Miracle Throne Chapter 446

Chapter 446: Miracle Banking!

Chu Tians depression quickly passed. With his uncaring personality, he was happier to do less work.

Delores fox clan merchants were clearing trade routes for Miracle Commerce and currently had preliminary success. They had basically entered the nearby small towns and negotiated with some local tribes, even trying to contact other forest cities.

We are prepared to build a large scale Miracle Shopping Center. Delores explained her thoughts to Chu Tian, The first batch will be built in over twenty small towns to test them out. Well be cooperating with over a hundred tribes to sell Miracle Commerce products and to share forest resources, creating the largest market in the forest.

The concept of a Miracle Shopping Center? Meng Qingwu had already proposed this idea back in the Southern Summer Country.

Miracle Shopping Centers will be a large department store and a supermarket together that will have Miracle Commerce products as a main commodity. There will be clear prices, same stock, standardized sales, and chain operations across countries. This platform would also draw out the products of the various merchant families, creating a sense of competitiveness and completeness to the shopping centers.

Meng Qingwus idea seemed very far stretched, but there was potential.

The only mistake might be Miracle Commerces speed of development!

Miracle Commerce had jumped out of South Sky City to the Southern Summer Country, but it had only taken them a year to do so. They had created the canned food, the Magnetic Sound Devices, the Source Energy Weapons, and the other inventions with great potential. However, the Miracle Shopping Center had not developed as fast as the inventions were made, so Miracle Commerce always had a small revenue and they were considered small in the Southern Summer Country.

Meng Qingwu had also gone back to the idea of a forest supermarket. This was not just because Miracle Commerce had changed locations, Miracle Commerce also couldnt compare to before. Miracle Commerces spatial technology have improved by large amounts over the past few months, so Miracle Shopping Center will become the most famous supermarket in the forest and become a brand that surpassed everyones expectations.

The Forest of Chaos was this big and it was rich in resources.

So why were the forest races so poor? Why were there few outside merchants that came here to do business?

The main reason was the forests complex terrain, with fierce locals everyone and all kinds of robbers running around. 90% of the forest locals didnt dare show themselves, so the foreign merchants that came to do business in the forest were always taking a gamble.

These negatives had affected the Forest of Chaos development. It was because these negatives existed that Meng Qingwu saw a large opportunity.

The Miracle Shopping Center could change all of this.

The Miracle Shopping Center was no longer the shopping center from South Sky City. It was more advanced, more convenient, and more flexible. There was the mature communication technology, the sound and image transfer technology, the aerial travel technology, as well as the newly developed spatial and spiritual technology.

Delores gave an example, We are prepared to open virtual shopping centers in twenty small towns. Well use the image transfer mirrors to display the products and the staple products will be displayed in spiritual stores to be experienced. Each shopping center will be able to directly contact Miracle City, so the customers can directly consult us. This way, we dont need to open a large store and well be able to over tens of thousands of products!

Chu Tian nodded, It sounds not bad.

Theres still more. We can use Miracle Broadcasting and the Miracle Television Department to promote or sell products on different platforms. Like this, we can take Miracle Citys popular products or new products and send them to Miracle Broadcasting so everyone can see their image. In the end, people can still buy things without leaving their homes!

Vivian was confused when she heard this, How will we send the things to the customers?

This will depend on the spatial technology youre managing! Delores became more excited the more she said, Although Miracle Commerces current level cant open a personal Space Warehouse for everyone, but we can take orders and send them to the various towns and cities each day. If there is a large order from a tribe, we can have the airship send it, reducing our risk to almost zero.

When doing business in the Forest of Chaos, managing danger came first.

The risk mainly came from the outside world, but if Miracle Commerce did business like this, it was very convenient and it would reduce their risk to zero.

Miracle Commerce would not just sell their own products, they would also sell products from the Southern Summer Country and other places. Many large tribes chose to work with Miracle Commerce, so they could put their specialty on Miracle Commerces platform. Not only could they sell it to other towns and cities, they could also sell it to countries outside the Forest of Chaos.

When a commodity wasnt stuck in a place.

The price would naturally increase and the benefits were unimaginable!

Miracle Commerce built this platform not only for its large value, but to also seize a large amount of resources for themselves. They would also allow the locals to make money, allowing the Forest of Chaos to develop.

Vivians blood boiled hearing this.

When the Space Warehouse was built, Vivian only thought of a single thing, which was that it would be a great benefit to the elves. For example, the elven tea leaves, artwork, and treasures were not valuable in their tribes, but if they were sold to human empires, it could be sold for over a hundred times the normal price.

Didnt the elves like not having contact with the outside world?

Now they could send things to Miracle City to sell in the shopping center. At worst they would lose a part of the profit, but the elves can obtain benefits that they wouldnt dare believe!

In the future, the elves can pass through Miracle City to purchase products from the rest of the continent. As long as they paid the money, these products would be sent from all over to the Eternal Forest, to the secret region of the elves, bringing great improvements to the elves lives!

This was great!

Good, very good. Chu Tian stroked his chin and asked in a confused voice, What kind of trouble are you facing?

Miracle Commerce is too small now and we dont have enough people to send to the various regions to construct the shopping centers. As well, with more and more shopping centers, it will cover more area and our team will become bigger and bigger. In the end, well become too fat and we cant manage everything. Delores said with a sigh, Moreover, there is another very important point. Think about the large market were opening, if we swallow it alone, will other people not be jealous?

Vivian knit her brows, What do we do?

Vice City Lord Meng Qingwu has already prepared to look for a regional representative, this would be a very good solution to this problem. Delores paused here before saying, The small towns would have there representatives, the cities would have their representatives, and the countries would have their representatives. Well go to the strongest power in the region to cooperate with them and allow them to manage the shopping center. Miracle Commerce will provide technical support and the profits will be divided with them. Like this, we have convenient local managers and everyone gets to divide the riches.

The young miss really does have her ways. Finding a local representative like this will make local management much more convenient and it will speed up our development. It seems like were giving some benefits, but were actually creating a stable partnership. Chu Tian nodded, Well do it since its like this!

You think I dont want to? Delores rolled her eyes, Vice City Lord Meng Qingwus plan seems very meticulous, but there are still oversights. The major tribes of the Forest of Chaos are much poorer than her expectations. Although many people are interested, they dont have the funds to participate.

No money? So what if they have no money! Chu Tian said with a depressed expression, Cant Miracle Commerce help them build everything?

This is the reason why I came back. Delores revealed a strange smile, I was thinking the same!

Chu Tian and Vivian were both stunned.

Delores was not dumb, she knew just how big this investment was. Before they even saw any profits, would they spend all of their money? As the chief financial officer for Miracle City, she knew Miracle Citys finances were tight!

I have a method. We can take this opportunity to create a platform and if this platform can be made, in the future Forest of Chaos and even the future continent, its value will not be beneath the Miracle Shopping Centers. Delores paused for a second, Ive even thought of its name, it will be called Miracle Banking!

A bank? This was Vivians first time hearing this name, What is a bank?

We will invest a large amount of money to construct a bank. This bank will lend money or let them create a mortgage to allow them to finish their constructions. Delores added in, Of course, the bank will not lend money for free. We will charge a very high interest rate and well earn money back like this.

Vivian quickly thought of an important point, What if they borrow money and dont return it?

The forest tribes are not truly poor, they have treasures collected over generations, they are just lacking in source stones and required building materials. Our loans will take deposits, so if these tribes want to borrow money, they need to leave a deposit first.

Delores added in after this.

When Miracle City establishes enough prestige in the future, we can even expand our services. The forest tribes have money, but it isnt safe to keep large amounts of money in their tribes, so they can store it in the bank. Not only will we not charge a storage fee, we will also give the a bit of interest. The money we take in will be given out on loans and we use money to make money, creating an infinite cycle.

Good! Chu Tian was very excited, Very good!

Delores did not disappoint Chu Tian, actually thinking of such an idea. This fellow would definitely go down in history, she would become the founder of the continents financial circle!

This is the detailed proposal. Delores gave Chu Tian a scroll, I hope that the bank can be opened as soon as possible, giving Miracle City and Miracle Commerce more power!
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