Mission: Defeat The Demon King Prologue

1 Prologue: Defeat The Demon King

The coldness and pain hit him the moment he collapsed to the white floor. His body refused to move by his own will as if it was being controlled by someone. Because the next moment he suddenly stood up and his glued eyes were looking straight; he couldn't move an inch. In an unfamiliar, empty white room, he didn't know what was going on. But he also didn't have time to think things through. A tiny figure popped out before him from nowhere in the air. Its head was bigger than its body, and its face was covered with an oversized white hat so he couldn't see it. The figure was a funny-looking creature dressed in white priest-like clothes, which reminded him of a mage.

[Welcome, Hero. We have been expecting your appearance.]

Different from his expectation, it had a dead voice, deep and monotonous. Precisely like his life. Somehow, he was a little disappointed. The tiny figure saw that the man didn't intend to speak, it didn't mind and continued with its speech.

[You have been summoned to become a hero to defeat the demon king. For centuries, the demonkind has invaded the human world and caused chaos everywhere they go. If things continue as it is, we are afraid the humankind will eventually cease to exist. That is something we cannot let it happen, no matter what. The humans there are a bit… lacking, for lack of a better word. Therefore, you, the chosen one, are tasked to defeat the demon king. Only then can you return to your original life.]

Satisfied with its speech, the tiny figure raised its head a bit. But the man still didn't speak, he didn't make a move, not even blinking. It couldn't be that its speech was that ineffective? This was truly a new thing. However, the longer it stared at the man, the more it felt like something was off. No matter how shocking the speech was, it couldn't make a person act like a mannequin. The tiny figure slowly flew around the man, inspecting. Then it dawned upon it that it forgot to undo the restriction spell.

It dryly cleared its throat and acted as if nothing had happened.

[Are you ready to enter the world?]

When he felt his body relax, he knew he was able to move freely. He rubbed his eyes before looking at the strange little creature he had never encountered before. This was something he would never believe to exist, it was too unscientific. But there it was, right in front of him. He could see it clearly with his own eyes. How strange.

"What are you?"

The tiny figure flew back a little, it spread its arm as its clothes fluttered. [Me? I am something like God's spokesman.]

Now it was his turn to walk around the tiny figure to inspect. No tricks, no pranks. Although he didn't believe in God, he certainly believed what he sees with his own eyes. And that was this unscientific creature. Strangely, he wanted to snatch and keep it to himself. Was that allowed?

The tiny figure felt a sudden shiver and decided to interrupt the man.

[We wish you good luck and will wait for you to bring us the head of the demon king—]

"Huh? What are you on about, little one? Who said anything about me accepting the task?"

Astounded, it stammered as it spoke with disbelief, [E-e-exuse us—? Hero, are you well aware of what you are saying?]
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He the-so-called Hero cocked his head with a smile. "Yes, I do. Can't be more aware. You know, why would I want to accept such a troublesome task? To defeat the demon king? That's one hell of an evil big boss. I would get hurt and tired, honestly not very fond of that. I got better things to do. Besides, what's it in for me if I accept it?"

The tiny figure pointed its finger at him. [What is it in for you, you ask? Being the hero is an honourable and respectful duty. Fame, money, worship—anything desirable, you name it. People would bow to you and treat you like a saviour. The hero fights to defeat demons and defend humans. And you, the chosen one, have the true potential to become the hero. On top of everything, if you accomplish your task, you can return to your original life. If you reject, you shall be obliterated instantly.]

After it was done, it felt like it could even convince itself with its speech. Any human who got forced to leave their original world all of a sudden would want to return. When there is a solution, they would do anything to achieve it. Especially after knowing they would die and disappear forever if they didn't do something. It didn't think that this one would be any different from the others.

The man widened his eyes in shock. "Woah, you serious? Why didn't you tell me this earlier? How can I let this go? I am going…"

As expected, all humans were the sa—

"... to be super-rich and famous! Man, I already feel rich. All the girls are going to flock around me, maybe I will even get free food as a thank you for taking down the evil! Moreover, doesn't being a hero makes you almighty and brave? I can vent my frustration by beating up bad people. Fuck, just thinking about it makes me excited as hell. Hey, little guy, send me to whatever place it is!"

Huh? That wasn't something it expected—positively, the man accepted the task as it expected but something felt off with how he accepted it. It didn't know what exactly, it was purely a feeling it had. The tiny figure shook its head to clear its mind. It didn't matter, in the end, its job was to send the chosen one to the world.

[Then, once again, we shall await for your success. Bring us the head of the demon king.]

"Woah, so much trusting. Sure, if it's within my capabilities."

[A summoned hero cannot lose to the demon king. It is the world's rule and fate.]

"Is that so? Well, what are we waiting for? I am ready to go!" The man grinned.

[Very well. We wish you good luck.]

As the tiny figure spoke, a bright golden light began to shine under the man in the form of a circle. Then the light slowly surrounded him in a sphere until it completely shut him in. The tiny figure watched the bright golden light dissipate in a flash along with the man.

The tiny figure, with its dead voice, let out a monotonous laugh. ['Like God's spokesman'? How hilarious.]

Raising its hand to pull its white hat slightly down, its tiny figure started to disappear into thin air.
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