Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 558

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Since Hidden Lurker so urgently spent such a large sum of money to acquire this equipment, it had to be a rare gem. Instead of leaving it to waste, it would be wiser to use it themselves.

Firstly, they could reap a pretty reward and secondly, it would devastate Hidden Lurker completely.

As the saying goes, it is more painful to be alive than dead. Hence, making Hidden Lurker lose all hope would be more painful for him than to just hold on to the key.

“This” This thought made everyone in Quan Zhen Sect look at Wang Yu in shock and said, “Iron Bull, you have changed”

The past Wang Yu was an innocent child but now, he actually turned into someone crafty.

Quan Zhen Sect’s players were not afraid that Wang Yu was influenced. It was that Wang Yu was already undefeatable, if he had another evil side to him, others definitely did not have a chance to defeat him.

“I just don’t want to waste it!” Wang Yu said as a matter of fact.

“Really?” Everyone was slightly suspicious.

“Really!” Wang Yu said with a straight face.

“F*ck!” Everyone was in disdain.

Hidden Lurker smeared Wang Yu everywhere. Everyone knew that Wang Yu’s kung fu was undefeatable but was horrible at words. Wang Yu claimed that he wanted to use the key in fear of wastage but naturally, no one believed him.

Regardless, Wang Yu’s suggestion was indeed a good one. To Quan Zhen Sect, a group of people who hated Hidden Lurker, it was killing two birds in one stone. It would upset Hidden Lurker and at the same time, it would benefit them. So why not?

“Oh, anyone knows how to use this key?”

Vainglory asked everyone as he held on to the key.

“Erm” Everyone quietened down once Vainglory spoke.

The Atlanta’s Key was an item with an unknown use, neither did it have an item introduction. Even a simple ingredient dropped by a small monster would be better than it as no one knew where to start from.

Fearless said, “There must be some clues. If not Hidden Lurker would not know how to use it too.”

“Oh? You have an idea?”

“No, let me think.”


Urgh, such useless words.

Just as everyone sank into deep thoughts, Wang Yu @ Mu Zi Xian in the guild chat and said, “Wifey, have you heard of the Atlanta’s Key?”

Everyone knew that Mu Zi Xian was a GM. Seeing how Wang Yu was so ready to kill, everyone stopped sending messages.

After a while, Mu Zi Xian replied, “Who is Atlanta? I have never heard of it before.” Mu Zi Xian was part of the customer service but could only remember basic files as she had no authority to have access to the top secret files which unknown equipments belonged to.


After everyone knew, they remained silent as their small hope disappeared into thin air. Even the GM did not know, it was going to be tough.

Mu Zi Xian saw everyone sending ellipsis on the guild chat and understood everyone’s disappointment. So she continued, “Although I haven’t heard of it, these unknown equipments can only be triggered after asking an intelligent NPC.”

“Intelligent NPC?” Everyone heard her words and all looked at Wang Yu. An intelligent NPC was no ordinary NPC. Only players who have completed many high level quests had the chance to get to know them.

Within Quan Zhen Sect, Wang Yu did the most high level quests. At the mention of intelligent NPC, everyone thought of Wang Yu.

“Alright, Little Chicky, give the key to me. I will go find out more about it.” Wang Yu said directly.

“Hooray, Brother Bull!!” Everyone was in awe. There was no other way. The designer had created intelligent NPC to earn more money. What Wang Yu said was comparable to “Go ahead, let me foot the bill.”

In a tavern in Thunderstorm City, Hidden Lurker and a player still dressed in the beginner’s outfit were sitting in a corner furtively, whispering.

If someone threw a [Probing] skill at that player in the beginner’s outfit, he would realise that this ragged-dressed guy was that Little Thief Mo who spent 100 gold coins on the announcement.

“Cousin, how is it going? Did that bunch contact you again?” Hidden Lurker asked quietly.

As the Atlanta’s Key was extremely precious, Hidden Lurker was extra careful. Not only he did not explain in detail to anyone in the United Alliance. Nian Liuyun was no exemption. He even found someone he knew in real life to acquire the key.

“Only that Fearless contacted me. Didn’t you want me to blacklist him? Then again, why did you want me to blacklist him? Didn’t you say that the key was with him?” Little Thief Mo said in annoyance.

Hidden Lurker said, “You don’t understand those people. They can easily trick you into doing things their way. I am afraid that you will lose out.”

“I don’t care about losing out anymore, let me tell you. I painstakingly reached level 10 yesterday. I have skipped class for more than an hour already. At this rate, I will be expelled” Little Thief Mo said impatiently.

“Relax, relax, after I receive the key I will give you ten thousand dollars.” Hidden Lurker pacified Little Thief Mo.

Little Thief Mo was shocked, “Ten thousand dollars? Why do you have so much money? Did you do something bad again”

Although there was inflation, ten thousand dollars was still no small amount for the working middle-class like Little Thief Mo.

“What are you saying?” Hidden Lurker said, “I earn more by playing this game than you going to work. That loudspeaker you just sent was already worth ten thousand.”

“What?!!” Little Thief Mo was so shocked he almost jumped out of his chair as he felt his heart ached from spending ten thousand dollars just to send that few words Sh*t, how much did each word cost?

Seeing how Little Thief Mo was counting his earnings from his scripts, Hidden Lurker said, “Those don’t mean much. If I reclaim that key, it is worth at least a hundred loudspeakers!”

“Brother, are you lying to me” Little Thief Mo was completely in shock.

“Why should I lie to you? The most urgent thing now is to get that key back, damn it!” Hidden Lurker was fuming mad at the thought of how it was dropped out of him.

“But they are ignoring us. Do you think that they know it you behind these?” Little Thief Mo asked.

“Hmm” Hidden Lurker rubbed his chin and said, “The rest are not hard to deal with but that Fearless is not to be messed with. It is possible that he knows.”

“Since they know already, they definitely will not return it to you.”

“Not necessarily. So long we offer enough money, they would definitely return it”

“What if they use it for themselves?” Little Thief Mo said.

“Use it?” Hidden Lurker’s heart skipped a beat.

If it was before this incident, Hidden Lurker would be doubt it if Little Thief Mo suggested that Quan Zhen Sect would use the key since it was a Location Good and only a certain NPC knew the clue. However, Quan Zhen Sect even knew how to catch the Flower Goblin. It would not be tough for them to find out how to use the Atlanta’s Key.

This made Hidden Lurker panic.

“You make sense. Don’t acquire the key for now. Go back to work. I will do something else.” Hidden Lurker told Little Thief Mo upon his thought.

Little Thief Mo acknowledged his words and logged off. Hidden Lurker opened his friends list and entered an ID.

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