Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 441

Chapter 441: Troublesome BOSS
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"Kill him?" Lone Vagrant Guest exclaimed, "Stop messing with me! Do you know how ferocious this BOSS is?"
There was only one appearance of an Ancient BOSS in the forum. It was one week ago when a gamer of the number one guild in China, Ancient Empire spotted an Ancient BOSS. Back then, it was only a Level 40 gold BOSS. However, half of the 20 men elite squad sent by Ancient Empire was killed before they could finally kill the BOSS.
Presently, this BOSS was a Level 50 Obsidian BOSS which was of a higher level and grade than the one Ancient Empire faced a week ago. To make things worse, they only had three of them as compared to Ancient Empire's 20 men elite squad. Even so, Wang Yu dared to make such comments about killing him? Wasn't he overestimating himself?
So what if he was a rogue gamer? This was still the early stages of the game so how could he be possibly stronger than the elite squad of Ancient Empire?
Wang Yu nodded his head confidently, "I know but I've exchanged blows with him earlier. I feel like I can defeat him."
"Feel? Big Brother, you can feel such things?" Lone Vagrant Guest was almost left speechless again.
Wang Yu chuckled, "You wouldn't know."
Wang Yu's judgement of a BOSS was never about his grade or level. Wang Yu was always looking out for his speed and ability to react.
If the opponent's ability and speed was within the range that Wang Yu could deal with, he would be confident of killing him.
Even though Assassin Lyon was considered a nimble type Ancient BOSS, Wang Yu managed to hit him twice in one single exchange. This proved that the BOSS's ability to react wasn't exactly great.
The strength of a system NPC couldn't be increased individually like how a player could. They were extremely balanced which meant that a BOSS with poor reaction capability wouldn't be extremely nimble too. Therefore, Wang Yu asserted that he could kill this BOSS.
Lone Vagrant Guest wanted to continue convincing Wang Yu against this idea. However, leader Wang Yu had already made the choice for him.
"I'm very sorry but we have no interest in your power!" Wang Yu replied Assassin Lyon.
"Is that so? It seems like you know nothing about true power!"
As he spoke, Assassin Lyon's eyes changed as he wielded his dagger and charged towards Wang Yu.
Wang Yu smiled slightly as he extended his left hand unhurriedly. At the same time when the dagger reached him, Wang Yu grabbed Assassin Lyon's wrist which was holding the dagger. Concurrently, Wang Yu twisted his body until Assassin Lyon's body shifted to the side. Wang Yu then swept the ground with his leg before pressing and pushing Assassin Lyon's shoulder with his right hand. Assassin Lyon instantly fell to the ground after these moves.
Two small numbers appeared at the top of Assassin Lyon's head.
Lone Vagrant Guest's eyeballs almost flew out when he witnessed this scene.
Wang Yu's opponent was actually a level 50 Ancient BOSS. If it was Lone Vagrant Guest, he wouldn't stop boasting if he could not die within three rounds against an opponent 15 levels higher than him. Who knew that Wang Yu could be this wild? Who would have thought that he could make a BOSS of this calibre fall to the ground in just one exchange?
Moreover, Wang Yu was calm and collected in his actions. This gave people an unruffled sense of security.
Such elegance in his movements against such a frightening BOSS was simply an entirely new experience for Lone Vagrant Guest.
One Page Book also called out excitedly, "That's an impressive Seizing Left Sparrow Tail. Could Brother Bull be the descendants of one of the Four Great Aristocratic Family?"
"No, I'm not!"
Wang Yu replied One Page Book briefly before focusing back on Assassin Lyon. The two damages that Assassin Lyon suffered should have totalled up to at least 1000 HP. Therefore, the 200 damage was unexpected for Wang Yu. Wang Yu started to fear that this BOSS might be tougher than he thought.
While Wang Yu was replying One Page Book, Assassin Lyon had already got himself back up. Assassin Lyon was an intelligent NPC so when he was thrown to the ground by a level 35 gamer, he was utterly embarrassed. His body suddenly disappeared into the thin air.
He used [Stealth]...
Wang Yu was in shock as he hurriedly typed in the group chat to Lone Vagrant Guest and One Page Book, "The two of you be careful. Try and lean against the mountain walls. Pay attention to [Hinder] and do not get killed!"
Presently, Wang Yu was most afraid that the two of them would die. This was because Lone Vagrant Guest and One Page Book were the key figures to complete this quest. If either of them died, this quest would be a failure. As an intelligent NPC, Assassin Lyon would have understood this logic too.
As an Assassin-type BOSS, Assassin Lyon was highly capable of attacking people from the back. He would definitely be able to kill those two within seconds.
Of course… A BOSS of this level could easily kill those puny Thieves within seconds. However, with such strong defense, its' attack might not be too frightening. As long as they pay close attention, the probability of survival would be slightly greater.
After Wang Yu gave out his instructions, Lone Vagrant Guest and One Page Book hurriedly leaned against the mountain walls. They looked around cautiously with their dagger up on guard.
At this moment, Wang Yu suddenly felt a tinge of cold behind him. Assassin Lyon appeared right behind him with his dagger aimed right at the back of Wang Yu's waist.
Wang Yu instantly twisted his body and dodged Assassin Lyon's attack. As he extended both his arms, he managed to catch Assassin Lyon's arm. Wang Yu's left hand caught hold of Assassin Lyon's wrist while his right hand caught hold of his elbow. One push accompanied by a pull and Assassin Lyon fell right to the ground yet again. Following that, Wang Yu jerked his knee downwards to crush down on Assassin Lyon's crotch area.
If this was in real life, the opponent would have given up after these series of movements by Wang Yu… However, this was just a game… Such an attack would only anger the BOSS even more.
Assassin Lyon's red light flashed again and Wang Yu was blown away once more. Concurrently, Assassin Lyon threw out two medicinal bottles at Wang Yu's landing position.
Wang Yu noticed it and immediately changed his weapon to a long pole. He struck the ground and flew back a distance to avoid the Assassin's medicinal bottles.
Yet, Assassin Lyon had already used [Haste] to appear right in front of Wang Yu as his dagger pierced right through Wang Yu.
A fresh red number emerged at the top of Wang Yu's head
"Such strong attacks!"
After getting hit by Assassin Lyon, Wang Yu was startled.
Wang Yu was covered with a whole body of peak grade equipment such that his defense wouldn't be any weaker than a Guardian. Moreover, Wang Yu executed [Hinder] at the very last moment and that offset about 60% of the original damage. Even so, his health still decreased by about 1000 HP.
One must know that a level 35 Wang Yu filled with a whole body of equipment only had slightly more than 3000 HP. If he hadn't used [Hinder] in the last attack, a [Sudden Strike] would have killed Wang Yu instantly.
Experiencing the severity of the BOSS's attack, Wang Yu started to feel slightly anxious.
Impenetrable defense and frightening offense. Other than a slightly slower reaction time, this BOSS basically didn't have any weakness. This fella actually had over 500000HP so how was Wang Yu going to take him on one on one?
"When I grab hold of the BOSS later, the two of you help me take him out!" Wang Yu thought for a while before instructing in the chat.
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