Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 415

Chapter 415 The Power Of The Mythical Grade

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The growth of Dumby’s strength could not be said to be insignificant as a Lv5 skill appeared directly.

At least until now, Gao Peng had never seen a level five skill in a monster below the King tier. Dumby was the first.

That was to say that Dumby’s ability in certain aspects was no less inferior to the King tier.

If the Flame of the Undead for Dumby were added, Dumby would have two level five skills. Adding its talent of being able to permanently add Soul Power, in a certain sense, Dumby had unlimited possibilities.

The only things were the proportion of the Soul Power provided to Dumby by taking a life, and whether the lives taken by the Undead subordinates summoned by Dumby’s resurrection skill would provide Dumby with Soul Power. Those still needed to be tested.

On the other end, Hassan, who was scared away by the black mist column, jumped down from the back of the Six-clawed Flame Eagle with a shocked expression, still feeling shaky.

“Master Hassan, what was the black plume just now?” A girl in a white silk robe with bright eyes and shawls asked curiously.

Master Hassan looked awkward. What should he say? Could he say that he escaped after seeing the black column halfway?

After a moment of silence, Master Hassan’s eyes narrowed. “That is something extremely frightening.”

“Ah, what is that?” Someone was scared, his face turned pale, and he was too young. This kind of thing that sounded terrible was not something he should bear at this age.

“Could it be that a horrible demon is going to be born?”

“Is there a monster advancing to become a King tier?”

“Master, what is that?” The group of people was chattering, like those curious small sparrows enquiring the clever old cuckoo.

Looking at the group of young people who couldn’t stand the excitement, well-prepared Master Hassan was not flustered, he calmly and steadily, cleared his throat, maintaining his stature perfectly.

“Don’t rush, though it is very dangerous, to us, it is not a threat to us for the time being…..”

Just when he finished speaking, the ground under their feet suddenly blew up, and the outward bulge was like a tomb.

Immediately, a white head pierced through the soil, the head of the skull was expressionless, the sharp teeth were covered with serrations, and there was a gap in the left eyelid, just like a scar running through the eyelid, and there was a white soul flame floating in the depths of the skull.

The sharp bones on its spine were dense as a cold light flashed.

With his own eyes, Master Hassan saw a ferocious white bone undead hedgehog crawling out less than a meter away from his feet.

Master Hassan didn’t dare to act rashly, not for just a single reason, within his sight, these kinds of tombs were rising continuously, and heads of white boned undead were crawling out.

These white bone undead didn’t take the initiative to attack them, Hassan did not dare to simply break this “Hornet’s Nest.”

A few of the youngsters turned to look at Master Hasan, “Master, what did you say just now?”

Karen Chen was a little disappointed. People from Yellow Desert Region can’t be depended on after all.

I don’t know what had happened here. The number of monsters that appeared is increasing. The best plan right now is to escape from here.

Karen Chen scanned her surroundings, gathered her own familiars closer to herself quietly, and prepared to look for an opportunity to escape at the soonest.

“Look, the undead didn’t attack us, right?” Though Master Hasan was slapped on the face, being stubborn, he never admitted defeat. “Look, these undead are very close to us, but they didn’t attack us, this explains clearly that they are controlled by a strong existence, and their own instincts are suppressed.”

In the wild, killings were happening all the time. Not only humans and beasts attacked monsters, but there were also disputes between different monster groups. Hunters and prey, resources for survival, being displeased with someone else’s appearance, all these were reasons for fighting and killing between monsters.

Therefore the number of corpses buried under this piece of land was definitely not a small number.

This was still a conscious selection by Dumby, choosing only to resurrect corpses above the Excellent Grade; otherwise, the number of resurrected undead would increase by several folds.

The resurrected undead crawled out of the ground and shook their bodies. They shook off the soil stuck in the gaps of the bones and the surface of the body, then turned their heads to look in a certain direction before walking straight toward the same target as if their king whom they believed in wholeheartedly was there at that spot.

“That position looks to be the direction of the black column just now.” Karen Chen thought about it and narrowed her neck. She was just an exchange student. She only wanted to graduate, get a diploma quietly, and then return to Huaxia District to depend on her distant cousin.

Under the conscious control of Dumby, two trembling Commander tier monsters were captured alive and brought in front of him.

Dumby moved forward gradually, Dumby’s outer appearance after his evolution was drastically different from before the evolution.

His height had further decreased, from five meters to four meters.

The original dark bones had now turned dark gold, the chest ribs had become thicker, and there were fine and subtle carvings on it, like he had donned on a dark golden armor.

Dark golden horns that appeared on both its shoulders pointed backward and hovered in the air, turning into a crown shape behind Dumby’s head.

Inside his awe-inspiring eyes burned the blood crimson Flame of the Undead, and gray mist flowed into Dumby’s meridian passages as a thicker ball of gray mist was on his chest.

With a gentle touch using his dark golden bone fingers, like a hot knife cutting through butter, it directly pierced through in between the eyebrows.

Dumby’s lower jaw opened as he took a deep breath, and a blurry gray afterimage was sucked into Dumby’s mouth from the dead monster’s body.

The Flame of the Undead flashed slightly and then calmed down.

“Master, I think I have absorbed one fifth.” The self-taught Dumby had mastery of the 99-time multiplication table, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division within one hundred, and he gave Gao Peng a rough answer.

Next, stepping from behind Dumby was a resurrected Commander tier undead. It was a skinny old wolf. It was a grayish white, even its eyes were white. Its ribs propped up the fur, its wolf claws were battered, and one wolf claw was broken into two pieces.

The undead wolf, which was floating half a meter from the ground, was the most powerful undead among all the undead resurrected by Dumby this time.

For some reason, the sculpture of the sinner who was killed in the temple before could not be resurrected.

Perhaps the monsters like the Animated Sculptures could not be resurrected as undead.

The undead old wolf’s gaze swept over the Commander tier monsters in front of it before opening its mouth to release a grayish frosty ice breath to freeze its head into ice.

Ten minutes later. The frozen monster breathed its last breath.

A faint remnant of the soul made a circle in the air, and then it slowly flew towards the undead old wolf.

The undead old wolf absorbed a small portion of the soul as the remaining portion was passed over to Dumby through the connection made by the Flame of the Undead.

This time, Dumby closed his eyes and carefully thought for a long time before slowly saying, “Probably increased by one-tenth. This undead absorbed the same amount of soul power as I did.”

Gao Peng’s eyes narrowed. Dumby’s ability isn’t actually just limited to Dumby! The undead that was resurrected by Dumby could also absorb a small portion of the soul power. Although it could only absorb one tenth, it could accumulate. Moreover, this ability of Dumby was not exactly a route to create elite soldiers. The undead had always destroyed and crushed their armies through a sea of undead.

A troop storming method paired with the characteristics of unlimited growth potential, the horrors of the Mythical Grade had started to reveal its strength.

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