Monarch Of Time Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Chapter 42 The day of the auction

The day of the 'Treasure Pavilion's' auction had finally arrived.

It was already morning yet Shun Long was still exhausted, lying down on his bed with his eyes closed, as he had been refining pills non-stop with barely any time for himself to cultivate.

However, the results were beyond his expectations. He had managed to fill 12 bottles with 'Qi barrier-breaking' pills, for a total of 120 pills.

In other words, he hadn't failed once in his refinement in the past 14 days. Although part of it was due to the 'Monarch's Domain' cheat like ability that froze time around him, after refining pills for so long, Shun Long's alchemy skills had also advanced exponentially.

Looking at the pill bottles that were scattered around on the floor, all of them filled to the brim, Shun Long felt satisfied with himself. After 2 hours of rest, he stood up from his bed and washed himself, before gathering all the pill bottles from the floor as he started heading towards the 'Treasure Pavilion'.

After checking that he had everything he needed with him, including his VIP card and the invitation for the auction, Shun Long found a secluded corner where he changed into his black robes before walking towards the Pavilion's entrance.

Although there were 3 hours until the 'Treasure Pavilion's' auction begun, there was already a huge line outside the entrance, all of them were disciples wanting to participate in the auction.

Shun Long had no other choice but to walk towards the end of the line, as he patiently waited for his turn to enter.

A pair of young outer disciples who were waiting in front of Shun Long had started chatting

''Hey, I heard that the fee to enter the auction is 100 sect points. Do you think everyone in front of us has that many sect points''?

''Tsk, what do you know? You won't even be able to buy the cheapest things with 100 sect points in the auction. This 'fee' is just to stop people from overcrowding the auction when they don't have any sect points and yet they still try to enter.'' the second young man clicked his tongue as he looked disapprovingly at the man beside him.

Half an hour passed like this, when suddenly a person in green clothes walked from the side of the line, completely ignoring the people queuing up, as he headed straight for the 'Treasure Pavilion's' entrance.

''Hey, where is this guy goi..'' The young man in front of Shun Long was about to protest before the man next to him slapped his head from behind

''Do you want to die? Don't you see that he is wearing inner sect disciple robes?''

''So what? There are other inner sect disciples here and they are also queuing up in front of us, so why can this guy walk all the way to the entrance?''

''How ignorant can you be? He probably has an invitation from the pavilion.'' The man next to him was exasperated as he kicked his friend.

As soon as these words left his mouth, they both fell silent, while the young man in green clothes had completely ignored the discussions around him as he walked towards the entrance.

There, 2 young women in outer disciples robes welcomed him, as the young man showed them his shiny silver-colored invitation. After verifying it, the 2 young women politely escorted him inside.

As soon as Shun Long had seen the man's invitation, he understood how dumb he himself was.

Of course those with an invitation wouldn't have to wait in line for so many hours.

Shun Long left the line as he walked straight to the pavilion's entrance.

''Hey, isn't that the man who was behind us just now? Senior brother don't tell me that you think that he also has an invitation.''

The 2 young men that were in front of Shun Long had started conversing again as they saw him nearing the pavilion's entrance.

The 'senior brother' didn't comment but he just quietly shook his head, indicating that this man probably wouldn't have an invitation, after all the invitations from the pavilion weren't cabbages.

Shun Long ignored the discussions around him, as 2 young girls in outer disciple robes asked him for his invitation.

When Shun Long took out his shiny silver invitation, the 2 young girls inspected it before one of them rushed inside quickly.

''Haha senior brother, do you think that this guy came here with a fake invitation? Or else why haven't they granted him entry yet.''

''Haha, your guess makes sense junior brother, I think that you are probably right.''

Just when the crowd around Shun Long was sneering at him for trying to enter with a 'fake' invitation, a hurried voice was heard rushing from inside the pavilion

''Senior, please excuse me for making you wait''

When the people outside saw the owner of this voice, their jaws all dropped to the ground as the area outside the pavilion had suddenly turned so silent, that even a pin drop could be heard.

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