Monster Pet Evolution Book Chapter 746

Chapter 746 Dragon Cultivation Book

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“This…” Fatty Big Sea frowned, sensing an unspeakable atmosphere from White Paper. This aura made it feel very strange.

Fatty Big Sea leaned its head forward and sniffed it from top to bottom with its nose.

“We will need to wait for three days,” Gao Peng said. As he spoke, he sprinkled more materials on White Paper. The dragon on the page became increasingly more realistic. It seemed ready to fly out of the book at any time.

Boom! There was a loud bang in the air. The next moment, the sky suddenly darkened. A bolt of silver lightning flashed from a dark cloud, and the lightning illumined the entire night sky.

White Paper was completely shrouded in lightning, and the insides of the book were illuminated clearly by the electricity. Every grain and imprint was vivid.

The wind whistled. The next moment, a huge dragon flew into the sky. The dragon’s body was transparent, like a soul, but yet somewhat different. The dragon dove into the book, the spread pages like its pool, a pool that held the huge dragon. The sky changed, and another dragon dashed into the book.

On the other side of the World Vortex Battlefield, a red dragon lay on the ground, its head lowered with squinted eyes, and breathed heavily through its nostrils. Its breath swept along the ground, burning a patch of ground into a black scorch mark.

The red dragon’s nostrils twitched twice before it lifted the eyelids. In its deep-set eyes, there was a ripple. In the distance, there seemed to be a dragon flying in the sky. Its blinked and re-opened its eyes.

It might have been an illusion, but ten seconds later, the red dragon suddenly opened its eyes again. What was that, flying by?

Like a human, the red dragon expressed some doubts. It stood up. Its body was as taut as a stretched bow, and its mouth was wide open. It comfortably stretched out, then took a slow walk. Whatever it is, I’ll figure it out when I see it.

The dark clouds above its head shifted, and the storm clouds gathered. The shadowy image of the dragon condensed among the clouds, and it looked just like the red dragon. With a roar, it swooped down. A strong wind slapped the red dragon across its face. Smack, smack.

The red dragon was stunned. That one just now… seemed to be my older brother? Older brother?! Wasn’t it killed by a Quasi God devil on the battlefield three years ago?

Sh*t! The red dragon rushed over. It barely made it halfway when the earth trembled violently, and a high wall rose from the soil out of thin air. The red dragon slammed into the wall like a lawnmower that was rumbling along. It smashed into it and crashed through it for 240 or 250 feet. Only its tail was exposed.

Oh, oh. The dragon’s tail twitched twice in the air.

“What’s wrong?” Gao Peng looked up at Stripey.

“A little bug wanted to fly over and was stopped by me.” Stripey was very excited, like a child who had found a new toy.

“Uh-huh.” Gao Peng nodded and didn’t bother to ask further.

In the open space, in front of it laid the open pages of White Paper. Though it was made of stone, it gave off the illusion that it was water. Beneath the stone texture, it appeared to be a magnificent ocean. Six dragons were swimming in the sea, setting off huge endless waves.

Gao Peng thought about it. There were six dragons there, but the pattern just now had shown eight dragons, which meant that there were still two dragons missing.

The air rippled, and the shadow of a dragon gradually condensed from thin air. The red dragon finally pulled out its head from the rocks and regained clarity. It opened its eyes to see a dragon born from the sky.

“Grandpa?” The Red Dragon wore an awkward look. “Grandpa, I’m your third grandchild,” the Red Dragon shouted. However, the dragon-shaped illusion that condensed from the sky didn’t pay attention to the red dragon. Instead, it rushed into the water.

The red dragon’s heart went cold. What in the world is happening?

In the sky, another dragon-shaped illusion appeared. This dragon had a black body, and the curved horns on its head symbolized a bad omen. Over many years, countless dragons had died in the World Vortex Battlefield. Even the Red Dragon had never seen some of these dragons.

After collecting the souls of the eight dragons, White Paper’s evolution had come to an end. The pages of the book flipped unceasingly.

There was a ripple in space, and the pages of the book closed again. When all the pages were flipped back to the first, the imprints on the pages had disappeared without a trace. It had completely become stone.

At the same time, the attributes of White Paper were refreshed within Gao Peng’s vision.

[Monster Name]: Dragon Cultivation Book

[Monster Level]: Level 91 (Quasi God-tier)

[Monster Attributes]: Stone/Life

[Monster Condition]: Healthy (Joyful)

[Monster Grade]: Mythical/Mythical

[Monster Ability]: Dragon Cultivation Level 9, Dragon Nurturing Level 9, Dragon Control Level 9, Auto-Healing Level 8

[Special Characteristics]: A Nemesis of All Dragon-types (All dragon monsters are weakened when facing the Dragon Cultivation Book. This includes, but is not limited to, elemental control, monster ability, physical fitness, specific attributes, and depends on the strength of the dragon and targeted opponent.

Hint: The weakening is temporary, and the ability to be weakened will gradually recover when the target is away from the Dragon Cultivation Book.)

Dragon Cultivation (The Dragon Cultivation Book can enrich the dragon and make the dragon fight for it.

Passive Effect 1: Under normal circumstances, dragons that are being cultivated are in the projection stage. After being killed, they will automatically resurrect in the Dragon Cultivation Book. The dragon projection will have 70 percent of the power of its physical body.

Active Effect 2: The Dragon Cultivation Book can summon the dragon’s body, but the body will not be resurrected after it has been annihilated by creatures in the outside world.

Tip: The current Dragon Cultivation Book can contain up to eight dragons.)

Dragon Cultivation (The Dragon Cultivation Book nurtures a dragon’s soul and grows its bones and flesh.

Active Effect 1: The Dragon Cultivation Book can use its own power to reconstruct the body of the dragon souls that are stored in the book. Its body will be the same as when the dragon was in the peak of its life, but the more powerful the soul, the more energy will be consumed.

Passive Effect 2: The Dragon Cultivation Book can restore the bodies of up to four Dragon Souls concurrently. Ingesting a dragon body can speed up the progress of the Dragon Cultivation Book.)

[Monster Description]: A monster that was part of a mysterious world and has become extinct. In that world, dragons were evil and killed humans. Over time, under the rules of heaven and earth, the number of dragons born was restrained to a small number, and the Dragon Cultivation Book was eradicated in that world.

A Dragon Cultivation Book! Gao Peng was rather surprised. He knew that the Dragon Cultivation Book had extraordinary abilities and was also curious that a book like the Dragon Slaying Chapter could evolve further.

Monsters that were books were very rare, and their abilities were often very special. Now that the Dragon Slaying Chapter has evolved into the Dragon Cultivation Book, its restraining ability on the dragon bloodline is also stronger.

But the Dragon Slaying Chapter… No, the three abilities of the Dragon Cultivation Book cannot be revealed. Otherwise, I’m afraid that I’ll become a public enemy of all dragons. However, the end results of the Dragon Cultivation Book abilities are very interesting, Gao Peng thought.

Da Zi and the Dragon Ant should be considered dragon monsters. If Da Zi and the Dragon Ant’s body were irreversibly damaged, it could be possible to rely on the ability of the Dragon Cultivation Book to recover their injuries.

If that’s possible, the use of this Dragon Cultivation Book is even greater…

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