Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 419

Chapter 419 The Bloody Golden Carpet Monster

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Gao Peng had long known that when camels got angry, they would spit on others. This was the way they expressed their anger. However, Gao Peng had still not expected that this golden camel would be so stubborn.

Perhaps one would consider giving it a nickname—Little Iron Head Vajra.

Upon noticing it spitting, Goldie stared at the little camel angrily. It roared to the sky with its powerful pecs pumping in madness.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The strong wind that came from Goldie’s mouth had turned into a hurricane, reversing all the saliva in the air, which eventually smashed back towards Chen Kailun and the camel…

Chen Kailun was a little disorientated. She looked in front of her while wiping the saliva off of her face. Her eyes were resentful. “Cousin…”

Gao Peng laughed and patted Goldie’s buttocks. “Little brother, can’t you just be kind to others?”

Goldie’s expression was cool, as usual. Its poker face was well trained, impervious to even swords or spears.

After gently touching its behind, Goldie stepped forward and patted the hump of the Golden Sand Dume Camel.

“Little brother, you were the one that wasn’t being kind at first, weren’t you?”

“This… this is Uncle Kui?” Behind Chen Kailun, there was a plump teenage boy wearing glasses. He was so excited that he was blushing.

There was a blue tattoo on Goldie’s bald head and two big chains crossing through its chest. There were two huge tomahawks on its back, too. The fatty’s eyes were brimming with excitement! As a veteran cosplay enthusiast, various monsters had his heroes after the Cataclysm.

Gao Peng nodded, calm. He directed his eyes towards Chen Kailun, making the latter feel intimidated.

“Are you going to continue your studies at university?” Gao Peng frowned and cleared his throat. “It’s still necessary to continue studying. Even in this era, mastering as much knowledge as possible is imperative—”

“I’ve applied to study at Yuzhou University. I’ll be able to enroll at the beginning of next year and become your junior.” Chen Kailun interrupted Gao Peng in a slightly gloomy tone.

“The way you spoke sounded just like my father.”

“Yuzhou University?” Gao Peng was overwhelmed because it had been a long while since he last went to school. He couldn’t help but start sinking into deep thoughts. The initial objective of studying at university had been to fulfill his dreams, which was also the last wish of his parents.

Now that he couldn’t learn much at school, the number of times he went to school was less than five times a year. Therefore, maintaining his slot in the school would be unnecessary. He should have applied for graduation in advance.

“I’ll apply for early graduation soon. My junior, all the best to you.” Gao Peng shot an encouraging look at his cousin.

“…” Chen Kailun was speechless.

The female cousin who had come to the house was showing great curiosity towards everything, including Goldie, Da Zi, Flamy, and the rest of the team. However, it was a pity that she didn’t get to see the Skeleton Tyrant, which was the familiar signature to Gao Peng’s success.

“Bro, did you hide your tyrant?” Chen Kailun was saddened by the fact that in the Huangmo and Jinsha regions, they were hostile to the Ghoul-type monsters because their religious intentions were originally resentful to the deceased.

Therefore, in these two regions, she could barely see ghoul monsters or familiars. They would be immediately eliminated by the locals after appearing.

The person along with Chen Kailun was her younger male cousin, Ai Jueyi, the fatty following behind her that day.

He would be seventeen years old this year… What a sad age. He could only watch others training their familiars day after day. He had been anxiously waiting for five years in total.

Various manuals of monsters and familiars manuals were at his fingertips. He was even more well-versed in the familiars’ origins than their actual masters. He had a wide array of collections at home with regards to all rare monsters.

It was a pity that he didn’t even own a familiar, however weak. In order to prevent this kid from being tempted to steal to buy a familiar, his family was strictly controlling his expenditures.

During this period of time, Gao Peng’s grandfather was running around the Black Fog World to lead the Thunder Lord and the Primitive Jade Armored Crocodile in opening up a business road, hence he wouldn’t be home for several days.

Therefore, Gao Peng decided to stay at home for the time being to accompany his two younger cousins.

“Young Master Gao, were you looking for me?” Huang Ya stepped in with a brave look. There was a red spiritual horse following him. This was Huang Ya’s Lord-tier familiar, the Fire-Wind Crimson Hot-Blooded War Horse. It possessed attributes of wind and fire and was an extraordinarily familiar.

“Well, you’ve been putting in so much effort all this while.” Gao Peng nodded. Since Gao Peng had transferred Huang Ya to the Resource Exploration Department, Huang Ya had been working hard on all the tasks assigned to him. Therefore, Huang Ya had gained Gao Peng’s trust, and he now regarded him as his right-hand man.

“I’ll do my best for Master Gao.” Huang Ya lowered down his head with a respectful face.

“Yes.” Gao Peng nodded and smiled. “I don’t usually reward you. The group has an internal system set up so if one was to execute his or her job well, the group would reward him. However, since you’re usually working for me, you’ll receive my personal rewards.”

After he finished talking, Gao Peng clapped. Goldie, which was standing behind Gao Peng, bent over and picked up a golden rug from the ground. The rug was around 25 square feet, and it was covered with blood-red patterns. The red patterns gathered together, resembling a red eye.

“This is…” Huang Ya was a bit dumbfounded.

“This is your familiar. Take a look for yourself.” Gao Peng asked Goldie to hand over the Bloody Golden Carpet to Huang Ya.

Huang Ya took the Bloody Golden Carpet and lowered his palm to it. The Bloody Golden Carpet dropped from his hand and rolled on the ground. It then flipped up and stared at Huang Ya with its crimson red eyeball patterns.

Huang Ya looked at the carpet for two seconds and raised his head calmly.

“This is a Lord-tier monster. If you like it, make a Blood Contract with it.” Gao Peng nodded.

Stuttering, Huang Ya’s pupils dilated. “This is a Lord-tier Monster?”

“Shao Dong couldn’t have lied to me.”

The calmness on Huang Ya’s face suddenly disappeared without a trace. After a moment of silence, Huang Ya’s voice went hoarse. “Thank you Shao Dong!”

It hadn’t been too difficult to make the Bloody Golden Carpet monster work for Gao Peng. He was just being coercive to achieve his motive easily. Almost no monsters could escape Goldie’s fist and its desire to enhance its tier.

Ai Jueyi, who was watching TV next to them, was stunned. “Is it a trend now to send off familiars as gifts?”

“They even gave away a Lord-tier monster as a gift?”

“Is this the way high-end players play?”

The heads of 10,000 Alpacas ran wildly inside Ai Jueyi’s mind. At this moment, he only wanted to hug his cousin’s strong, thick, golden thigh.

After three days of rest, Gao Peng could no longer sit idly and do nothing. It wasn’t his style to waste time at home. After speaking to his cousins, he finally brought the Desolate Frost Lion, the White Steel Bladed Beast, Silly, Flamy, and Xiao Cao to embark on a new journey to the north.

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