Miracle Throne Chapter 473

The two went all out in their strolling!

Girls naturally liked to shop and even though the Miracle Shopping Center was not complete, it was still rich in terms of products. One could buy dwarven weapons, various special kinds of pills, and all kinds of materials here. At the very least, it was hard to find a more convenient, inclusive, and larger market on the continent.

Any single shopaholic could be satisfied here.

The Miracle Shopping Center was not something any stores could compare to.

Even if there were no physical products, as long as the order was given, Miracle Commerce could use the Space Warehouses at the transfer stations to send them over. With this platform, not only was it business heaven for the citizens of Miracle City, it was also a large blessing to the surrounding tribes and towns.

The surrounding tribes and towns did not have the qualifications to build Space Warehouses, but they knew about Miracle Commerces new products and promotions each day. They could use the communication device to ask about the situation of the product and send orders to the business city each day.

Miracle Commerce had prepared ten transport airships.

It was for no other reason than to transport products.

It would be delivered the day after order. With this high altitude transport, it was completely safe.

The lifestyles of the surrounding towns and tribes all increased from this!

They could easily sell their local products and they could buy human goods from the Great Summer Country or the dwarven made equipment from Oldman Small Town.

The magnetic sound device and the video disk players were now becoming popular among the locals. Every day, they would listen to the news on Miracle Commerces broadcasts, they would eat the source energy food bought from Miracle Commerce, drink the nice wine from the Miracle Shopping Center, and would use the pills from the human countries.

Miracle Commerce had only appeared for a month, but it had already seeped into the lifestyles of the locals.

Because the forest started industrial sectors, there were many locals looking for jobs and they didnt have time to fight like before. They all entered training to find new jobs.

Those locals not willing to be ordinary began to create partnerships with other forest locals and were starting a new wave of entrepreneurship. After all, Miracle Commerces headquarters would be in Miracle City in the future, so this was an advantage they had over the rest of the continent.

Delores led her caravan around guiding people and putting in investments. There were large planting area, agricultural areas, various herb fields, orchards, and factories in the forest. In just a year or two, they would sprout up like mushrooms after the rain. Although these were ventures by the locals, there was still Miracle Commerce stock in them.

Miracle Banking was not stingy with their loans, only they were tight on source stones. The interest increased again, but there were more and more loan requests because Miracle Commerces prospect was too good. In this blank period, it was a wave of entrepreneurship. With the guidance of the fox merchants, it was impossible to not return the loan, not to mention suffering a loss.

Yin Spirit felt stronger and stronger that Miracle City was not simple.

Yin Spirit could not imagine Miracle Citys future at all. This place was already filled with infinite possibilities.

Hello, Yingying? Its me, Vivian. Its dark, lets go eat together. Vivian took out a communication device and called Vivian, Right, right, right, Miracle Grand Restaurant. Well see you later!

After saying this.

Vivian hung up the call, Lets go little sect master, Ill treat you to a feast!

With a slash of her hand, space was cut open and the two directly arrived at the Miracle Grand Restaurant. This place was a mountain at the center of a lake, being surrounded by clear lake water. There was a peak in the center where a restaurant castle was built, having stars at its peak, giving it character and style.

There was nothing several kilometers around the Miracle Grand Restaurant, but it was still very lively even thought it was remote. The rich chiefs and gnomes all came here and the several halls were filled.

Vivian had reserved a location close to the lake.

This place was elegantly decorated with a large balcony that allowed one to see the moonlight reflected on the water. If one was interested, they could go down the steps and sit on the pavilion to watch the fish, drinking tea and watching the moon.

Vivian did not even look at the thick menu, she directly ordered several of the most expensive dishes, even the soup was made from the Water of Life from the gnome temple. Anyway, it all belonged to Miracle Commerce.

Its already said that elves were simple.

But this princess did not seem like an elf at all.

Meng Yinying and Nangong Yun instantly arrived, staggering out at the entrance of the restaurant, almost falling into the lake. Nangong Yun complained, Yingying, what are you doing. We almost fell off the mountain.

Sorry, sorry. Meng Yingying kept apologizing, Who told the spatial ability to be so complicated. I duplicated Vivians source spirit, but its hard to control.

Vivian stood up, Over here, come over quickly!

The ingredients, the spices, and everything else were all incomparably precious level three materials!

A chef that could easily cook these materials had to be in the True Spirit Realm!

A person with this strength could be considered a top class character in the Great Zhou Country, but he came here to become a chef, it could be imagine how high the cost was. Not to mention that this source energy chef put down the honour of an expert to be a chef, meaning that he had a deep love for good food, so the craftsmanship wouldnt be bad. The table was filled with good dishes and wine, with each one costing over a hundred source stones.

The four girls were one younger than another. Nangong Yun looked to be in her late teens, Meng Yingying looked to be around sixteen, Vivian looked to be around thirteen-fourteen, and the youngest Yin Spirit looked like a little girl that was around ten years old. These four girls had ordered a table of dishes that could be considered a banquet for the palaces of top kingdoms, this made people stunned.

Its truly delicious! Nangong Yun was not polite as she picked up a bear claw to gnaw. She spoke with a mouthful of food, How was walking around today? If you have time tonight, do you want to try out the trial field? No one could even last three minutes in front of the demon dragon today, I think itll be no problem if we do it together.

Alright, I wanted to try out the trial field anyway. Well call big sister Chen Bingyu as well. Vivian said with an excited expression, The time in the trial field is slowed, so I dont believe that with our strength and an entire night, we wont be able to defeat the demon dragon!

Meng Yingyings tightly clenched her fists, Thats right, fight the demon dragon!

The three were filled with fighting spirit.

Yin Spirit was a bit confused.

What kind of thing was actually this fun?

I have some good things for you! Meng Yingying revealed a cute smile. She rummaged through her spatial pocket and took out two palm sized things, This is a good thing big sister Caidie and big sister Yun Yao made in Oldman Small Town. It hasnt been spread yet and only internal people have them.

Feng Caidie, Yun Yao, and Yun Xiao were high level Miracle Commerce members, but they had taken control over Oldman Small Town, so they couldnt come to Miracle City for now.

The current Oldman Small Town had grown, the market there was Miracle Commerces largest market temporarily. Miracle Commerce also had a research facility there, this thing was something made there.

This is?

Vivian took the item and looked it over.

This item was a bit bigger than her palm. It had an metal exterior and was a bit heavy, but the front was two thirds made of mirror.

Vivian could see that.

It wasnt a normal mirror, it was a refined image transfer mirror.

The other third was covered in function keys.

Although it isnt anything new, it is still very creative! Meng Yingying seemed like she liked this little toy a lot, Our Miracle Commerces first research institutes master Tong Xiaoyu led several experienced researchers to combine the magnetic sound device, the video disk player, the camera, and the communication device together and they shrank it into this little toy. Dont you think its incredible?

Really? Vivians little face filled with surprise, Your meaning is that this little thing can listen to radio broadcasts, receive images, take pictures, and can contact others?

That is a miracle that our Miracle Commerce can make. Come a bit closer, Ill demonstrate for you.

The four heads came together.

Meng Yingying pressed the top most button and the screen lit up, activating this item. There were many different buttons and each button had a different function. There were pictures on the buttons, so their functions could be seen.

This is the magnetic sound device function.

Yingying pressed the magnetic sound device button and the small item listened in on Miracle Commerces broadcast. It immediately gave the sound of the broadcast and although its signal was a bit weak, they could clearly hear the sound. Other than that, there were two buttons that could be used to change channels.

This is the video disk player function.

Yingying pressed the video disk player button and the image transfer mirror screen began to change, receiving several different channels, as well as a Miracle Shopping Center channel. This meant with this little thing, people could buy things sitting in their homes.

This is the camera function.

Vivian pressed the camera button and an image mirror on the back was activated, capturing everything in front and displaying it on the front display. Pressing the button again would instantly capture this image.

This is the communication device function. After it is activated, do you see this row of small keys? They are digital keys going from 0-9, used to dial communication numbers. There is no difference from a communication device.

Yin Spirit said in a surprised voice, Too amazing!

They never thought there would be such a good thing.

Good, good, very good! Vivian was also very satisfied, It really is much more convenient. Does this thing have a name?

Un. You can hold it in your hand and it is very convenient, combining the magnetic sound device, the video disk player, the camera, and the communication device together, so of course there is a new name to differentiate it! Meng Yingying paused and cleared her throat before saying, After the chief architect Tong Xiaoyu and big sisters Caidie and Yun Yao discussed it, they decided to call it a cell phone!

Cell phone, cell phone, this is very appropriate!

[TL Note: Its literally hand device in chinese, but that translates to cell phone in english.]

They held the Miracle Commerce first generation cell phones and were playing around with it. Yin Spirit also liked it a lot, no one disliked convenient items, not to mention something like the cell phone.

The four of them studied the cell phone while eating the feast. The four of them werent large, but their appetites werent small, not leaving anything behind, eating the entire table of delicacies. The one who ate the most was not Nangong Yun, but actually the small Yin Spirit.

Enjoying this kind of extravagant meal for the first time, the source energy delicacies had made her fall. She had the impulse to resign as the sect master and come here to eat every day.

The four of them headed to the trial field after eating and they brought Chen Bingyu along halfway.

The Miracle Commerces trial fields newly opened demon dragon trial had a high difficulty. With the newly released promotional movie, it attracted many challengers, so the trial field was still filled with people at night.

The demon dragons strength was not fixed and it would change with a challenger teams strength. No matter who went in to play, it would still be a very large challenge.

The five of them suffered in the trial field, using all kinds of strategies, but they were killed each time by the demon dragons hands. However, the more challenging something was, the more people wanted to play. When the sun came up and they failed for the hundredth time, they finally left feeling exhausted.

What was there to hesitate over?

This time, Yin Spirit found Chu Tian and firmly expressed her willingness to join Miracle Commerce. She was willing to use the entire sects power to support Miracle Commerces development in the Great Zhou Country. Even if it wasnt for the Black Moon Sect, just to eat and play more, she wanted to stay in Miracle City for a long time!

This was simply heaven!
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