Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 557

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The one hundred gold coins loudspeaker came with insane special effects. Even the sunlight above everyone was completely covered by the special effects.

Vainglory said in low spirits, “Atlanta’s Key, it sounds so familiar.”

“Rubbish, isn’t it the one you picked up yesterday?” Fearless reminded him.

“Eh, oh right! Let me contact him now and see how much I can sell it for.” Vainglory immediately recalled the key he picked up the previous day, then quickly said.

Everyone’s expressions were filled with envy.

Acquisition pleas sent throughout the server were generally for one-of-a-kind equipments. Since that person was willing to spend a hundred gold coins on that announcement, he definitely did not mind to multiply its price by several times He managed to casually pick up such a treasure meant that his luck had rebounded after hitting rock bottom.

“How lucky, if I had not killed Hidden Lurker yesterday, this key would not even have emerged.” Vainglory said delightedly.

“Yes! How lucky What a perfect time. Once Hidden Lurker was killed, it was immediately wanted by people.” Everyone spoke among themselves.

Everyone rambled on but someone was listening to their words. Hearing what everyone said, Fearless suddenly jumped up as though he thought of something. He told Vainglory, “Little Chicky, you can’t sell it!”

“Why not?” Vainglory asked as he did not understand.

After playing the game for so long, Vainglory always had bad luck, never being able to earn a fortune. Now that he found the opportunity, he was quite angry that Fearless did not allow him to sell the key.

“Don’t you guys think that there is something amiss? This thing does not even have an item description and yet Hidden Lurker brings it around like a piece of treasure. Once he lost it, the next day someone wants to purchase it.”

“This, is a coincidence Couldn’t have others come upon a quest which needs it?” The rest heard what Fearless said and realised that there was a connection but it was all conjecture. What if it was really a coincidence?

“There isn’t so many coincidences in this world. Since Hidden Lurker brings it everywhere, he definitely know what it is used for. But why did he not trigger that quest?” Fearless laughed coldly.

“Hmm” hearing what Fearless said, everyone seemed to have understood him.

Hidden Lurker was no beginner and even had top-notch experts like Nian Liuyun by his side. If even he could not trigger the quest, probably only those large guilds’ occupation team could trigger it. However, this was too much of a coincidence.

“Let me add that Little Thief Mo and enquire first.” As he spoke, Fearless added Little Thief Mo as his friend.

Before Fearless could say anything, Little Thief Mo sent him a message, “How much are you offering?”

“” Fearless was surprised. This Little Thief Mo was over-excited. Before he even spoke, he was asked for a price. It was obvious that he knew Fearless had the Atlanta’s Key.

Fearless asked puzzledly, “What price?”

Little Thief Mo realised he was too eager and quickly said, “Did you add me after seeing my announcement?”

“Oh, yes, but I don’t have the key. We are a professional team that can help you complete your quests. Please consider us if you have the need.” Fearless replied.

After a while, Little Thief Mo replied, “No need!”

“Then can I ask what is the Atlanta’s Key for?” Fearless followed up with a question.

“No comments!”

Little Thief Mo only left these last words and when Fearless sent another message, he had already been blacklisted.

“Hehe, see, this is obviously Hidden Lurker’s man.” Fearless sent their conversation records to the guild chat.

“I don’t understand” Vainglory shook his head.

“He actually blacklisted me. It must be because he is jealous of my intelligence and is afraid that I will coax the Atlanta’s Key secret out of him.” Fearless said shamelessly.

“Stupid, scram!” Everyone started scolding him as they had no tolerance for his shamelessness.

“Haha.” Fearless laughed and said, “Actually that Little Thief Mo is only level 10, a complete small fry. Isn’t this obvious enough?”

After the public beta testing, players would be level 10 once they completed the guided quests. Level 10 was also the criteria to leave the beginners’ village and enter the home city.

Although afterwards, levelling up took some time, the player would not be stuck at level 10 if it was a veteran account.

Therefore, this Little Thief Mo’s ID should be a new account. Hidden Lurker just lost his key to Quan Zhen Sect yesterday and today, a new level 10 account was in search for it The connection was naturally very obvious.

There was deep-seated animosity between Quan Zhen Sect and Hidden Lurker. Hidden Lurker would definitely not personally ask Quan Zhen Sect for it.

“F*ck this old sly fox!” Vainglory scolded after he realised Hidden Lurker’s motives as he knew he was delighted for nothing.

“Shall we ask him to pay before he receives it? Then after we receive his money, we can blacklist him.” Ming Du rubbed his chin and said.

“Right, Ming Du is indeed witty.” Fearless praised Ming Du then said, “If we do as you suggested, he can use the system witness. Even if he don’t use it, do you think Hidden Lurker is stupid enough to fall for your trick? Won’t we also become a liar like him?”

“Oh” Ming Du was speechless.

In online games, malicious PK and securing BOSS to increase power were both playing tactics so people could not complain about who used more underhand means. However, liars and account thieves were the greatest common enemy and most unforgivable.

Through technical improvements, > was able to get rid of account thieves. However, due to the high nature of freedom the game had, liars became more and more capable. Those with unremarkable lying skills like Ming Du, were the worst as they could not even cheat the dumbest players, not to mention a top liar like Hidden Lurker.

Quan Zhen Sect may be fierce but they still earned their status through their abilities and believe in using their fist. Naturally, they did not want to ally with a liar.

“Damn it, I can’t use this opportunity to cheat this piece of rubbish. I’m so mad!!” Ming Du yelled in frustration.

Quan Zhen Sect’s elders had the deepest animosity with Hidden Lurker. When nothing happened, they simply played small tricks on each other. Now that they had his weakness with them, they were upset that they could not use the opportunity to rub salt into his wound.

Fearless smiled widely and said, “Why is there no opportunity? We simply don’t have to give it to him.”

“Don’t give it to him? Somehow it feels like he hasn’t really incurred a substantial loss.” Ming Du clenched his fist.

“There is. At least this key is very important to Hidden Lurker.” Fearless said, “Since he could spend 100 gold coins to make a global acquisition announcement, Hidden Lurker definitely wants this key at all cost. How does he not lose anything when his lifeblood is in our hands?”

“Yes” Ming Du scratched his head.

Wang Yu said from a side, “We can use this key right?”

“Yes, so long we meet the criteria, we can trigger the unknown equipment.” Fearless said.

“If we use Hidden Lurker’s lifeblood, do you think he will breakdown?” Wang Yu said.

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