already so old, he should at least lesson his burden at his old age.

Unbeknownst to the foolish girl though, these ledger books are off limit to even Mr. Mu and could only be read by the boy himself. Furthermore, as a consequence of trying to return to Da Xia as soon as possible, Feng Shen had kept all the work in the past year organized into these three months. Thats why theres are stacks of it lying around, otherwise why would someone keep so much work without going through them?

Oh the young lords choice is really good. Miss Ye is not only proficient in alchemy, shes also a capable woman all around. A definite good choice.

All sneaky in his old face, Mr. Mu didnt forget to cast one final departing peek back inside before making that foxy grin.

For the Phoenix Manor, its a must that its mistress be capable of managing the books and overseeing the businesses under it. The reason was no other, all of the former Phoenix Lords are heavily infused with the military, leaving them unable to tend to the cumbersome matters of the House. In order to solve this crisis, all business matters are always left to the Phoenix Mistress according to tradition.

Thats what this sneaky housekeeper was doing right now, prepping Ling Yue for her future position!

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