Mommy Villainess Chapter 204

204 Rumor Has I

TO SAY that Kiho was excited to go shopping with his son would be an understatement.

To be honest, he didn't have interest in shopping. For the past five years, whenever a catalog from a famous men's clothing shop would arrive at the mansion, he would just ask Louisa and David to pick clothes for him and Julian.

Under His Majesty's orders, Julian wasn't allowed to come out until it was "time." That meant he wasn't allowed outside until people could no longer notice that he was older than the real "child of the prophecy" since Julian was pretending to be his son.

The emperor would just often send expensive gifts and toys to Julian as compensation.

"Dad, I'm ready."

He turned around to see his son walking out of his room.

God, he's so adorable.

Winter insisted that he could take a bath and change clothes on his own so he let him do so.

Now, his son wore a little loose black cloak with a hood that covered his face. He could see that he wore ordinary clothes under the cloak but the air of wealth around Winter didn't disappear. He still looked like a noble.

His heart really swelled every time he would look at Winter.

To be honest, he was sulking because his wife hanged up on them a while ago. He was worried that something bad had happened. But when Winter called her again and asked him to remain silent, only then did his wife talk to his son.

He got the message: the duchess didn't want to talk to him.

That hurt, of course.

But he decided to set aside his personal feelings first to spend quality time with Winter.

"Good job," he said proudly as he squatted to meet his son's eye level. "I just wish you don't have to cover your face, Winter."

"It's okay, Dad," Winter assured him. "Mommy told me that I should protect myself by hiding my identity until it's time to introduce myself to everyone."

Even though his son looked fine, he still felt bad for him.

I'm so proud of him and I want the whole world to know.

But of course, Winter's safety comes first.

"Thank you for being understanding, Winter," Kiho said while combing his son's hair with his fingers. "Daddy is very proud of you."

Winter smiled, then he wrapped his arms around his neck. "Thank you for being proud of me, Dad."


THAT was the most awkward 24-hour "flight" that Luna had in her life.

It was also her first time to ride a flying two-seater "ship" that Tilly liked calling "submarine." Apparently, it was a type of underwater boat in the modern world. The two-seater ship was actually big enough to be called a small ship. It had a room with two beds, a bathroom, and a small tea room.

But it was called "two-seater" because the ship could only carry two people. Apparently, it absorbed Mana as its fuel. So if more than two Keepers (or other people with strong Mana) rode the ship, it would combust from too much energy that it could absorb.

Anyway, it was awkward because Roarke Sinclair was her company.

I don't hate him but

"It's awkward, isn't it?" Roarke said after they got off the ship. They were now on top of the (real) Mount Sola in the Redsun Dessert. The Keeper was preparing to fight the Crades that awaited them at the foot of the mountain. "After all, you just found out that out of all the Keepers, I'm the one born out of Lord Wixx's love for you. So I'm practically your son, Lady Luna."

Luna almost choked on how blunt Roarke was. "Can you not be so blunt?"

"Well, I can't really do that. Not when I've been waiting to meet you for hundreds of years now," he said gently. "I mean, I've also been waiting for the Supreme, of course. After all, even though I was born out of the Red Phoenixx's love for you, I was also the product of his love for his dear sister. It's only my own volition to meet my "mother." After all, my last name 'Sinclair' was apparently your family name in the past."

Okay, that made her cheeks burn in embarrassment. But yeah. According to some of the memories that she retrieved during her life as the Moon Priestess, she was called 'Lady Luna Sinclair' back then. "Is that why your left eye is pink and your right eye is ice blue?"

He nodded because he explained. "I got my left eye from his memories of you, Lady Luna. And my right eye is the same eye color as Lord Wixx. Out of all the Keepers, I'm the only one who has the same eye color as him."

Well, that was true. Lord Wixx's eye color was ice blue. It was like the "pastel version" of Tilly's purple eyes.

"Lord Solaris once told me that my different-colored eyes are the proof that I'm the "son" of Lord Wixx and the Moon Priestess," Roarke said, then he looked at her with sparkling eyes. "Lady Luna, now that you know who you are in Lord Wixx's life, can I call you "Mother" from now on?"

Luna stepped backwards while shaking her head. "I'm not ready to be a "mother" yet, Roarke Sinclair."


AFTER TILLY spent the night in House Prescott's mansion (without getting caught, of course), she took a long bath and dressed herself in one of the few clothes that she brought with her. Because she didn't want to stand out, she just wore a simple dress and a maroon cloak over it. The cloak had a wide hood that she used to hide her hair.

She could always change her jet-black hair into a deep shade of brown just like before she awakened. But that would beat her goal to introduce herself to the empire as the "woman of the prophecy." It was also a reminder to Lucina Morganna that she could never take her place.

Once she was done preparing, she sneaked out of the house. Since it was already morning, she couldn't freely fly around.

Plus, there are surveillance cameras around.

She was glad that Duke Sherwood was able to pass the law about the use of surveillance cameras all around the empire. Ah, she also heard that the demand for the CCTVs made House Nystrom that richest household officially.

I'm proud of you, Kiho.

Yes, it was her idea. But if her husband didn't execute it properly, then it would have just gone to waste. Not everyone could be a good businessman just because of some vague notes somebody left for them to follow. She wasn't with Kiho when he had to make big decisions regarding their businesses. So of course, she had to give credit where credit is due.

As they say, teamwork makes the dream work.

Anyway, she strolled around the Royal Capital until she reached Komono the part of the Royal Capital ran by the nouveau riche. She had only been gone for five years but it already turned into a new business district in the empire.

She hated Aku Moonchester with passion but she had to admit that the empire had flourished tremendously under his reign.

Well, he also has to thank my businesses and the tax that House Nystrom pays for it.

Her thoughts were cut-off when she finally arrived at Dine\u0026Dream an inn-slash-diner famous for tourists and visiting merchants. That was also the usual inn where her Keepers would stay each time they visited the Royal Capital to spy on the enemies. After all, the usual guests of the inn were commoners who loved to gossip.

That was one of the reasons why she chose that place to meet Luna and Roarke later.

I hope they don't act too awkward around each other.

While waiting for the two, she decided to have breakfast first. She ordered pancakes since she didn't want to eat something heavy. She didn't really have the appetite to eat because she was worried about Winter even though his son was with Kiho.

Ah, my original cinnamon roll.

She bit her lower when she remembered that she had to hang up on Kiho a while ago. Hearing his sexy voice in the morning was too much for her heart.

"Didn't you hear the news?"

"Lord Nystrom will marry Lady Huxley?"

Tilly raised a brow at what she heard what people in the table next to her were talking about. When she discreetly turned to her, she noticed that they were young women who were probably working as maids for noble families. She came up with that conclusion because a while ago, they were talking about the lords and ladies they were working for.

And now, they're gossiping about my husband's "love life."

Gosh, look at these people.

In the past, they trembled before Kiho and they wouldn't even look at him in the eye. The common folks couldn't show him proper respect as the captain of the Black Serpents back then, while the nobles looked down on him for being an ex-mercenary and the emperor's "shadow beast."

But now that Kiho was a duke and the richest man in the empire, they fawned over him as if he was a piece of hot steak.

Well, Kiho is a piece of hot steak but only I am allowed to eat him.

"They will look so good together!"

"Lord Nystrom is very handsome while Lady Huxley is arguably the loveliest woman in the empire now."

She rolled her eyes at the gushing young women.

They look like they're only fifteen to seventeen years old, just like Leni and Lani's age when they served me before.

She suddenly missed the twins.

That made her wonder if Leni and Lani hated her now after they were brainwashed.


Anyway, the girls on the next table were only kids five years ago. They may or may not remember "Duchess Nystro," and so they thought Lucina Morganna was "lovely."

Well, beauty is subjective so even though I hate that b*tch, I won't comment on her appearance.

"And her black-hair suggests that she's the true lady of the prophecy!"

Hah, I can't listen to this b*llshit anymore.

Tilly smirked at the ridiculous things that she heard from the commoners talking in the diner she was in. "Excuse me, everyone," she said loud enough for everyone around her table to turn to her. "Who's going to marry who, huh?"

"Lady Huxley and Lord Nystrom," the girl with light-brown hair and cute freckles answered her. "It's the current talk of the town, Miss."

"That won't happen," Tilly said bluntly. "Lord Nystrom is still married to the Duchess of Oakes."

"But there are rumors that the Duchess of Oakes apparently ran away with Captain Denver," the girl with brown curly hair said. "That's allegedly the reason why the duchess and House Denver disappeared at the same time."

She clenched her fists at Aku Moonchester's pitiful attempt to ruin her and Captain Denver's reputation. Fortunately, her Keepers had already told her about that nasty rumor. If she heard it for the first time today, she must have gone batsh*t crazy right on the spot.

And thankfully, my Kiho believes in me.

"Why would you believe a rumor that has no evidence?" she asked with a smirk. "Only idiots spread baseless and stupid rumors. Are you all idiots?"

Obviously, the girls were insulted.

Well, she'd admit that it wasn't the best approach that she could have done. But her nasty temper had gotten the best of her once again.


"Why are you getting mad?" the girl with a blonde hair and nasty glare snapped at her. Then, she smirked. "Don't tell me you're one of the delusional girls who want Duke Nystrom, too?"

She shrugged. Since she already acted like a b*tch, might as well continue that behavior and unleash the inner villainess in her. "Maybe I have the highest chance to capture the duke's attention."

The girls laughed mockingly at her.

The blonde girl that seemed like the ring leader even stood up and pulled her hood.

"Let's see what kind of face you have for you to be that confident" the blonde gasped when her long and lush jet-black hair fell on her shoulders. And now that her hood was pulled down, her pretty face was revealed to the public. "How beautiful"

Tilly smiled brightly. "Thanks, I know."


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