Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 414

Chapter 414 Mythical Skeleton Dominator

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The overlapping shadows were standing in the hall as if it were countless transparent shadows, the gray body was superimposed into countless layers.

Gao Peng looked over to see. None of them actually have any attributes?

Gao Peng frowned, there was nothing that had no attributes, even if it were a stone, one could tell what its attributes were.

In the middle of these shadows, there was a ball of darkness. Initially, Gao Peng overlooked it, it was only after glancing over a few times that he could see its real body.

It was similar to a black round ball that stuck to the earth, as it vibrated, the surrounding translucent shadows seemed to breathe.

[Item name]: Soul of the Undying Heart

[Item Description]: A unique condensed item that is produced from the devout faith to death. It can purify remnant Soul Power in the void.

Gao Peng could see that a steady stream of remnant souls was attracted and drawn to the location from all sides, and the remnant souls without will were pulled and absorbed into the Soul of the Undying Heart.

Just like a funnel, it completely removed the impurities in the soul, leaving only a clean and pure soul.

Then, those impurities……

A group of dark and rich things were extracted from the Soul of the Undying Heart and then discharged on the walls and the ground.

They were black things just like dark, polluted items which looked disgusting and terrible.

Most soul powers were absorbed by the Soul of the Undying Heart, and the impurities were also expelled as much as possible, but there was always a small part of the soul power that could not be completely absorbed. The number of these soul power was small, but the accumulation from small soon became large. They condensed into flashing white stars in the air before slowly floating outward, floating in the surrounding, just like the asteroid belt that surrounded big planets.

So, the original contaminated thing was transmitted from here. Moreover, could it be that such a treasure actually has no guardian? Gao Peng felt incredible. He thought that he would encounter a King tier monster or a dozen or so Lord tier monsters, and he would have to work hard and experience hardships along the way before obtaining these treasures.

Gao Peng felt a bit bored.

But on the way before coming here, he had already encountered two Lord tier monsters. In other words, the undying heart was guarded by two Lord tier monsters and 20 senior Commander tier monsters. This power was not considered weak. Even general Lord tier monsters would not have dared to invade.

“Dumby, bring that Undying Heart over.”

Gao Peng would not overlook the kind of treasure that was related to spiritual power, so he let Dumby took it.

Dumby walked over and stretched out his right hand, with a light grab, the treasure was directly taken out.

The big black round ball pounded in Dumby’s palm, with the dazzling Crystal of the Undying Heart slowly swirling around, Dumby felt as if he was holding a planet.

“Great!” Goldie touched its bald head, expressing its appreciation of Dumby’s appearance.

After getting the treasures, Gao Peng didn’t waste any time; instead, he directly relied on this temple to configure matters related to Dumby’s evolution.

Gao Peng always carried with him the other materials needed for the evolution of Dumby. After getting the Undying heart, Gao Peng could carry out its evolution directly.

However, in order to be safe, Gao Peng still inspected the entire temple several times, confirming that there was no threat, Gao Peng began to prepare the medicine.

A pothole was drilled in the ground so that Stripey could reinforce the soil system. Then the next step was to configure the bones and the materials of the 37 yin, dark, and undead systems in special proportion. The 37 materials were modulated and completed back at the Southern Sky Group a long time ago, Gao Peng only needed to put the bones into the prepared medicine.

After adding the bones, the sound of bubbling bubbles was formed, a large amount of white powder floated on the surface of the solid bone and melted into the water, generating a large number of bubbles.

After 15 minutes, Gao Peng put the Flames of Darkness into the pit. Like a lighted cocktail, the liquid was ignited in a flash, and the air was filled with a thick smell.

The puddle was burning with a flirtatious purple flame.

Dumby’s left hand was holding the Soul of the Undying Heart, and holding a specially treated Thousand-year Heart of Darkness with its right hand.

Putting the former before his eyes, the latter in front of his chest then arms around the chest, he walked into the pit step by step until he was completely engulfed by the flame.

“Is it painful, Dumby? “Stripey asked, rather anxiously.

“No, Dumby will become very powerful after the evolution,” Gao Peng had much confidence in Dumby.

In the distance, a team was rushing to the temple as its destination.

“The two rows of trees at the entrance of the temple were mutated and have become rare plant monsters. Plant monsters are mostly tenacious and extremely difficult to deal with, but this time we have invited Master Hassan, who has a Six-clawed Fiery Eagle and those plant monsters at the door are definitely not its opponents.”

“Low-profile!” Master Hassan was calm. “As you have said, there is a Commander tier monster defending the gate, those monsters inside are definitely more powerful. So, we must be alert and not lower our guard. When it is necessary for the familiar to attack, I will let them do it, but if I were not their opponent, I would just leave.” Master Hassan made himself clear beforehand that although these people were offsprings of senior government officials, he really wasn’t scared of their parents.

This time, he agreed to come not just because these juniors asked him to, but because he would get a good sum of money by clearing the temple.

“This is close enough, so all of you just stay here. Give me the information that your government has investigated. You guys are trying to complete your graduation thesis, right?… I will bring the camera and help you shoot the photo.”

“We know and understand, thank you, Master Hassan.” These young people quickly thanked him. They didn’t insist that they must go over with him, they were rather aware of their ability.

Most of the Lord tier monsters stayed deep in the mountains, the area was spacious, and it was hard to trace their location.

But there were also a few places where Lord tier monsters existed and could be easily found, such as the Holy Light Memorial Church, which had a long history and was easy to find.

This temple was about 200 kilometers away from St. Jelem, it was neither too close nor too far.

For St. Jelum to continue developing, dangerous places like this temple must be cleared. By clearing this temple, one could get a handsome bonus sum, in addition to the harvest of killing the monsters. Actually, several groups of monsters’ trainers had tried coming to clear this temple.

He rode on the back of another Skylark, followed by his Lord-tier familiar, the Six-clawed Fiery Eagle.

The Six-clawed Fiery Eagle with a wingspan approaching ten meters was in flames, and the fluffy red feathers were like raging flames. Six sharp eagle claws stuck out from the abdomen, and the beak was in dark colors like black iron.


Suddenly, black smoke rose up to the sky, breaking the clouds above the head to form a vast vortex, via the Blood Contract, Hassan perceived the Six-clawed Fiery Eagle’s fear!

“Hey! Hey!” The Six-clawed Fiery Eagle was reluctant to continue flying forward. It seemed that there was something in front that caused it to feel fearful.

Hasan’s face was gloomy, the direction of the black column seemed to be the location of the temple.

Curiosity prompted him to want to go and have a look, but logic told him to stay away from danger.

Gritting his teeth, Hassan closed his eyes. “Go, let’s go back!”

Though he might be laughed at, but compared to safety, Hassan chose to believe in logical reasoning.

The flames in the pothole had been completely extinguished, and a short figure was silently standing in the depths of the pothole. Dark and horrible black mists were constantly coming out from its body, and the massive black mist had formed a dark column straight through the sky.

This scene was too epic.

Gao Peng looked resigned and didn’t know if it would attract any powerful monsters.

But what Gao Peng didn’t know was that at the first instance of sensing this horrible aura, some monsters nearby that had spiritual awareness had turned around to escape……

A row of data was flashed in front of Gao Peng’s eyes!

[Monster name]: Skeleton Dominator

[Monster Grade: Level 47 (Lord)

[Monster Grade]: Mythical

[Monster Attribute]: Undead/ Yin

[Monster Skill]: Yin Skeleton of Death Lv5; Control of the Undead Lv4; Dark Flame Mastery Lv3; Strengthen Soul Lv3

[Special Characteristics]: Heart of the Yin Soul (Effect One. Passive effect: Consumes a certain amount of the power of the undead to condense the Heart of the Yin Soul, when the Heart of the Yin Soul exists, it greatly enhances the all-round physical quality of the Skeleton Dominator, and only the soul type attacks can destroy the Heart of the Yin Soul.

Effect Two: Activate the Heart of the Yin Soul to transform the host into the Yin Soul Dominator. Highly immune to physical attacks, and has soul type attacks.

Flame of the Undead (Effect One. Active effect: Putting the Flame of the Undead into the complete skeleton of a corpse can revitalize the corpse and transform it into a bone type undead or a soul type undead. Its power is related to the strength of the corpse prior to death, but the resurrected undead cannot exceed the level of the Skeleton Dominator.

Effect Two: The undead revived by the Flame of the Undead can continue to grow, but it must not exceed the maximum level of the Skeleton Dominator. The Skeleton Dominator can absorb the resurgence of the undead for their own growth.

Effect Three: Control of the Undead Ability +1)

Extreme Yin Soul (Effect One. Passive effect: The soul can be strengthened by permanently absorbing parts of the soul from the lifeform killed by the Skeleton Dominator.)

[Monster Weakness]: The Tainted Soul God Stone can weaken the Skeleton Dominator to a certain extent.

[Advancement Route to Eternal Grade]: Insufficient soul strength, cannot view

Gao Peng squinted his eyes, this was the first time he knew how to improve this ability of his, and it was to improve his soul strength.

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