Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 440

Chapter 440: Concept Changing Assassin
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After One Page Book landed, she wiped the sweat off her forehead nervously. If Wang Yu made the slightest of mistake, she would have been killed by the army of human skeletons. At the same time, One Page Book's hatred for Wang Yu was significantly reduced.

"Thank you." One Page Book whispered.

Wang Yu casually brushed it off, "Let's not stand idle as we must hurry to the mountain peak."

After saying this, Wang Yu led the way as he started running towards the Dusk Peak.

Since Assassin Lyon gave a wrong hint, it was evident that this fella was the last BOSS they had to face in this quest. They were about ten minutes away from Dusk Peak so if they didn't hurry, things might become troublesome when Assassin Lyon caught up with them.

However, just as Wang Yu started running, the figure of an assassin appeared behind Wang Yu. The assassin raised his dagger in an attempt to strike the back of Wang Yu's head.

Lone Vagrant Guest and One Page Book were equally astonished to see this. Before they could warn Wang Yu, the dagger had already pierced through Wang Yu's head.

"Bang!" Wang Yu's body exploded with a sound and that assassin was slightly taken aback. At the very next moment, Wang Yu appeared behind the assassin as Wang Yu kicked the assassin's back.

The assassin's body turned red and Wang Yu felt as though he just kicked a rock and was thrown backwards immediately.

At this point in time, the assassin turned around and extended his arm. He sealed the escape route of the three of them before speaking in a cold tone, "Return! Listen to me and put that heart in that altar."

When he spoke, One Page Book and Lone Vagrant Guest were clearly able to see the appearance of this assassin. He was indeed Assassin Lyon, the one who gave them their quests.

Assassin Lyon (LV50) (Obsidian) (Ancient)

HP: 500000

MP: 100000

Skill: Proficient Assassin, Acupoint Assault, Dark Support

Talent: Pickpocket, Camouflage

Character Introduction: He was once a noble Assassin. Before the fall of darkness, he killed multiple leaders of the dark faction. He participated in the battle to seal The Sixth Apostle. However, he got obsessed with the power of darkness and eventually stole the Heart of Darkness. He was then chased by the Assassin Association and had been wandering for over ten years.

"It's you!!" In comparison to Wang Yu's calm face, there were huge contrasts in the expressions of Lone Vagrant Guest and One Page Book.

"How dare you lie to people? Aren't you afraid of the wrath of Heaven?" Lone Vagrant Guest exclaimed.

Lone Vagrant Guest wasn't exactly naive when he said this. The wrath of Heaven he meant was of the system's method to deal with intelligent NPC.

After artificial intelligence (AI) had been developed, humans started to develop a sense of crisis. Therefore, any form of AI shouldn't be allowed to lie to others.

This was the same for games. Unless it was a unique NPC like "The Lying XXX" or another NPC who was meant to lie, the other intelligent NPC would have been spotted by the system if they lied. They would be dealt with by the wrath of Heaven's formatting.

Assassin Lyon stared at Lone Vagrant Guest, "Did I lie?"

"He didn't lie!" Wang Yu said with a black face, "All he did was to secretly alter the concept."

Lone Vagrant Guest and co. listened and instantly understood Wang Yu's words.

Assassin Lyon mentioned that he was sick of running but didn't admit that he was going to turn himself in. Obtaining absolute power and hence, not fear of being chased was also another method.

The pity was that Wang Yu really believed that this fella wanted to turn over a new leaf. Wang Yu's belief caused him 500 gold and this was why Wang Yu had such a gloomy expression.

It was even clearer in terms of why the difficulty of the quest was dependent on Assassin Lyon. He was the BOSS of the quest which was why it depended on himself.

After coming to a realisation, Lone Vagrant Guest looked at Assassin Lyon in shock, "You're really crafty!"

Wasn't he? He used the truth to lie to others and this was the highest realm of lies… A method like this was even scarier than lying directly.

Assassin Lyon was emotionless as he replied, "I had nothing to do with this. It was all the designer's idea to design me like that."

Lone Vagrant Guest cursed once more, "I wish for a plague on the designer!"

"Go back! Put the Heart of Darkness on the altar and insert the dagger." After the nonsense conversation, Assassin Lyon went back to his cold self.

After saying this, Assassin Lyon looked at Wang Yu again as he added, "You are as strong as your job. As long as you follow my instructions, I will allow you to become my servants. Similarly, you will be able to obtain tremendous strength."

It seemed like Assassin Lyon was pretty impressed by Wang Yu.

After saying what Assassin Lyon said, Lone Vagrant Guest started to display signs of dilemma… After all, Assassin Lyon was an ancient BOSS.

In the system, the rankings of the BOSS after Obsidian was God Grade. Ancient and Legendary were not considered to be part of the BOSS's ranking. They belonged to a whole new title called the Elite.

When a BOSS's prestige or strength reached a certain level, he would obtain a title. BOSSes with titles were always very strong. For example, elite BOSS at the same level as normal BOSS will be several folds stronger.

As for Ancient, they would be considered the elite among elites. Just a Bronze Ancient BOSS would easily be able to destroy a Silver Elite BOSS.

Presently, it was self-evident in terms of how strong Assassin Lyon actually was.

It would an impossible dream to deal with BOSS like this unless there was a team filled with members of the same level as this BOSS. Moreover, they only had a mere three people now. To make things worse, he hadn't even mentioned the vast difference in levels between them.

"Brother Bull, let's just give him what he wants if we cannot make it… We will still receive our rewards right?"

Lone Vagrant Guest tried to convince Wang Yu.

Even though money comes from danger, who would be willing to risk their life if they could easily obtain rewards in another way?

Wang Yu shook his head, "No way! We will be doomed if we give him what he wants. Don't forget that this fella betrayed his faction. Helping him would mean that we are taking the side of the evil-doer."

Just by letting go of the Heart of Darkness, the three of them would suffer the reduction of 1000 merit points. If the light faction chose to accept this quest, who knows how much more merit points they would have to give up? Wang Yu's neutral faction merit points might even be reduced.

The majority of Wang Yu's friends was in Twilight City. He couldn't possibly leave his hometown right… This was way too impractical.

"But why do you need to care about factions if we receive the rewards? This is merely just a game." Lone Vagrant Guest continued to argue.

As a rogue player, Lone Vagrant Guest didn't really care about being in any of the factions. It was merely a change in venue to play the game. Therefore, he felt that Wang Yu's idea was a pedantic and brainless way to play this game.

"Reward?" Wang Yu asked. "A copper and some experience points are also considered rewards. Do you really trust this guy?"

"F*ck…" Lone Vagrant Guest was at a loss yet again.

If this was in the past, Lone Vagrant Guest would never believe that an NPC would tweak the game's concept. However, this fella in front of him was a crafty enough NPC to do so. Given the despicableness of the game's designer, it wasn't impossible for them to give out some experience points as rewards too.

Was a few experience points worth being chased by the Assassin Association like how Assassin Lyon was? Assassin Lyon was already being chased like a dog so Lone Vagrant Guest couldn't possibly expect Assassin Lyon to be protecting him all the time. Knowing how the system worked, he would be considered fortunate if Assassin Lyon didn't use him as a human shield.

"So what do we do?" Lone Vagrant Guest asked.

Wang Yu replied, "We kill him!"
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