Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 409

Chapter 409 The Desert Pillar Monster

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“Master, a strong monster is coming this way.” Stripey’s voice echoed in Gao Peng’s head.

“Strong? Are you sure about that?” asked Gao Peng.

Stripey was a King-tier familiar. To it, most Lord-tier familiars were nothing more than ants to be stepped on. A shiver ran down Gao Peng’s spine. Whatever was coming their way must have been pretty strong.

“It’s here,” said Stripey.

All of a sudden, the sky went dark.

Sand had blocked out the sky in the distance. There was a palpable tension in the air. From the top of the sand dune, Gao Peng could see a towering figure speeding towards them from the horizon and whipping up a mighty sandstorm in its wake.

The raging sandstorm was drawing closer and closer to them. At that moment, Gao Peng had a strange feeling that the desert had come alive.

He strained his eyes at the approaching figure.

[Monster Name]: Desert Pillar Monster

[Monster Level]: Level 52 (King-tier)

[Monster Grade]: Perfect

[Monster Attribute]: Sand

[Monster Ability]: Sand Mastery Level 5

[Special Characteristics]: Desert Wings (It was endowed by the desert with a pair of wings that allow it to traverse distances across the desert at top speed.

Passive Effect 1: While the Desert Pillar Monster is equipped with an enhanced regeneration ability, it’s hampered by its innate sluggishness, which is remedied by an agility boost from its Desert Wings. However, this effect can only be activated in a desert environment.

Passive Effect 2: As it was blessed with a pair of Desert Wings by the desert, its Sand Mastery ability automatically receives a +1 level boost in any desert environment.

Active Effect 3: The Desert Pillar Monster is capable of whipping up a sandstorm with its Desert Wings.)

[Monster Weakness]: Ice

[Description]: The Desert Pillar Monster is a creature that usually lives in the deeper regions of the desert. While their numbers are small, they are a species blessed by the desert itself. Different types of Desert Pillar Monsters exist, each of them endowed with a unique ability by the desert. Thanks to its Desert Wings, this particular Desert Pillar Monster is bestowed with increased agility and enhanced regeneration ability, as long as it remains within the confines of a desert.

Another King-tier monster. Gao Peng’s face darkened. This was the third King-tier monster he had encountered.

The other King-tier monsters he had come across in the past were the mutant coral monster back in Yang Cheng and the mutant aquatic dragon he had seen on the television.

Unlike the other two King-tier monsters, he was about to have a direct confrontation with the Desert Pillar Monster.

Gao Peng’s face remained calm. He reached up and absently stroked Silly’s slippery surface.

“Be careful, that’s a King-tier monster. It was only with the Desert Pillar Monster’s blessing that the Golden Hands were allowed to build a base out here in the desert,” shouted the red-robed apostle.

“Got it,” said Gao Peng, glancing at him. He turned towards the incoming Desert Pillar Monster.

Back in the military base, people were gaping at this strange creature. Even though none of them had seen or heard anything about it before, its towering shape was enough to strike fear into all their hearts. “What is this strange creature? Why hasn’t anyone heard of it before?”

“I don’t know, but… doesn’t it resemble the Desert Wings from the Lotian mythology codex?” said a young general. The Lotian mythology codex was filled with illustrations of mythical creatures of all shapes and sizes, which were portrayed according to their descriptions in the book.

The young general had been obsessed with mythology when he was a boy. A sense of familiarity came over him when saw the Desert Pillar Monster’s hulking form in the distance.

After hearing what he said, everyone in the room looked at the Desert Pillar Monster with some degree of recognition. Everyone in the Jinsha region followed the Lotian religion with varying degrees of fervor.

“It was born from the heart of the desert with an innate ability to control sand. Its wings can stretch across an entire desert. When it’s happy, the sun shines upon the sand unobstructed; when it’s down, the sky darkens over the desert. It’s the guardian and avatar of the desert,” a young Lotian follower recited the passage describing the Desert Pillar Monster from the mythology codex.

“Great memory, kiddo,” said someone, clapping him on the shoulder.

The Lotian follower smiled bashfully.

The red-robed apostle looked at Gao Peng’s back in bewilderment. That’s a King-tier monster before you. How can you be this confident? Do you really think you stand a chance against it by yourself?

“Stripey,” said Gao Peng solemnly.

A deafening boom sounded behind him. Then the sand dune exploded. A black mountain-like shape slowly emerged from the sand.

At that moment, the red-robed apostle could feel the huge black shape’s aura weighing down on him. The air had suddenly become thin. Soon, he found himself gasping slightly for air.

In spite of all his schemes and machinations, the red-robed apostle could only sit there, powerless in the face of the behemoth that had emerged from the desert.

Though he didn’t know what Stripey’s level was, its overwhelming aura spoke volumes. He was 100 percent sure that it was a King-tier familiar!

He didn’t see that coming! So this is Gao Peng’s trump card, thought the red-robed apostle.

An assortment of feelings was swirling in him: jealousy, discontent, and admiration, all of which threatened to overwhelm him.

He now knew where he stood in this situation. His topmost priority now was survival.

This Gao Peng is still young, and young people are a compassionate lot most of the time. He’ll probably show me mercy if I just do as he says. Who knows, he might even make me his subordinate. After all, I am still of some use to him. He definitely wouldn’t kill me straight away.

Gao Peng pulled the red-robed apostle to his feet and looked him dead in the eye. “Where are the Golden Hands’ secret vaults?” he asked.

The red-robed apostle’s face remained impassive. However, he was rejoicing on the inside. “Patience, my lord. Let me refresh my memory first.”

“Do you know how to subdue the Desert Pillar Monster, then?”

Subdue it? The red-robed apostle smirked inwardly. You already have a King-tier familiar. If I let you add another King-tier monster to your collection, there will be no one left in this world that could stop you…

“I don’t know. Subduing King-tier monsters isn’t exactly my forte…”

“If you’re not giving me any answers, what use are you to me, then?” said Gao Peng. He tightened his grip around the man’s neck.

With a sickening crack, he snapped the red-robed apostle’s neck. Gao Peng was still nursing a grudge against the Golden Hands for trying to kill him.

The Golden Hands had been branded as a terrorist organization even before the Cataclysm. Gao Peng had never had a clear idea of what these people were thinking half the time. Even if the red-robed apostle had really surrendered, he wasn’t sure if it would have been a good idea to keep him alive.

Gao Peng had planned on killing the red-robed apostle as soon as his Blood Contract with his familiar was broken. Since he was unable to do so…

“Dig in, Stripey,” said Gao Peng, pointing at the Saprophytic Earth Dragon.

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