Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 420

Chapter 420 The Ice Demon Knight

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It was very cold traveling to the North Pole this time. Therefore, Gao Peng brought Flamy with him to keep him warm with its flames. Moreover, Flamy was capable of flying, and that alone would be convenient.

In order to ease the load to carry, Gao Peng only brought a few of his lighter familiars.

The White Steel Bladed Beast was less than three feet tall. The Desolate Frost Lion was as big as the size of two human hands. Xiao Cao’s body weight was light, and Silly was even lighter. They were the lightest candidates.

“If there weren’t any materials that could meet your requirements in the Arctic, then they’ll probably be located at the South Pole,” Gao Peng touched the little head of the Desolate Frost Lion while telling them his thoughts.

“We’ll fly to the farthest north Black Dragon Base City first, then continue to fly to the north. Let’s not waste any time. We’ll depart earlier and come back sooner,” said Gao Peng.

The Arctic wasn’t a fun place to visit. While cold weather and endless snow may have been beautiful for the eyes at first, as time passed by, one would grow bored.

The plane landed in the Black Dragon Base City ten hours later. The Black Dragon Base City was the northernmost base city in the Huaxia Region.

Looking with the bird’s eye view from the window on the plane, they realized that there was a majestic but dark river which ran through the mountains in the shape of a dragon. There was a big city divided into two by the river at the bottom of the mountain.

The densely populated wooden houses and various buildings floated on the river, like huge nails that had been put into the earth under the giant black river.

The turbulent river became more peaceful after being blocked by numerous buildings and obstacles stuck under the river.

“Spectacular.” Gao Peng was amazed. It looked like a brave familiar trainer had managed to tame the tyrannical Black Dragon in the mountains.

The plane landed slowly. When Gao Peng came out of the plane, he immediately took a breath of the cold air coming towards his face. “The weather is really cool here…”

Gao Peng, who was riding on Flamy’s back, retrieved a windproof jacket from Silly’s backpack, then proceeded to put a mask on his face and a pair of gloves on his hands. After that, he gently patted Flamy’s head and said, “Let’s go!”

Flamy soared straight into the sky with a long cry.

The snow in the sky had become heavier and heavier, and the cold wind started displaying its rage. Gao Peng and the other familiars were fine, but Xiao Cao had already huddled itself into a ball while shivering.

The Desolate Frost Lion took a glance at Xiao Cao and then gently patted its head. A layer of blue light started to condense around Xiao Cao and formed a barrier that isolated the coldness in the air from the outside. All of the incoming coldness was fully absorbed by the blue light barrier.

After flying for about half a month, a vast expanse of whiteness appeared all around them. It was a snowfield below them. Gao Peng took out a map and realized that they were already in the Arctic.

“Let’s go down.” Now that they had reached the Arctic, all they had to do was take their time and find the treasures.

Gao Peng had no idea how to locate the treasures. He could only rely on the senses of the Desolate Frost Lion.

The Desolate Frost Lion was struggling to jump down from Gao Peng’s arms, but eventually, it made it. After that, it started to sniff closely on the ground while swinging its tail happily. The intense ice elements that were filling the air allowed the Desolate Frost Lion to become more active.

Apparently, there were many treasures in the Arctic. The Desolate Frost Lion spread its claws on the glacier wall, digging. Its two little claws weren’t big enough, but its speed of shaving the ice was indeed fast. In only ten minutes, a hole a few feet deep was made, as if it had been dug by an excavator.

Half an hour later, the Desolate Frost Lion crawled out from the hole with a piece of pure blue mystical ice in its mouth.

“There! There!” The Desolate Frost Lion had found several materials along the way, but unfortunately, these materials were either in too little amount or at best, they could only help it advance to Lord-tier before losing their effects completely.

The Desolate Frost Lion was somewhat disappointed. It was holding its face in its small claws with a helpless look.

“Don’t worry. The Arctic is so big that we’ll definitely get what we want. Let’s continue to look in the central area,” comforted Gao Peng.

The endless snowfield coupled with the winding glacier-covered coastline led to a magnificent aurora in the sky when dusk approached. The dark shadows on the horizon from afar and the aurora in the sky overlapped with each other, reflecting the marvelous scenery. The fading blue aurora hanging over the starry universe had painted an extremely beautiful picture.

After moving closer, Gao Peng discovered a majestic palace, a frosty palace made of glacier ice. Unlike the little palace where the Desolate Frost Lion was previously found, this was a majestic palace with towering corners, and the blue frost there was particularly eye-catching.

Silvery trees were all over the surroundings of the palace. They turned into silver trees with golden flowers. The main entrance of the palace was closed, which made it seem like there could be something hidden inside.

“This doesn’t look like a palace that we could build,” Gao Peng said in a low voice.

“Such a big palace, and it’s fully made of polar ice. Average monsters would never be able to build it,” Gao Peng muttered to himself.

“Human beings are unable to make carvings in front of such a big palace with the machines and equipment they have in modern society.” Gao Peng was fairly certain of this because the polar ice was extremely hard and cold.


The palace gate was slowly opened up by someone. Gao Peng grew serious while looking at it.

A palace that appeared out of nowhere in an uninhabited snowfield was a strange phenomenon, not to mention that there would probably be living things in the palace.

Pat… Pat… Pat…

The clear footsteps from the palace echoed in the field.

Pat. The final footstep stopped another two steps away from the gate.

Through the white sunshine, Gao Peng saw a silver-white figure standing in the palace against the sun, and it was looking at him.

Behind the silvery figure, there seemed to be a blue cloak dancing in the wind. Its silver spear was like a sharp slender cone, and its sharp blade looked as smooth as water.

[Monster Name]: Ice Demon Knight (Sealed)

[Monster Level]: Level 51 (King-tier)

[Monster Grade]: Epic

[Monster Attributes]: Ice

[Monster Ability]: Aurora Blade Level 5, Hard armor, Level 4 Ice element mastery Level 4

[Monster Features]: Frozen Blade (the powerful ice force is attached to the weapon and it could deal incredible destruction.

Passive Effect 1: Increases the destructive impact of attacks and damage.

Passive Effect 2: Enemies who are hit by the Frozen Blade will fall into Frozen Destructive effect. All damage taken during this duration will increase.

Ice-sealed Heart (the tranquil heart will remain fearless and calm) Effect 1: Ignore the ability of mind control, causing it to be unaffected by charm, take over, confusion, fear and so on. Effect 2: Any mental/soul damage taken will be weakened.

[Monster Profile]: The Ice Demon Knight under the sealed state is a monster with strong fighting capability. They are brave, fearless, and loyal.

“Leave, human.” The Ice Demon Knight’s head was shrouded in a thick ice helmet, with only a stream of blue light glancing at the outside world.

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