Miracle Throne Chapter 472

Vivian began to lead Yin Spirit off to have fun. Although the city was being built and the foundations werent done, at least the other cities couldnt compare. Vivian seemed like she had already played around before as she immediately came up with a plan, Well go to the theater first before going to the shopping center and Miracle Restaurant to eat. Finally well go play in the trial fields. What do you think?

How could Yin Spirit have an idea?

Wouldnt she just follow her plans!

Lets go, well buy a ticket at the theater!

The two chose the Grand Elf Hall and chose the most expensive reserved seats.

The forest tribes had different sizes and different diets, so it wasnt convenient to place them all together in this recreational area, therefore there were four different sized halls for different races. They were separated into Orge Hall, Orc Hall, Elf Hall, and Goblin Hall. One could tell the different sizes of the halls from their names and this point showed that Miracle City was a city of many different races.

The two arrived in their reserved seats. The large screen was right in front of them, giving them the best position, but this spot wasnt cheap.

The normal seats were all filled with people, all of them being gnomes and fox clan people. This hall did not have large races like ogres and minotaurs, and it was very luxurious, so it must cost quite a bit, making it a bit high class. Smelly races like the lizardman couldnt enter, so the condition wasnt that bad.

Hello vice City Lord. Two gnome waiters recognized Vivian, so they immediately came forward in a respectful manner, What do you want to order?

Let me have a look. Vivian looked over the menu in a familiar manner, I want a cup of high level elven green tea, it must come from the Eternal Forest and add a spoonful of Lost Woods Fantasy Grass powder. As for snacks, I want the gnomes hundred year secret golden truffles, the Dragon Mountains purple gold sweet melon, the biscuits filled with the underground worlds Dragon Fish Caviar..

Vivian ordered the most expensive dishes.

The two waiters mouths turned into os!

These were the most expensive things. Not to mention the others, just the price of a cup of Eternal Forest elven green tea was enough to scare a person to death. These desserts were not cheap at all, if the person sitting here wasnt Vivian with the vice City Lords robes, they would have called the guards to drive them out.

Vivian looked at Yin Spirit after she finished her order, What do you want to drink? Miracle City has it all, various kinds of spiritual tea, several dozen kinds of thousand year old wine, and we can even directly send for things with the Space Warehouse. There are also many kinds of snacks, so you can just order whatever you want, you dont need to be polite.

Yin Spirit was filled with melancholy. Being able to enjoy these kinds of local products without leaving ones home, this kind of life was truly satisfying, Ill have the same thing as you!

We do not have a stockpile for these things and we need to take them from the warehouse, so you need to pay first. The two waiters suppressed the shock in their hearts, Will vice City Lord pay now or..?

Vivian gave the menu back to the waiter, I dont have money and today is for business. I have the City Lords permission to send the bill to the City Lords Palace. Quickly send the items, dont delay Miracle Citys guests.

It wasnt false that Vivian was a vice City Lord, having a high position in the government, but she was still lacking compared to Meng Qingwu in the company and her authority couldnt compare to Meng Qingwus. The theater was opened by Miracle Commerce and even Vivian as the vice City Lord cannot eat for free, this matter had to be confirmed first.

How would they confirm it?

The two waiters found the theaters manager who immediately contacted the citys administrator to ask about the situation, immediately investigating Vivians situation with Zero. Everything today would be directly paid by the citys financial department, so they no longer had any other worries.

The two cups of elven green tea immediately came over. The various dazzling desserts released its fragrance from the reserved seats, filling the entire theater and everyone couldnt help looking over.

Vivians mood was pretty good and immediately made a decision, There is a guest that came to Miracle City today and this city lords very happy, so everyone will be treated to a cup of elven tea!

Everyone began to thank the vice City Lord.

Yin Spirit couldnt help thinking that the City Lord and the vice City Lord were truly troublesome. It wasnt easy for Miracle Commerce to develop to its current situation, it wasnt easy on that beautiful and noble female City Lord!

The elven green tea was expensive, not to mention the one that came from the Eternal Forest.

Yin Spirit took a small sip and immediately was filled with a strong life energy that poured into her body like a stream. Because there was the Lost Woods Fantasy Grass powder, this spiritual material had a hallucinogenic effect, giving people a hard to imagine joyful mood. Even a person in complete despair, as long as they took a small sip, they would be immediately filled with joy, as if one was floating through the clouds. Even the most aloof princess would become the happiest person in the world.

Vivians dessert were all the best in the forest. The gnomes secret golden truffle, the Dragon Mountains purple gold sweet melon, the dangerous Devils Maw under Miracle City, the biscuit filled with the Dragon Fishs caviar, each one was made from the best forest materials.

Yin Spirit was the Great Zhou Countrys Black Moon Sects master, but she had never experienced this kind of enjoyment before.

The movie began to broadcast in the theater at this time. Now that Miracle Commerces movies became more and more mature, the people writing them were no longer just wandering poets, but also Flower Fairies, gnomes, and elves. Each story was filled with imagination and filled with ups and downs, making people addicted.

The movie the two of them were watching was called Demon Dragon, it was a story about a Hell Evil Dragon and forest tribes. The forest tribes fought with each other in the beginning, but after the dragon arrived in the forest and scorched the earth, the various forest tribes led by the hero broke the bad blood of the past. They united in an epic and tragic battle, finally defeating the terrifying dragon.

Finally the descendants of the hero came together to create a forest city.

The entire story lasted three hours and it was so exciting no one needed a rest break. It intertwined honour, duty, familial love, romance, and sacrifice, mainly to unite the forest tribes as one, finally hinting at the road Miracle City was going to take. Taking this theme, Miracle City also advertised the new evil dragon trial ground that was just constructed.

Too amazing! Yin Spirit was completely immersed in this soul stirring epic story, Its like witnessing a legend first hand.

Vivian finished drinking her tea and ate the final biscuit, There are quite a few of these theaters in the forest, but there are even more in the Great Summer Country. Its said that there is one even in the cities that arent main cities. It is quickly becoming one of the main methods of entertainment for people. We can also add advertisements based on requirements and each movie earns more than a hundred times its cost. The Great Zhou population is greater than the Great Summer population, so just this theater business is a fat piece of meat!

The Great Zhou Country had three-four hundred thousand people, it was almost double that of the Great Summer Country.

Of the Miracle Commerce businesses, this theater is still considered a normal one. It was far from being able to compare to the spatial transport, Space Warehouse, the spiritual network, and the communication device, but it still had a high value. It was enough to support a large company in any place.

Come, well go to the Miracle Shopping Center. Perhaps youll like something there.

Vivian led Yin Spirit to the Miracle Shopping Center, which was made from a small castle. When Yin Spirit walked in, she found that the shopping center was very big and not only did it have many counters, there were also some special products that required ordering through image transfer mirrors.

The Miracle Shopping Center was something normal stores could not compare to.

Just the Space Warehouse was enough to allow everything in the world to be sold in one place, allowing this place to be the worlds most convenient shop. As long as one had money, there was nothing they couldnt by from the Miracle Shopping Center in the future.

Although the Miracle Shopping Center hasnt been completed yet, it has already connected to the Great Summer Country, Oldman Small Town, and several dozen surrounding tribes and towns. Dont look at how small it is, it already has over four thousand merchants and over five hundred of them come from the forest.

At this time, two ogre children walked past Vivian. They immediately froze and bowed to Vivian, Hello vice City Lord!

Are you here to shop? Vivian looked at the two ogre children with curiosity. Although they were children, they were already double Vivians size.

The two ogre children looked very shy and their words were a bit hesitant, No, no, were here to do business.

Do business?

This shocked cry came from Yin Spirit.

Ogres were a tribe with only brute force and no intelligence, they actually know how to do business?

One of the ogre said, Our tribe has an orchard that can produce good quality spirit fruit. There are many rich human nobles that like to eat this fruit. Her excellency Delores passed by our tribe and found this orchard, providing us with a generous loan, allowing our clansmen to develop this orchard. Now theyre being sold in ten different human cities in the Great Summer Country. There is a large amount sold every day, so were here to send supplies and see if the fruits in the shopping centers Space Warehouse has been sold.

Vivian revealed an understanding expression, You must have earned quite a bit.

Ogres did not have any sinister thoughts, the two ogres revealed grateful expressions, Our single weeks harvest can compare to previous years harvest. The human nobles have too much money, these spirit fruits are everywhere here, but theyre willing to spend that much source stones to buy them.

Thats right! The other ogre said, Her excellency Delores was also going to find someone to make a jam factory for the ogres. Soon well be able to make jam from the spirit fruits and earn double the money.

There are many good things in the forest. Weve opened up a mine recently and these ores are very valuable in the human country. Under the guidance of her excellency Delores, well soon be able to create an ogre chamber of commerce. As long as Miracle City is here, our days will become better and better.

There had never been ogre merchants in the forest before.

This was because ogres were too dumb to be able to do business.

But the situation was different now. With Delores inspection, giving them finances, guidance, finding people to help them, and with Miracle Commerces fair platform, these ogres will not suffer, so it wasnt strange for ogre and minotaur merchants to appear.

Yin Spirit now knew that Miracle City did not allow just insiders to prosper, they also allowed the surrounding people to prosper.

We still have to transport several batches of fruit, otherwise there will be no stock on the Great Summer side..

Alright! Vivian nodded, Go and do your work!

Yes, yes. Our tribe is at counter 223, please come and try our spirit fruits!

These two ogres were probably very busy, so they bid farewell to Vivian and immediately left.

Yin Spirit felt like she had suffered a very heavy blow. The Great Zhou Country had territory at the edge of the Forest of Chaos, so they were frequently attacked by ogres. In her mind, ogres were a group of bloodthirsty and violent fellows.

But now?

These two ogres were wearing clean leather vests. Their skins that were harder than that of rhinos and full of parasites were now combed at least ten times before leaving the house. Their large mouths that were normally covered in blood was now covered with a large joyful smile.

The Miracle Shopping Center did not just have ogre merchants. There were various races, whether strong or weak all busily working, having many orders.

Although the current Miracle Shopping Center was not big, it was progressing day by day. Vivian as the head of the fox merchants was going around opening new sources of resources, so the future could be anticipated.
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