Mission: Defeat The Demon King Chapter 8

9 08: Seven Days

The sun rose and the hero woke up sluggishly. He rubbed his eyes and yawned. When he had his eyes completely awakened he found himself lying on top of someone, and that someone was the demon king. His eyes widened at the fact he had slept with the demon king last night. How wild. He had never been this intimate with someone before. Although he knew nothing sexual happened between them, he still felt contented and happy. Yesterday night too, the demon king had stayed by his side. This kind of feeling of waking up to see that you're not alone was truly pleasant.

The hero wanted to touch the demon king's face while he seemed to be asleep, but his hand was grabbed by a bigger one.

"Ah," he parted his lips, "busted."

The demon king had opened his eyes and looked at the hero silently, then he loosened his grip and let go of his hand. The hero waited for the demon king to move and get up from the bed or start taunting him again but he didn't do any of them. Instead, he kept staring into the hero's ocean eyes. The hero had his head up to look at the demon king and now he felt like lowering his head to avoid the stare, feeling his ears burning up. Who wouldn't? With such a beautiful pair of eyes staring into your own eyes. It was a little embarrassing.

"Demon King, you're making me shy. What, am I that good-looking?"

The demon king didn't reply and continued to stare. The hero didn't know how to react and covered himself with the blanket, only revealing a head of bed-hair. The next moment he felt a hand touching his head, patting him. He froze and slowly felt his eyes become wet, but he quickly wiped his eyes dry and peeked at the demon king from under the blanket.

"... Why are you patting me?"

"No reason. I felt like it so I did it."

"You're acting funny."

The demon king paused his hand movement and then flicked the hero's forehead. "Less nonsense, shut up."

The hero rubbed his forehead and pouted. "You are nonsense."

After he said that, he got another flick on his forehead. Then he dramatically acted as it hurt him, only for him to receive an eye roll from the demon king and he burst out of laughter. The demon king saw his laughing face and couldn't help but smile. That was the hero's first time witnessing the demon king smile.

He smiled brightly and said, "You have such a pretty smile, you should smile more."

The demon king was stunned and replied, "You should only smile when you feel happy."

The hero didn't know the meaning behind his words and only asked, "Then does that mean you're happy now?"


"That's great! You always look like you're about to kill someone, haha!"
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The corner of his mouth twitched, the demon king somehow felt like punching the hero right in his face. But he held in, only because he felt like so.

The antics between the hero and the demon king continued for seven days straight. The hero would always try to work up the demon king, but different from the beginning, the demon king became more or less immune to it. He would instead play along, which only dissatisfied the hero so he eventually stopped. However, that didn't stop him from having fun.

He contentedly went to explore the demon king's territory only for the demon king to pick him up each time because he would either fall for a trap or get lost. Either way, it gave the demon king headache and he would reprimand the hero afterwards.

But compared to before, they have gotten closer to each other and the demon king would gesture small actions towards the hero, such as patting, flicking, holding hands, carrying, and hugging. While the hero would hug him back and drag him to sleep in the bed together, and comb the demon king's silky hair because it was nice to touch.

It took them seven days to bond a special relationship, or maybe it was already special the moment they met. After seven days, something occurred and disrupted their time together.

The hero stared at the familiar people in the magic mirror and scratched the back of his head. "Oh wow, I didn't think they would take my words seriously. Almost forgot about them."

The demon king crossed his arms and coldly said, "Just a bunch of weaklings. Won't even be able to take a step on this castle."

"Will you kill them?" the hero asked quietly.

The demon king glanced at the hero. "... I won't if you don't want me to."

If they threw them out, they would only come back, and the cycle would repeat until they rescued the hero. He knew but he didn't want them to die, after all, they were once his comrades and the people behind them were the people he once protected. However, he didn't want them to disturb him anymore. He wanted them to get out of his life and live without him.

The hero thought of a solution and snapped his fingers. "Go greet them and say that you killed me and turned my corpse into ashes."

"Is that fine?"

"Yeah, they should go into a rage and fight you for sure."

".... And you don't want me to kill them?"

"Oh, you got this, alright. No killing, just gotta make them feel defeated and useless. Then, force them out of here."

The demon king looked at the hero with a raised eyebrow. The hero grinned and pushed him forward.

"Good luck. I won't be watching but I will wait for you."

"Alright. Wait for me. I will finish it quickly." The demon king smiled and patted the hero's head before he went out.

The grin on the hero's face slowly disappeared. He sighed. "Hopefully this will work. Those people should be fine without me."
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