Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 412

Chapter 412 Darkness Ignited

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These people made a turn and saw the group of helpless green centipedes wandering in the same spot. Nearest to these people was a green centipede with blue tentacles on its head that swayed and detected an unusual smell in the air. Turning around, it saw this group of surveyors and several helpers gathered behind Gao Peng.

These centipedes which were still mad and had no way to vent had just found an outlet. They looked at each other and came to a mutual understanding. Suddenly, a group of centipedes climbed towards these people…

“Gao Peng, what is this treasure?” Standing next to the boulder, Da Zi looked to its left, then turned to the right and touched it with its claws, but at the same time, was afraid to spoil it.

[Material Name]: Flame Face Mushroom

[Material Effect]: Contains rich fire-based nutrients, grows extremely rapidly in hot and humid environments, and contains traces of fire poison.

“This material can be used for Flamy’s evolution.” Gao Peng’s face showed a smile. It was really a coincidence, as planning for it hadn’t occurred. His subordinates took a long time to search for the evolutionary materials for Flamy but couldn’t find one, and yet, in the end, one type was found here.

Throughout the rest of the journey, as long as Treasure Sniffling Rodent came across a treasure that touched its heart, Gao Peng would turn around and pick it up. Through this method, a lot of spiritual materials were collected.

After five leisurely days, he successfully traversed across no man’s land and reached the temple near the Yellow Desert Region. Compared to the Jinsha District, the desertification of the Yellow Desert Region was more serious.

The golden sand desert spread across two main regions. On the map, it was an oval with many holes. The tail was located in the Jinsha District, while the head was located in the Yellow Desert Region.

The location of the temple was far from the desert; one was in the north of the Yellow Desert, and the other was in the south of the Yellow Desert.

There were a few people near the temple, and since the temple had changed, the number of monster trainers had dwindled in the area. Due to the fact that monster trainers always disappeared mysteriously there, people were reluctant to come to this area.

It was very quiet outside the temple. The paint on the white fence was mottled and outdated, with yellow stains on top. Two rows of straight and tall birch trees stood outside the fence. The height of the birch trees was neat and standard. They looked as if they were from the same mold. Every single birch tree looked alike, including the order and location of the leaves.

They said that there weren’t any flowers that looked exactly alike in the world, but Gao Peng had seen a lot of trees that were exactly the same. Therefore… these trees must not have been grown naturally. Gao Peng focused his eyes.

[Monster name]: White Birch Tree Demon

[Monster Level]: Level 35

[Monster Grade]: Excellent

[Monster Skills]: Stout Body Level 1

[Special Characteristics]: United in a row (When the number of birch trees demons exceeds ten, and they are gathered together, they will gain more power.

Effect 1: Physical fitness enhancement, affected by the number of survivors.

Effect 2: Recovery speed increase, affected by the number of survivors.)

[Monster Weakness]: 1. Fire 2. Thunder

[Monster description]: The Birch Tree Demons, which mutated after being affected by an unknown force, have a spiritual connection with each other, and they aren’t afraid of pain.

There were ten in a row on the left and ten in a row on the right, making a total of twenty.

Gao Peng looked at the top of the temple at the Stone Statue of the Convicted. The Stone Statue of the Convicted was shining with a weird black light, the neck was bent, and both eyes stared at Gao Peng.

[Monster name]: Stone Statue of the Convicted

[Monster Level]: Level 41 (Lord)

[Monster Grade]: Normal

Gao Peng stopped his footsteps. In the photo, this statue had only been level 40, but in the end, it went up a tier from Commander to Lord. The photo had been taken three months ago. For a monster to improve in three months’ time was normal.

This was only the main gate, as there was a wider inner court inside the gate.

Just the gatekeeper is a Lord-tier?

At the bottom of his heart, Gao Peng was solemn. This temple was rather terrifying. Nevertheless, Gao Peng had to get the things inside.

“White Steel Bladed Beast, kill that stone statue, Flamy, I leave these Birch Trees Demons to you.”

The White Steel Bladed Beast moved forward, bent its body, and opened the wings on its back slightly.

Taking a deep breath, the White Steel Bladed Beast squinted its eyes, causing wind to gather and surround the surface of its body quietly. The grassroots on the ground entangled, rippling.


Invisible waves smashed all the grass within 30 feet, breaking it into pieces, and the crushed grass flying in the air suddenly stopped before it was blown all around.

A black shadow flew through the grass pieces to the rooftop of the temple. The Stone Statue of the Convicted swayed slightly. Its arms sunk down, and the heavy left fist swung forward, but it only hit empty air.


The Stone Statue of the Convicted felt pain in its abdomen, then its waist and abdomen flew backward and rolled down from the roof. The White Steel Bladed Beast flew high above its head.

Its abdomen had two crisscross cracks that almost cut it in half, and the broken wound was also made of dark stone.

The wounded Stone Statue of the Convicted wanted to get up from the ground, but it was attacked again just halfway through and rolled on the ground a few times.

The entangled wind blade turned into a long arc of cyan that extended from the arm of the White Steel Bladed Beast and hit the back of the Stone Statue of the Convicted.

Pieces of chipped stones flew from the back of the Stone Statue of the Convicted. Though it was hurt, it looked strong and even more energetic than before, despite the wind whip attack of the White Steel Bladed Beast.

The thick black light spread out from under its feet. The earth shook, black as ink. “The convicted shall sink into a dark hell!”

Its palm touched the ground, and a thick black tentacle emerged from the shadow.

The White Steel Bladed Beast sensed the dark shadow encapsulating the soles of its feet and flew up into the air on time. No matter how acute the angle of the attacks of the black tentacles under its feet was, the attacks were all avoided.

However, that was only the beginning. A huge amount of black light spread from its feet to its head, and the thick dark power had enveloped the whole area.

The White Birch Tree Demons at the side that had been miserably burnt by Flamy were covered in Black Light, too.

Two of those White Birch Tree Demons that were still burning from head to toe like lit torches and still covered by black light suddenly stopped wailing. The fire died down gradually. The bark burned by the flames was blackened from their trunks and fell off, exposing the brown of the trunk. The trunk had a strip-like texture, like the texture of muscles.

The exposed trunk gradually blackened and became shiny. A laugh! A black flame burned at the top of the trunk.

The leaves were withered, the branches became sharp, and the roots were lifted and pulled out with mud. The roots that were pulled out of the soil shrunk in midair and finally resembled a nerve.


[Monster name]: White Birch Tree Demons (Darkness ignited)

[Monster Level]: Level 35+1

[Monster Weakness]: 1. Fire (Resistance enhancement) 2. Thunder

Gao Peng looked at the White Birch Tee Demon variation. Not only did their state change, but there was also a temporary increase in level.

Flamy had driven the fire dragon to burn these tree demons. This time, the damage dealt on these tree demons wasn’t as high as before. After the darkness was ignited, their resistance to the flames increased by a lot.

“Retreat Flamy. Let Da Zi take over,” Gao Peng laughed lightly.

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