Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 526

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[Silence] was neither an impressive nor weak control skill. Against physical attack jobs, the silence effect wouldn’t be great. On the other hand, it would be calamitic when used against magic users.

Naturally for control skills, the more stable it was, the better it would be. However, it was comparatively rare that [Silence] would be so unstable.

Besides [Holy Fire], the commonly known skill of a Priest, the only skill with the [Silence] effect Wang Yu had witnessed before was Ling Longmeng’s [Shadow Bind Arrows].

Out of all the skills a Pugilist could learn, none of them was specifically meant for this silencing effect…

To silence Messiah, Wang Yu’s only solution was to stun Messiah Although stunning Messiah would also produce the silence effect, it would last a lot shorter than the professional skills meant for silencing the opponent.

The problem was that Wang Yu was completely unable to get close to Messiah. If he had no chance of producing the stun effect, things would really be hard for him.

“How can I stun him?” Wang Yu kept pondering upon this question.

Earlier, Messiah was forced back by Wang Yu helplessly. Now, Messiah was the one forcing Wang Yu back and the more he saw Wang Yu running out of ideas, the happier he became. As he was starting to enjoy this, his voice started becoming louder and louder.

“Tornado, release!”



Messiah’s constant recitation of the skills caused a real headache for Wang Yu. Wang Yu couldn’t help himself as he cursed, “Coward elf! Make some more noise and I will block up your mouth Eh?”

When Wang Yu said this, the light bulb in his head suddenly lit up. While he had been constantly cracking his brain to find ways to stun Messiah, he actually forgot that the basis of [Silence] was to block up his mouth

Messiah heard Wang Yu’s threats but continued to send out another three tornadoes before making fun, “You are not even able to come close to me. How are you going to shut me up”

Before Messiah could finish his sentence, a long item pierced through the tornadoes. Before Messiah could dodge it, Wang Yu’s long pole was inserted directly into his mouth.

Messiah could no longer talk and the tornadoes stopped.

Wang Yu appeared in front of Messiah in the very next instant. With his left hand, he used [Savage Maul] to pull Messiah’s waist while his right hand lifted the pole, which was inserted in Messiah’s mouth, upwards. Following that, a sobbing Messiah was pressed against the ground.

“Heh, how do you like this?” Both of Wang Yu’s hands were on the pole to prevent Messiah from saying anything. One of Wang Yu’s legs was on Messiah’s waist while the other was firmly on his head.

The pitiful Messiah was, after all, still an ancient BOSS but he was tortured to death by Wang Yu so viciously such that he couldn’t even say anything before turning into white light.

Heart of an Expert: Attack and defense increased by 20%.

“Merge!” This was a no-brainer decision. Wasn’t all the effort for this title?

Child of the Wind: Jumping ability +50%, Movement speed +50%, Attack and Defense +20%.

This title was indeed impressive. While it didn’t result in an increase in any attributes by itself, it merged the increase in attributes of the previous three titles. Moreover, “Running with the Wind” was limited to outside of a battle but after merging, this limitation was no longer there.

No wonder this was a title given by a level 60 personal mount quest. Based on the attributes alone, it had definitely surpassed any title Wang Yu saw in this game.

After the merging of the title, the system sent yet another notification.

After this scene, Wang Yu was transferred out. Ling Longmeng was cursing and scolding Messiah furiously. From her lips, it seemed as though she was cursing Messiah to be without balls and stuff like that. This lady was truly vicious when scolding people.

“This is for you!” Wang Yu took out the title rock and handed it to Ling Longmeng. When Ling Longmeng received it, there was excitement in her eyes.

Wang Yu pointed at Messiah and said, “He got me to give it to you.”

“Tsk! Lucky you’re tactful!” Ling Longmeng stared viciously at Messiah once more.

Messiah did not acknowledge Wang Yu’s actions but maintained the ‘get far away from me’ expression on his face. This was understandable because he must still be in fear over what happened. He was literally forced to stop talking with a pole.

“I’ve completed the trials!” Wang Yu wasn’t bothered about Messiah’s attitude. Asking for his rewards after completing the quest was only natural so Wang Yu was not worried that Messiah might come up with another trick.

Messiah casually took out a badge and threw it to Wang Yu as his cold expression remained unchanged.

Hurricane Medal: Wind attribute attacks increase by 20. Job: Common.

Item description: Only warriors recognised by the Wind Elf would have the opportunity to obtain this medal.

After the system notification, the Hurricane Medal in Wang Yu’s hands and the Thunder Badge on his chest disappeared without a trace. In replacement of them was a green coloured unique looking badge with a little bit of lightning on it.

This badge was exceedingly good looking. The flow of lightning around it was almost similar to the Martial Artist badge in terms of the visual animation on the badge.

Power of the Wind and Thunder: Wind attributes attacks increase by 20, Thunder attributes attacks increase by 20

Skill: Wind Thunder Fury, pouring the power of wind and thunder into the body. In 20 seconds, an explosive surge in power and every attack contained a unique effect. Cooldown time 24 hours.

Required Job: Pugilist.

Player bound: Iron Bull. (Impossible to unbind)

Item description: Wind and Thunder are one of the primary elements which contained endless power. Only the strongest warriors can wear them.

Peak grade was the only way to describe a badge that could increase attacks of two attributes.

The Wind Thunder Fury was made specifically just for Wang Yu. The main attribute affecting the difference in judgement strength between jobs, other than skills, was power. As a Pugilist, Wang Yu have quite a few disadvantages in terms of power. In reality, Wang Yu had god-like strength but when he entered the game, he was overpowered by others. This sullen feeling wouldn’t be understood by many others.

Even though he could only feel good for about 20 seconds every 24 hours, this was still better than many of the previous rewards he obtained.

As he happily hung the badge on his chest, Wang Yu controlled the excitement in his heart as he kicked Ling Longmeng, who was acting all happy beside him, “What are you happy about?”

Ling Longmeng showed the “Child of the Wind” title as she replied, “Did you see this? This attributes of this title are simply unbelievable! My time to shine is finally here”

“Oh” After looking at the attributes of Wind Thunder Fury, Wang Yu was unable to feel any excitement when he saw the “Child of the Wind” again.

“Then you continue being happy. I’m going to head back first.” Wang Yu bid goodbye to Ling Longmeng.

“Where to?”

“Twilight City?”

“Alright, let’s go together” Ling Longmeng followed closely behind Wang Yu again.

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