Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 436

Chapter 436 Lack Of Judgement

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Jun Moyi appeared calm and said coolly, “I’m going back to Chang’an over the holidays.”

“Let’s just go together. I’m going back to Chang’an for the holidays, too.” A man who was dressed like a male peacock approached her in a courteous manner.

Another man, who was dressed up even more colorfully, gave a faint smile, gently ran his hand through his pink colored hair, and walked towards Jun Moyi. He whispered in her ears slowly in a deep and charming voice…


A snowy white fist punched him in the nose, causing an excessive nosebleed. “You were too close to me.” Jun Moyi wiped the back of her hand off with loathing.

What seemed to be a third-rate sales team was dragging a banner with them while shouting out loud, “Event promotion, event promotion! There’s a newly launched super strong battle familiar from the top-notch Jin Peng Lab of the Southern Sky Group. This is the most ruthless cold-blooded killing machine, capable of mass murder!”

The person standing at the front was holding a white loudspeaker and shouting while waving his hand. Who knew how far his spit was flying.

“This is our latest familiar product—the Azrael Skybeast! Even the invincible royal Muscular Adamantine Duck crowned by the Undead Catastrophe agreed that it was strong!” announced the trader, who was wearing a white cap, delightedly. His peers behind him raised the banner at the same time. On the banner was a photo of Goldie showing off its muscular body, naked, while raising its middle finger with a cold look in its eyes.

It wasn’t clear what angle the photo had been taken from, but it seemed more like a commercial photo deliberately taken by Goldie. Below the photo, there were a few words in purple—the Azrael Skybeast, choose it if you’re a man!

“Pfft, where did these frauds come from? They even went so far as to come to Yuzhou University. They might as well go cheat the fellows from Yuzhou Normal University next door.” Some students from Yuzhou University burst into laughter, not mentioning the power of the Southern Sky Group.

The shops of the Southern Sky Group were all operated legally. Even if they were to organize an event, it would most probably be conducted in the shop, so it would be impossible for them to peddle in front of Yuzhou University like street vendors.

“Next, let us present to you our strongest killing machine from the Southern Sky Group—the Azrael Skybeast!” said the vendor loudly as he lifted the black cloth covering the cage.


The crimson scales of the familiar were lifelike. A pair of bat-like wings grew out of its back, and a demonic horn sprouted from the head, surrounded by a flame of ghost fire. It’s only weakness was its tiny body size, as it was only about five feet tall.

“Don’t look down on its tiny size. It’s still a baby in its infancy. It’s quite normal for a baby to have such small size!” the vendor responded to the surrounding doubts.

The voices of the people who had doubted at first started to trail off gradually after seeing the familiar.

“Psst… I can’t believe that this is real.”

“Seems like it is. Could it really be an… Azrael Skybeast?”

“Don’t tell me it really is a familiar that was produced by the mysterious Jin Peng Lab of the Southern Sky Group?”

“Excuse me, make way.” A few muscular men in black pushed the onlookers away and slowly made their way into the crowd.

When they were about fifteen feet away from the vendors, they suddenly pounced on them and pinned them to the ground. “Behave yourselves!”

“Don’t move!”

“Police on duty. These people are the suspected swindlers. We’re taking them into custody now.”

One of the muscular men in black took out his police ID from his chest and said in a serious tone, “You are hereby under arrest due to suspicion of fraud.”

Another muscular man walked near the cage. He was impressed by the monster in the cage, but then he took out his pistol, aimed at the monster, and fired a shot.


“Aooow!” The figure of the monster in the cage howled in pain and flickered, exposing its real features in the next moment. It was a furless, pink, white-eyed monster that was five feet tall. There was a small wound on its chest where the bullet had gone through, and fresh blood was oozing out of it.

“Sure enough, this is the monster. Bring it back!” The muscular man in black waved his hand, giving the order to move the traders and the monster in the cage to an SUV parked by the roadside. After that, he stepped on the gas and drove off.

It seemed like the students from Yuzhou University had just witnessed a good show. There were many unethical traders like these ones. Some would dye the white fur of a monster to pink just to sell it off as a mutated species; others would cut two horns off monsters with three, turning them into the rare monster with only one horn.

Such tricks weren’t uncommon, for there would always be traders who would go to such unethical lengths just for personal gain. However, a monster changing into such form was rarely seen.

“Perhaps it was lack of judgment that made the traders do such a thing,” joked one student. It was unique to have a monster with various forms.

At that moment, the sound of sirens could be heard in the distance. Several police cars were parked at the side of the road, and a few that were in uniform came out from the car. “We received a report just now saying that someone was trading an undocumented monster here.”

“Er, where are they?”

“…They were taken away by our police staff?”

This was the first time Gao Peng had ridden on a dragon. The mane on the White Dragon’s neck was long and thin. It felt good when Gao Peng grabbed onto it, like a tough, coarse beast’s tendon.

The White Dragon was hovering high up in the sky. The wind and clouds converged, shrouding the surroundings with thick white clouds. Looking up at the sky, one could see a white cloud flying north at tremendous speed.

Da Zi was slightly shocked that Little Bai could fly this fast!

After that, Da Zi started to wonder whether it could surpass Little Bai. The more it thought about it, the more dignified Da Zi felt…

“This is a dragon? Feels like I’ve seen it somewhere before… but it wasn’t this color.” The Desolate Frost Lion was stomping on the head of the White Dragon curiously. No matter how fast the dragon flew, it wouldn’t affect it.

“Wasn’t it pretty normal to see dragons in the Black Fog World?” asked Gao Peng.

“Of course there were dragons. It’s just that the dragons in Black Fog World were different from this one. The dragons from there had wings, and they weren’t slender like this. I’ve seen such slender ones before, but just a few.”

Goldie was hugging itself with its gaze down. It looked like a Buddha statue. The wind blowing on it seemed to have frozen it, as it didn’t have any hair.

The White Dragon’s speed was fast. Gao Peng could already see Chang’an City coming into view below him after flying for three hours. The White Dragon didn’t stop and continued heading to the north.

Clang. The Golden Deity was looking up at the sky from a tall metal viaduct in the military area. It had its sharp eyes locked on a fast-moving cloud overhead. It sensed a vast air full of threats from inside this cloud.

“Taklamakan Desert is located to the northwest part of Chang’an City. Initially, it was to the southwest of the western region, but it’s constantly been moving around. Now, it has moved a couple hundred miles towards Chang’an City.”

Its speed shouldn’t have been that fast at the beginning, thought Gao Peng.

“Well, based on my calculations, Taklamakan has been consciously moving towards Chang’an since the beginning of the Catastrophy.”

“Or there might have been something attracting them in Chang’an.” Gao Peng frowned.

After continuously flying for two hours, a golden desert came into view right below their feet.

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