Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 417

Chapter 417 Teacher Guan Had Gradually Adapted To His New Identity

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After sending Dumby away, Gao Peng brought his familiars back to the Southern Sky Group.

Xiao Cao, which had just got down from Dumby’s head felt shy and appeared very nervous because it had got no idea where would be suitable for it to stay.

Throughout a week of time, Xiao Cao had finally consumed 2 crystal cores and had successfully advanced in becoming a level 41 Lord tier monster. .

After achieving the Lord tier, its white dandelion crown turned to black and white colour, whereby half of the crown was white in colour and the other half was black in color.

Xiao Cao rolled over on the ground for several times and its light dandelion started to float in the air with two parachutes-like leaves. The leaves flew across Gao Peng’s dense hair and away under Silly’s shrewd glance.

The leaves then continued to fly in the sky and above Flamy’s head with denser hair.

Xiao Cao looked around and felt disappointed. It flew away upon turning his head.

The Desolate Frost Lion looked intelligent with its furry little head but its brain was small. Its body was only as big as the size of two palms and it was not even taller than Xiao Cao. The White Steel Bladed Beast was staring at Xiao Cao indifferently.

Da Zi was covering its head because it was telling itself that a good-looking centipede like itself would not allow anyone to plant a grass on its head.

It would make itself a joke in front of everyone.

“How could I, the impressive Da Zi be willing to become a joke to others.”

Stripey was looking forward for it. However, Xiao Cao did not like Stripey’s burning back. The rock was too thick like an armor.

Goldie wiped its bald head and showed no expression.

The coward Xiao Cao started to approach Goldie slowly.

However, it immediately stopped when it saw Goldie staring at itself.

Goldie retracted his sight while Xiao Cao quietly stopped on its head and rooted immediately.

Xiao Cao did not root deep enough into soil as compared to other plants. It was just fixing itself onto a specific part on Goldie’s head in the form of package to prevent itself from falling off.

“Oh yeah. Your younger female cousin will be coming back from the outskirt in 2 days. You are the older brother, and therefore you would need to take care of her”, said Grandpa to Gao Peng while having dinner together.

Gao Peng was considering in his mind. He seldom visit his grandpa and therefore, he was not quite familiar with the relatives over here….

Everytime during Chinese New Year festival, those relatives would definitely come for the gathering. Moreover, everything would be different from the past with the development of the age and therefore, the relationship between relatives would get closer.

There would always be an reincarnation of era. During ancient times, the world was the home for everyone and later on more and more families were formed from various clans.

With the development of the age, the relationship between families was going down. The world development had seemingly enhanced the connection between people, but in the reality, it had drifted apart the connection in relationship between relatives.

The rise of monster trainers had allowed the revival of the family system. After all, the connections between bloodlines were unbreakable. Nepotism definitely had its own meaning here.

Gao Peng did not come back for a visit during last Chinese New Year festival and therefore, he did not get to meet the relatives on his grandpa’s side.

However, Gao Peng managed to recall a figure in his mind when grandpa was talking about his younger female cousin.

A pretty and fair lady with a chubby look.

Her face was in oval-shape with a pair of pretty eyes. She was wearing a small red cotton-padded jacket, which made her to look like a bloated princess.

During the old times, the elders would have dinner together while the juniors would play around in a circle.

Those children who were slightly older would have something more interesting to play with. They did not prefer to play with those who were studying in primary school or kindergarten.

Although Gao Peng’s mother was expelled from her house by grandpa in the past. However, everyone knew that it was some words coming from a stubborn old man. Moreover, she was his own daughter. Therefore, his attitude towards Gao Peng and his family was still harmonious and they had never been given a cold shoulder by those harsh relatives.

After all, those uncles had left a kind impression in Gao Peng’s heart according to what he could recall. They used to talk to him with gentle and soft tone.

If the impression left by those uncles, older male and female cousins were gentle and kind, then the personalities of the little chubby lady would probably similar to theirs.

Gao Peng seemed to have recalled some awful memories. He then nodded quietly and put in a few mouthfuls of rice.

“It had been a long while since the cataclysm happened. Why is she still out there at the outskirt? It would not be anywhere safer than Huaxia Region.” Gao Peng twisted his eyebrows. He could recall that his younger female cousin was 2 days younger than him.

It was extremely dangerous for a 21 years old lady to stay at the outskirt.

According to your aunty, Karen was studying abroad. Few days ago, she had received her graduation certificate and she is coming back. She is most probably on her way home now. You do not have to worry about her safety aspects because she is a lucky girl. She have even acquired the cub of a Lord tier familiar in Jinsha region. As long as she does not run around, she would be just fine.”

“Erm.” Gao Peng nodded calmly. He would get triggered if it was a Lord tier monster, but however, if it was a lord tier baby familiar…

Gao Peng was calm.

“I’ve heard that Karen had once travelled to the Golden Sea Desert few years back and she met with a camel which was getting swallowed by quicksand. Eventually, she managed to rescued the camel from the quicksand with the help of her team.”

During that time, it was the male camel which was being swallowed by the quicksand. However, there was a female camel standing right next to it.

After that, the female camel had became a Lord tier monster. She handed over a calf to Karen the next time they met with each other.”

This time, Gao Peng was listening with keen pleasure because he felt like he was listening to a drama.

Sometimes, life could be more dramatic than movies.

As long as they received kindness from anyone, they would never forget to repay the favor. The mindset of these monsters was simple and they would insist to repay anyone for the kindness they owed.

After having dinner, Gao Peng went to his room to take a rest. The next morning, Gao Peng took a ride to Tiange Academy for a survey after taking a shower. He had never forgotten his own identity. Other than his position as the director of the Southern Sky Group, he had got an additional identity, which would be the Principal of Tiange Academy.

When Gao Peng arrived at the academy, he found out that there were two strong and masculine statues placed on both side of the gate. They were Guan Yu Statue and Qin Qiong Statue and they were increased in size since the last time they met.

There were two copper tripods in front of the two statues. The incense was booming in the tripods and green smoke was slowly rising up to the sky. However, the statues which were affected by the green smoke appeared to be clean and untouched.

There was a Guan Yu Statue with a red strip attached to its left arm, and even with a bowtie?

“What is this?” Gao Peng was speechless.

Several executives from Tiange Academy rushed by and immediately answered, “Mr. Principal! Half a month ago during weekend, there was a fierce Lord-tier monster trying to ambush students after school. During that time, a female student was closed to being attacked by the monster but all thanks to the quick response from Teacher Guan, she managed to cut the monster into half and saved the female student’s life! The female student’s family was preparing to give a silk banner to her as a gift but however, we felt that it would bring negative influence and therefore, we did not allow them to do that. However, they insisted to give Teacher Guan a red scarf eventually.”

It had finally showed its initiative to save the student. The Guan Yu statue had started to recognise its own identity…. Gao Peng smiled

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