Mission: Defeat The Demon King Chapter 7

8 07: Sleeping Like A Pig

It wasn't until the sun went down and the sky darkened that the demon king found it strange that the hero hadn't gone back yet. He knew that the hero didn't leave his territory, otherwise the demons would have reported it to him. Perhaps… he was foolish enough to not get out? The more he thought about it, the more he felt it was like that.
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The demon king rubbed his finger alongside his nose. That hero really kept being troublesome to him. It hadn't even been two days and he already gave him a headache. To be stuck there for half a day, let his suffering be a lesson for him.

However, contrary to what he had anticipated, he saw the hero sprawled over the dirt, sleeping like a pig. The demon king snorted at this, then he kicked the hero to wake him up.

"Ouch!" the hero yelled in pain, not fully yet awake. Rubbing his poor stomach, the hero looked up and saw a pair of glowing purple eyes. "Huh? Demon King, is that you?"

"Troublesome. Let's go."

The hero smiled happily and immediately hugged the demon king. Since the place was dark and he couldn't see, he accidentally hugged him too high up and almost hugged his neck. But the hero didn't mind.

"Woah, you actually came to get me. I'm so happy."

The demon king wanted to toss the hero away from him but he felt his body was slightly shaking. He thought it was odd for the hero to be shaking, as there was no reason. However, in some way, he let the hero do as he pleased. The hero heeded the demon king's action and took full advantage of it.

He hugged his broad shoulders and whispered, "I'm scared. Hold me, please."

The demon king lowered his eyes and said, "Nonsense. I saw you sleep like a pig earlier without any care." Nevertheless, the demon king picked the hero up and carried him in his arms. He took out his pair of wings and began to fly out of the underground.

"Ah, so kind and loving you are…" the hero said as he comfortably laid in the arms of the demon king.

"Talk more nonsense and I'll drop you immediately."

"Yes, sorry, got it."

The way back to the demon king's bedroom could be considered peaceful, ignoring the small antics of the hero accidentally running his mouth about the demon king to the demon king himself. Which resulted in him getting threatened by the demon king.

Even after they entered the demon king's bedroom, the hero refused to let go and tightly held onto the demon king. With a hint of sadness in his voice, the hero hoarsely said, "Stay beside me for tonight, please. Just tonight..."

Ever since he came to bring him back, the hero has acted oddly. He seemed a bit too fragile for the demon king's liking. The demon king didn't know what was wrong with him. Perhaps this was what humans would call 'fever'? The hero probably got sick during that time. It proved him right when he placed his hand against the hero's forehead and felt his temperature was high. The demon king knitted his eyebrows. He gently poured some of his magic into his body and the hero slowly relaxed as his face eased up. But the hero didn't loosen his grip on the demon king.

The demon king sighed. "So troublesome."

He walked up to the side edge of his bed and smoothly lay down together with the hero in his arms. Since the hero didn't let go of him no matter what, he had no choice but to let the hero lie on top of him. It wasn't a huge deal for him, the hero was a lot lighter than he looked like. On top of that, he could feel his surprisingly soft hair against his neck, tickling him mildly. This feeling of being close… he didn't dislike it.

With half-closed eyes, the hero muttered, "Why am I not dead? Why… Why am I still alive…?"

The demon king stiffened.

"I'm tired. I tried my best, but there was no one who would pat me and tell me I did a good job, that I was doing good. Kind of difficult when there truly was no one by my side." He buried himself deeper on the demon king's body and continued, "I ended myself and yet I'm still here. For what reason should I keep going? Someone tell me…"

Listening to the hero's words, the demon king couldn't understand what he was saying. No one by his side? Then what about those people who fought alongside him? Ended himself? Then how come he was still alive? He had checked the hero's mind and there were no memories of any things he had mentioned. Things didn't add up. The demon king looked deeply at the hero who had fallen asleep, his mind unfathomed.

He placed his free hand on top of the hero's head and gently touched it a couple of times.

"Good job. You have done enough, you can rest now."

Subconsciously, the hero snuggled up and fell asleep.
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