Mission: Defeat The Demon King Chapter 5

6 05: The Demon Kings Castle

The walk to the demon king's castle wasn't as far as the hero thought it originally was, which was strange as it truly did look like it would take him much longer. What he didn't know was that he went through a teleportation array cast by the demon king. And as to why the demon king didn't use his wings and decided to walk with the hero, that was something only the demon king himself knew.

The demon king's castle was a sight to behold, it looked very antique and dark. The size of the castle was larger than the kingdom's, and the hero somehow felt sad. Although the castle was enormous and beautiful, it was empty and cold. It seemed like the demon king was living alone in such a big house. The hero wondered if the demon king ever felt isolated and lonely, to which the demon king responded with silence and a look of disgust.

"You got such a big house and yet you don't want to share it with me, so stingy!" the hero voiced his complaint.

"Get your own house."

The hero paid no mind to the demon king's comment and began to sprint out of nowhere, leaving the demon king behind dumbfounded.

He uttered, "What is he up to now?"

He hoped that the hero wasn't going to cause him more trouble, his existence was already trouble. Then he suddenly remembered which way the hero sprinted and had an ominous feeling about it. As anticipated, the demon king found the hero in his bedroom, lying in his bed as if he was sleeping in his own. He was sprawled over the bed with a stupid sleeping face, even drooling. The demon king was utterly disgusted at the sight.
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He breathed in and out, calming himself from exploding. Taking out his hand from his sleeve, he used his dark magic to attack the overly relaxed hero, but he dispelled it at the last second before it could hit him.

The demon king looked at the hero and his lips pursed. He spat out one word, "Senseless."

It had been so long since he slept so peacefully, the bed, pillow and blanket were soft and cosy. They especially had a comforting smell. Wholeheartedly, he had the nicest sleep since forever. Although he was awake, he still had his eyes closed, refusing to get up. But later he heard a 'clink' right beside him and curious he was, he finally opened his eyes to look.

There he saw a lean man dressed in a black robe sitting on an antique-looking chair. His long black hair was tied up in a low ponytail, revealing his glowing purple eyes fixating on the old-looking book he was holding in his pale slender hand.

For a short moment, the hero was mesmerized. That was a big boss for you, flawless whether it was in strength or appearance. He inwardly nodded, this idea of staying at the big boss' side might not be a bad idea after all. He would have everything without having to work for it, different from when he was being a hero. But that would be wrong, wouldn't it? He did risk his life, not knowing whether he would be killed or spared. But he succeeded and was now lying in the demon king's bed. The hero smiled victoriously but wiped it off right after.

"Mm… This is really a nice way to wake up."

Hearing the raspy voice, the demon king looked up from the book he was reading. "Quite daring, aren't you?"

"Whatever do you mean?" The hero acted innocent but he had a slight smile across his face.

"Foolhardy," the demon king coldly said. "You are fortunate I didn't kick you off my bed the moment I found you here."

The hero laughed. "Yes, I'm fortunate. I'm also fortunate to have you, the demon king, cover the blanket over me so I wouldn't get cold!"

The book was instantly slammed onto the tea table. Despite his immense action just now, the demon king sat calmly with a cold posture. "Speaking nonsense. I did no such thing."

"Oh really?"

"Indeed. Why would I do that?"

"Oh, I see."



The demon king was taken aback by the lack of response from the hero and didn't know what to do next, so he stayed quiet and picked up the book to read, feeling a bit bothered. The hero watched him and held back his laughter behind the blanket. This demon king was really something. He had only joked about the blanket, but who knew it did indeed turn out to be like that.

As much as he was having fun, he didn't forget his manners. He sat up from the bed and sincerely thanked the demon king, "Thank you so much, Demon King. For not killing me and for letting me stay here. Without your kindness, I would have probably continued to be the hero and carry out my task. So, thank you."

Once again, the hero had shocked him by his sudden change of attitude. The demon king didn't understand him at all. If it was someone else, they would be lying to him, which would result in their death, but the human right there wasn't lying. This left him feeling conflicted.

"You better be thankful." The demon king closed the book, no longer in the mood to read.

"Of course."

"Then go clean my bed. It's covered with your drool."

The hero instantly stared at the demon king with puppy eyes. "No way, do I really have to?"

"Go ahead and get the hell out of here."

Even though the hero acted to be unwilling, he didn't actually mind. He shook his head and said, "Will do, will start now!"

The demon king snorted.
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