Miracle Doctor Abandoned Daughter The Sly Emperor Is Wild Beast Tamer Empress Chapter 503

Elder Wei Bos statement literally left the members of the entire Dan Palace all aghast with shock. This included the people up in the VIP seating, but this applied especially true for Xue Pian Ran who knew the senior better than almost anyone else around herself.

Throughout the entire Dan Palace, Wei Bos skill may not be the greatest, probably only ranked within the top ten; however, his ability to appraise a Dan pill could definitely land him in the top three. For someone like that to be troubled in a situation like this could only mean one thing they must seek someone even greater!

So who would be more capable than this highly respected and highly experienced senior? Of course that would be the lord and master of this entire place, Master Hong Ru who remains absent somewhere in the back.

Carrying the five Dan pills away in a tray, Elder Wei Bo hurried to leave like hes holding some sort of burning kettle. For some reason, hes got the strange notion that these sorts of embarrassing situations would keep coming up if he continues to bump heads with this lass in question. It was like that back at Da Xia when he retrieved the snakes corpse, its still the same now on his own turf.

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Half an hour later, Wei Bo returns after his consultation.

In terms of quality and quantity, the clear winner in the eyes of the audience has to be the Kai Jiang Manors team with their ten red patterned pills, then it was the Sky Armor Sect in close second with the fifteen yellow ones. Now all that remains was to figure out who would be the last remaining third, which could be anyones guess at this point.

Firstly, the solemn looking elder didnt say anything upon coming before Ling Yue, the reason for his absence. Its like his eyes were mixed like someone struggling inside. Theres definitely the light of commendation, but at the same time it also held the look of regret.

Heaving a long sigh, he finally spoke, Congratulations to Chief Ye in creating these rainbow reincarnation Dan pills. By Master Hong Rus decree, the final winner of this civil selection contest shall fall on Ye Ling Yue of Da Xia.

Rainbow reincarnation Dan pill?

No one said anything at first over the announcement, then came the rolling boil of explosive uproar from the crowd.

There are plenty of alchemists present today, many whom are masters in their own rights, therefore its all that strange to get some protest within the hall.

What is this all about Master Wei Bo? What she created is clearly not something proper. I cant accept this result. The most dissatisfied here had to be Zhu Ge Yi of the Sky Armor Sect. The old-timer had every confidence to take the prize prior to starting. Now not only did he get one upped by an upstart, he got done in by two! This was something he couldnt accept, hence the strong objection.

Its true he lacked the courage to do anything about Chen Minzhi since the lad hailed from the Kai Jiang Manor and had the backing of the Origin Sect in the shadows. But whos Ye Ling Yue? Nothing but an expelled daughter of the Hong House in his eyes. He wont allow some brat to stand above his head and shit on it!

Elder Zhu Ge, its true my peers and I have never seen a rainbow variant of the reincarnation Dan pill, but this is coming directly from Master Hong Ru. According to his words, these five colors represent the five elements of nature: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. If a user takes one of these then they would be able to trigger a corresponding reincarnation trial of that attribute. Since everyone present today are all experienced and famed individuals, Im sure I dont need further elaborate on my explanation. Sighing at his own words as well, Wei Bo laments the fact.

From what he knows, mostly speculations on his part, even his lord Master Hong Ru has never manage to create something so outstanding like the rainbow reincarnation Dan pills present today. Furthermore, Wei Bo just learned from the man himself such creations are usually only found in the three great schools. For a lass not even half his age to achieve this grand feat, its undoubtedly a marvel in itself despite the pills only having a twenty percent success rate.

Letting a moment of silence hang in the air, the crowds were still reeling in from what they just learned.

Manager Chou, are you able to create this kind of rainbow Dan pill as well? Unwilling to accept such a result, Hong Yu Ying (bigger) turns to the former head of the Royal Hospital for some answers.

Sadly for the ignorant half-sister, the elder this time didnt have anything to add. Hes too horrified at the enemys capability.

Sister Pian Ran, what is Master Wei Bo talking about? What rainbow, what element? Princess Qing Bi also chimes in to inquire. Shes completely clueless as to whats going on.

Pale in the face over this shocking revelation, the Sacred Maiden subconsciously shifts her focus to the boy. There, her eyes locked onto that genuine smile never before directed at herself, stinging her heart and ripping a piece of her soul out in the process.

Pushing down the unease, Xue Pian Ran returns her attention to the inquiring princess: Your Highness, you are a martialist as well so I believe I dont need to tell you the importance of a reincarnation trial. There are usually five stages for a martialist of the reincarnation realm, each stage corresponding to a different element depending on ones luck and aptitude. However, there are occasions where a person would come across a mutation and be struck with the same element during the next trial. In that case we would call that a multi-element reincarnation trial.

But what does that have to do with the rainbow reincarnation Dan pills? Regarding the multi-element trials, Qing Bi knew at least the basics.

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Its a sort of compounding effect. Stacking the same element together would give the martialist a higher control and pool to wield with. In retrospect, those who experience different elements are privy to a wider range of abilities but at a much smaller overall power mass. It could be said that theres pros and cons to both, but its usually expected the former to develop more destructive and unique abilities.

Do you understand the importance of this now Princess? As long as Ye Ling Yue is willing, she can use her rainbow reincarnation pills to artificially create martialists of that kind. Pointing out the main cause of worry was Cong Lu. From the royal captains eye came a glint of worry and fear.

Impossible, she, how could she be so powerful! Her charcoals were clearly. Losing her voice in the last second, the one who stopped this ignorant princess was the sharp-witted Sacred Maiden who tugged at her hand.

Regardless of whatever nation or power out there, having someone who could artificially manufacture abnormally powerful martialists would be equivalent to a national treasure. Knowing this fact, neither Hong Ming Yue or anyone within the Hong House for that matter could stay unfazed. Its a direct threat to their family.

The top three contestant is now set, the first namely Ye Ling Yue of Da Xia, the second Chen Minzhi of the Kai Jiang Manor, and the third Zhu Ge Yi of the Sky Armor Sect. For everyone else, I hope that this experience has given you all a new perspective on how to grow yourself in the future. With that announcement from Wei Bo came the conclusion of this event.

Out of the contesting field now, Ling Yues heart could finally settle at ease. Shes been fully alarmed during the entire contest. From the ingredients to the flame, every aspect of the process never was always within her control, thats how much she didnt trust this place.

But if she did have to name something that went beyond her expectations though, it would have to be Little Crows amazing ability. Because of the little girls new powers, much in thanks to that droplet of phoenix blood, they were able to create the mutated pills by accident.

Miss Ye, I am the current chief of the Pang family, the second largest household in North Qing. Please allow me to extend my sincerest invitation to you in joining my household.

Miss Ye, I am the current leader of the Xiashan Mountain Sect. So long as you are willing to join us, our sect will offer you a compensation of twenty thousand gold per year.

Miss Ye, I am the head of the Sky Sword Mercenaries. If your ladyship is willing to join us, we will offer you twenty percent of our yearly income.

The bombardment of invitations left Ling Yue popping her eyes. She hadnt a clue where this tidal wave of people came from, or how they manage to give her the sneak up for that matter!
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