Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 439

Chapter 439: Quest Or Trap
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"Why do you care if it is weird? Just follow the quest instruction and put the Heart of Darkness there. Are you trying to keep all the rewards for yourself?" One Page Book replied in an unpleasant tone.

Even though One Page Book was trying to not be calculative with the fact that Wang Yu killed her before, she was still not going to be that polite to Wang Yu. This was because the rewards were still at stake.

"Brother Bull, she has a point. The system's instruction is to put it there right?" Since this concerned the rewards, a solo rogue like Lone Vagrant Guest agreed with One Page Book's words. After all, this kid treated Wang Yu as the same type of person as he was.

Given Wang Yu's character, he was naturally not going to care about these two people's suspicion. Instead, he stared at Lone Vagrant Guest and One Page Book, "Have any of you completed an S grade quest before?"

"Nope." Both of them shook their head before asking, "I've never had pork but I've seen a pig run before. So what if we haven't completed an S grade quest before?"

"Then do you know that an S grade quest refers to a quest that is impossible to complete?" Wang Yu questioned again.

"This…" The two of them were dumbfounded when they heard this.

The grades and difficulties of the quest were all pre-set by the system and these were basically a common knowledge. If even a gaming idiot like Wang Yu knew about it, how could the two of them not know about it?

"Since an S grade quest cannot be completed, do you really think this quest is so simple?" Wang Yu questioned.

"Are you implying that the Heart of Darkness shouldn't be placed there?" Lone Vagrant Guest asked again.

"That's right, the Heart of Darkness should be placed back at the altar at the peak of the mountain."

"The altar at the peak?" Lone Vagrant Guest asked in confusion, "But we just got it down from there. What's the point of putting it back there?"

"Who asked you to retrieve the Heart of Darkness?"

"Assassin Advisor."

"Who asked you to pull out the dagger?"

"Assassin Lyon…"

"Don't you get it now? Did you all forget that Assassin Lyon was the ultimate culprit who stole the Heart of Darkness? He is definitely not a good guy!" Wang Yu exclaimed.

"Oh yes… Assassin Lyon is actually a villain of the past."

The two of them had always focused on completing the quest according to the system but completely neglected the fact that Assassin Lyon was previously a villain.

After Assassin Lyon stole the Heart of Darkness, people lost news of the Heart of Darkness. Because Assassin Lyon Association didn't know that the Heart of Darkness had been sealed, they issued the quest to find the Heart of Darkness.

And the Heart of Darkness could have been sealed up by Assassin Lyon at the peak of the mountain for some unique reasons. Therefore, he didn't dare to retrieve the Dagger of Seal himself. In fact, he didn't even dare to touch that Dagger of Seal which was used to seal the Heart of Darkness.

Evidently, this altar shouldn't be the altar used to seal the Heart of Darkness. Following this train of thoughts, there was a high possibility that this White Bones Altar was there to help Assassin Lyon commit some sins.

At the thought of this, Lone Vagrant Guest asked, "In this way, we can only complete the quest if we accept the sealing quest and then seal the Heart of Darkness back at the top?"

"Yes!" Wang Yu nodded.

"Serious? We can only complete this by beating around the bush? Is that even possible?"

"The more unlikely it is, the likely it will be." Wang Yu answered.

S grade quests were impossible quests. To complete it, they definitely had to do the very opposite of what was possible.

"..." Lone Vagrant Guest hesitated for a moment before responding, "Alright, we can try."

One Page Book also thought for a while, "I shall believe you this time. If it doesn't work, we will come back again… Until then, I want to see what other tricks you have up your sleeves!"

"Alright!" Wang Yu chuckled.

After they came to a consensus, they wanted to trace back where they came from to return to the Dusk Peak. Suddenly, the bones scattered all around the place started moving.

"This is not good! Hurry up and escape!"

Looking at this sight, Wang Yu was inwardly shocked. He hurriedly waved for the other two people to escape.

When they were still about ten metres away from the exit, all the white bones on the ground had already made their way out. The valley was already filled with an army of white bones. Wang Yu and co.'s escape route was also completely covered with white bones.

Army Of Human Skeletons (LV30)

HP: 5000

MP: 2000

Skill: Chop, Fear

Human Skeleton Magician (LV30)

HP: 2000

MP: 5000

Skill: Fireball, Icicle

These army of skeletons were not particularly high in level and they didn't have exceptional levels of health too. However, they had a superior advantage in terms of numbers. Within ten metres, there were over a hundred skeletons. Looking at the way they squeezed and compacted, they would have been dead a few more times if they weren't already dead.

"This… What should we do?"

Lone Vagrant Guest was only a level 25 Thief with a low health level. Facing thousands of monsters which were 5 levels higher than him, what were the chances that he could survive?

If it was during normal days, he really wouldn't mind dying just like that. However, he had responsibilities now because of the quest. Dying now would mean a decrease of 5 levels and a deduction of the main city merit points. The truth was that he was even considering deleting his account if he were to die here.

One Page Book wasn't performing up to her usual standard too. Even though she was at a decent level and her movements were impressive, she was still a lady. It was natural for a lady, no matter how capable, to feel fear and disgust towards human skeletons. Against such a huge army of skeletons, even One Page Book's legs started to tremble.

Moreover, this army of skeletons filled up the entire valley so tightly that these two Thieves couldn't even find gaps to escape. This was undoubtedly a trap.

"The two of you follow behind me, I'll kill my way out!" Wang Yu responded. His left hand produced Rippling Wave while his right hand executed [Rippling Cloud Palm] and instantly killed four human skeletons.

Wang Yu glanced back at the army of human skeletons before clenching his teeth, "The two of you, use [Haste] as quickly as you can."

"We can't even get out of here even with [Haste]. We are also not Warriors." Lone Vagrant Guest commented.

Wang Yu glared at Lone Vagrant Guest, "Just do as I tell you to!"

Lone Vagrant Guest was left speechless before executing [Haste]. One Page Book didn't argue as she did it too.

Wang Yu pointed at a rock which was four metres away, "When you reach that rock, jump outwards!"

Before Lone Vagrant Guest could comprehend the words of Wang Yu, Wang Yu already grabbed him and threw him out.

Just as expected, Lone Vagrant Guest's point of release was the rock. The mid-air Lone Vagrant Guest jumped down consecutively twice. Because he executed [Haste], there was an increment of 200% in speed. After two jumps, Lone Vagrant Guest landed right outside the valley.

"What about me?" One Page Book asked Wang Yu, "I don't know how to use [Two Segments Jump]."

"Just jump normally!" As Wang Yu instructed her, Wang Yu also grabbed her and threw her out. Afterwards, Wang Yu jumped down and used [Void Seizing Palms] for One Page Book, who was about to land into the army of human skeletons.
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