Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 416

Chapter 416 Dumbys Heading

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“In this case…” Gao Peng muttered. Dumby’s ability could resurrect ghouls, forming a Ghoul Legion. Under its command, the Ghoul Legion could easily harvest the enemies; souls collected would contribute to its strength.

If Dumby was not mine to own but was only another monster in the wild, perhaps it would create havoc just by summoning a body of ghouls.

If only it was smarter and knew how to keep to itself – developing its powers without attracting attention from the others; borrowing the characteristics from extreme yin soul which could permanently strengthen its Soul Power, the strength of Dumby would grow to a terrifying degree… Gao Peng did not dare to imagine what Dumby would become of.

The ability of Dumby was too wasteful if it simply just stayed with me, not to mention that I was actually restricting its powers. Gao Peng fell silent for a moment and suddenly spoke up, “Dumby, when we return, bring your henchmen back to Black Fog World for expansion.”

Dumby cocked its head to look at its master, “Master, are you… deserting me?”

“No, how could I have the heart to abandon you all? It’s just that I would be too selfish to hog you by my side. Your potential should not be wasted here.” Gao Peng felt intricated.

Dumby has endless potential. I often travel around Southern Sky Group and Black Fog World, sometimes to collect Familiar’s evolutionary materials. It seems that I’m always on the run.

Dumby could always follow me but how about its Ghoul Legion?

Sensibility made Gao Peng reluctant to go forward with his decision, but after thinking rationally, he knew that it was best to let Dumby go.

There was a long moment of silence.

Dumby bowed and as it reached out its five bony fingers, its dark gold palm shone brightly as light rays from the setting sun reflected on it.

“I understand… don’t worry master, I will become stronger until no one can stop us from being together.”

Dumby knelt down on one knee, right hand placed on its heart; the crown made of dark gold slightly drooped down.

The moment when Dumby bowed, countless ghouls that were standing on the hill, plain and basin followed their leader and knelt simultaneously.

“Huh?” Flamy felt confuse. How could it just pack up and leave after all this.

Flamy was much disappointed as it lowered its wings and bounced towards Dumby, lifting its head to look into its eyes, “I like the color on you now that you have evolved. It’s much better than the original black colour.”

Gao Peng heart sank. Stripey left because of its large size, as it was quite inconvenient to carry it around; as for Dumby, it was just for it to fully embrace its special ability, which could only be done if its freed.

Nevertheless, they were partners who had followed me for almost two years now. Would my Familiars have to face the hassle of travelling around with me as they grow stronger later? How do other advanced Monster Trainers deal with this kind of problem?

Gao Peng believed that not only him was facing this problem, there must be a solution.

Say Stripey had the strongest physical defense. In soul defence, Stripey was still the greatest King Tier. But looking at Dumby’s potential now, it might actually stand a chance to surpass Stripey in soul attributes.

Gao Peng achieved the trainer ability of Soul Chain when he first adopted a King Tier Monster. He could form a bond using his own soul together with the monster’s – they would share the same injury when receiving a soul attack.

Gao Peng had created a bond with Stripey, and when a Soul Chain was made it could not be undone within the first month.

When Gao Peng released the Soul Chain with Stripey, it lay innocently on the ground, staring blankly at Gao Peng.

Gao Peng smiled apologetically and appeased Stripey.

Then Gao Peng turned towards Dumby and held its gaze. He cast a Soul Chain and formed a bond with Dumby.

Gao Peng could see a translucent chain emerging out from his body and eventually it disappeared into Dumby’s eyes.

There was a sudden shock in Gao Peng’s mental sea followed by a cold sensation that circulated his entire head. He closed his eyes, perceiving that a thin scarlet flame had shrouded his entire mental sea.

“Alright, the mission that we had when we first took off has been accomplished perfectly. Let’s go back.” Gao Peng said.

Gao Peng was not bothered by the route taken when coming, he just went with the flow and dealt with whatever that came his way.

There wasn’t even a need to consider about this problem when heading back.

The Undead Catastrophe legion swept the forest clean, all the way to the end, like locust celebrating its harvest fest, what was left was only a piece of empty land.

The bones buried along the way were constantly resurrected and accumulated until it formed a larger group. Although the level of monsters were not as high but the amount was extremely huge and that alone upgraded the level of Dumby to level 49.

Gao Peng could feel the feedback of Soul Power from Dumby.

“Oh right, you mentioned that you could absorb a whole lot of Frost Power from the spiritual frost treasures to fasten your growth?” Gao Peng asked the little lion that sat on his shoulder.

“Yea, you don’t happen to know where we could find those, do you? Hate to break it to you, but if the amount does not fulfill my needs then it wouldn’t work, so make sure there’s enough.” The Lonely Lion of the Frost shook its head as it replied.

“It shouldn’t be less.” Gao Peng did not dare promise him, but… the place with the most spiritual frost treasures on Earth Star was only at the North and South Pole.

Geographically, North Pole was the most convenient for them. All they had to do was just head north and they would reach there in no time.

When they were 500 kilometers away from the base of Yuzhou City, with a wave of its right hand, Dumby ceased its huge Ghoul Legion in their steps.

Scanning through, it was just a sea of ghoul skeletons, there was no way they could be counted.

“There are too many of you, plus in the Black Fog World… Commander tiers are just cannon fodders.” Gao Peng shook his head. This would definitely cause a terrible panic if they were to enter Yuzhou City with such a large group of ghouls.

“Ghouls who are Level 40 and above can remain, you can just absorb the rest of them.”

The moment Dumby made up his mind, more than 99% of ghouls disintegrated. Skeletal ghouls turned to ashes; spiritual ghouls dissipated in the void like a punctuated balloon.

Countless flames of ghoul turned white as they floated in the void, each instantly returning to Dumby. Dumby was slowly engulfed by the flames from the ghouls, turning into a beaming white torch!

It took exactly three minutes before everything dissipated. There was no change in Dumby’s appearance but its level was again raised from 49 to 50.

Although more than 99% of the ghouls were gone, but the remaining were still considered quite a lot.

More than 50 of level 40 Commander tier ghouls and two Lord tier ones were standing quietly by Dumby.

They would die without any hesitation with just a single order.

This upgrade speed seemed to be quite cheating…

Gao Peng was watching how Dumby escalated its level from 47 to 50 in just one week’s time. Comparing to its previous growth rate, Dumby could only manage to raise three levels in three month’s time, which was already considered quite fast. But now it had shortened to a period of only one week.

Now Dumby was just one step away from King tier, if it upgraded then it would be the second King tier monster owned by Gao Peng.

Back in Yuzhou, Wood Peacock Skeleton, Winged Thunder Monkey Skeleton and King Centipede Skeleton were all entrusted onto Dumby. Then Gao Peng tried negotiating with the military to allow Dumby to bring along 45 level 40 peak Commander tier ghouls and five Lord tier monsters to enter the other side of the Spatial Rift.

The soldiers guarding the Spatial Rift were dumfolded as the dangerous looking ghouls walked past them one by one.

Gao Peng still felt uneasy, so he let Dumby resurrect eight of the well-preserved bodies of labyrinth watchers in the maze, turning them into robust Lord tier skeletal ghouls.

There will come a day when the children would finally grow up. Gao Peng was like a laborious old father, standing in front of the large gate to the maze, watching reluctantly as his sons take off to fend for themselves.

Earth Star was still advancing, so it was not a suitable environment for the development of skeletons as they could only get stronger by killing.

It was different with Black Fog World. There were countless bodies buried in the depths of this land. As long as Dumby’s level was high enough, it could turn them all into its own minions.

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