Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 427

Chapter 427 Fine Ill Eat It

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The Russian man seemed disappointed. He had originally planned on going to the Lusaka Spacial Rift later that year to experience what it felt like to be in another dimension.

He had been to the Spacial Rift in Dubai once for tactical response training. However, while the Spacial Rift in Dubai was a permanent one, the Lusaka Spacial Rift was a portal to another dimension.

Going into another dimension would be a more exciting experience than visiting another country.

An above-King-tier monster. Gao Peng’s heart sank. His grandfather must have been in the Black Fog World just then.

No, I still don’t know if he’s aware of what’s going on right now. If he’s going in blind, he’s going to get himself killed.

Also, the Desolate Labyrinth might not have been safe. If the above-King-tier monster had remained in deep hibernation, Gao Peng wouldn’t have to worry about its safety. Now that it had woken up, there was no telling when it would turn its attention towards the labyrinth.

The labyrinth is only 600 miles away from the Lusaka Spacial Rift, which probably won’t take long for a monster like that to reach.

Gao Peng knew that there were two other tiers above King-tier: Emperor and Overlord. Unfortunately, he had no idea which tier the huge black snake terrorizing the Black Fog World belonged to. If it was an Emperor-tier monster, he might still be able to handle it. However, if it was an Overlord-tier monster…

The Russian man, whose name was Bunshaft, boomed, “Oh yeah, Gao, didn’t you guys in the Huaxia region discover a permanent Spacial Rift not too long ago?”

“That’s right. It’s just right outside my doorstep,” said Gao Peng with a smile.

“Oh…” Bunshaft’s eyes lit up. “Well, I would like to pay it a visit someday if the chance ever comes up.”

“Of course. I would be happy to show you around.”

Bunshaft was the second son of a well-known local household. He had an older brother named Bauersach, who was tasked with handling the family’s affairs. However, Bunshaft wasn’t interested in that sort of thing. He would rather spend his days training his familiars.

His family was quite supportive of him on that front. Bunshaft had become quite renowned in the Tomsk trainer community thanks to his family’s influence and his own hard work.

“Oh yeah, I’ve already set up a store for you in the middle of the city. It’s quite big. I’ll be there to liven up the place on your big opening day,” said Bunshaft cheerily.

“Thanks. I’ll hold you to that. You can also bring your friends along. The Southern Sky Group’s familiars will definitely not disappoint you,” said Gao Peng, smiling.

Speaking to an Arctic local didn’t require much wit. A straightforward attitude was all one would need to earn their admiration.

The next day, Gao Peng received a call from Ji Hanwu, who had called him from the company.

“I’m back.”

“Thank god,” said Gao Peng, relieved to hear those two words from his grandfather.

“Well, you don’t have to worry about me. Your grandfather always has a few tricks up his sleeve to get himself out of any tricky situation. It’s good that you’re trying to break into the Arctic market. I always wanted to do that myself, but unfortunately, I’m not the young man I used to be.”

Gao Peng didn’t think the store needed any fancy furnishings. The only things it needed were a simple counter, toilet, and maybe a few stone cages to store their merchandise.

A week later, Huang Ya arrived at the Arctic region alongside his subordinates and familiars. They had flown there all the way from Yuzhou.

Most of them had never been to the Arctic region before, so they were visibly excited by this change of scenery.

“Young Master Gao.” Huang Ya respectfully stepped forward with three of his Lord-tier familiars behind him.

“Good work. You must be exhausted.”

“Not at all, sir.”

The next day, the newly furnished Southern Sky Group retail store in Tomsk was officially open for business.

This was Gao Peng’s first foray into the Arctic market. If he was able to obtain a good response from the locals, he would proceed to expand his business across the entire Arctic region. He would then use the Arctic region as a springboard to propel his business across the Asia-Pacific and European regions.

This newly opened store attracted curious gazes from the Arctic locals in the street. Most of them had heard that it was run by a Huaxia local and were drawn to things that they didn’t understand, like moths to a flame. The Arctic locals weren’t an exception to this rule.

“What kind of store is it?”

“I heard that it’s a familiar store.”

“Ooh, sounds fascinating. Are the familiars from the Huaxia region just as pretentious as their trainers?”

“I hear they have King-tier familiars from the Huaxia region.”

“True, King-tier familiars are indeed awesome, but there’s just no way the shop owner has one. If he really does have a King-tier familiar, I’ll clean my familiar’s droppings with my own tongue!”

“Hahaha!” A group of Arctic locals burst out laughing.

Huang Ya came out of the store with the Horrifying Violent Female Spider behind him. The spider had been uncomfortably curled up within the confines of the store all this time. Now that it was out in the open, it seemed much more relaxed than before.

It stretched its huge body and flexed the cold, cruel instruments of murder that were its appendages. Everyone stiffened at the sight of the Horrifying Violent Female Spider. A hush had fallen over the place. Every onlooker in the street was now staring dumbly at the spider.

The animals in the Arctic region were naturally huge. Still, an animal as big as the Horrifying Violent Spider was a rare sight, even in the Arctic region.

A cold white Lord-tier aura spread out from it. Those caught within its range, be they familiar or human, instantly felt an overwhelming feeling weighing down on them. Only familiars and trainers who were Lord-tier or above were immune to another Lord-tier familiar’s aura. On the other hand, those beneath Lord-tier weren’t so lucky. They would immediately be affected by it.

Monsters who were too weak to resist a Lord-tier aura would be completely immobilized.

While Gao Peng made pushing around a couple of Lord-tier monsters look easy, when in truth, Lord-tier monsters and familiars only made up a small percentage of the day’s world population.

A trainer who possessed a Lord-tier familiar still stood on top of the food chain in any base city. However, a further hierarchy had gradually taken shape among the Lord-tier familiars as their numbers increased.

There were now strong and weak Lord-tier familiars, and naturally, the weaker ones were preyed upon by the strong. Still, even the weakest Lord-tier familiar would seem incredibly powerful to these people.

“There’s a Lord-tier trainer working in there… I take back everything I said. This store might be worth checking out after all.”

“People of the Arctic region, this is the Southern Sky Group’s first retail store in the Arctic region. Since today’s our first day of business, we’ll be offering a five-percent discount on all purchases until nine o’ clock!” shouted Huang Ya.

“I’m sure most of you here aren’t familiar with the Southern Sky Group, so allow me the honor today to give you all a proper introduction of our organization.” Huang Ya’s chest puffed up proudly at the mention of the Southern Sky Group. “We’re the only organization in the Huaxia region to own two King-tier familiars!”

The man who had been ribbing the Southern Sky Group’s retail store flushed furiously. Waving a fist at everyone around him, he spat out, “Fine, I’ll eat my familiar’s droppings, you sick b*stards!”

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