Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 438

Chapter 438 The Brain Of Growth

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The tectonic plate shifted, and the exposed ragged edges were rapidly moving upwards. A large area of the collapsed hole was exposed at the center of it.

There was a gigantic brain growing in the center of the exposed burrow, a milky white brain that was tinged with blood. The brain twitched slightly as if it was feeling flustered after being exposed to the air. Droplets of transparent liquid were squeezed out from the curves of the brain.

Bang, bang, bang.

Several long milky white whips pierced through the sand and rose up to the sky. There were yellow-brown beetles crawling on the whips. These beetles were the size of a human’s palm, and all of them looked ferocious.

The white whips slapped Goldie’s feet with a fierce look and dropped a few teeth as white as snow before running away.

[Monster name]: The Brain of Growth

[Monster tier]: Level 51 (King-tier)

[Monster grade]: Perfect

[Monster attribute]: Psychic

[Monster skill]: Mind Power Level 5 Extraordinary brain Level 3 Spiritual Space Level 3

[Monster Specialty]: The Chord of Thought (Changing the world with pure mind power is the limit of the mind. Without a body to live in, it stays alive with only a brain. However, it would gain more abilities with a body.)

Active Effect 1: Seizure of Mind (its powerful soul allows it to seize the body of any non-living object, thus gaining the ability to move.)

Active Effect 2: Extraordinary Flexibility (the seized object will go through a mutation, gaining all kinds of extraordinary attributes.)

(P.S.: Current seizing object—Taklamakan Desert, controllability 60%)

[Monster profile]: A bizarre creature with no body, but a brain. It can seize non-living objects and turn them into its own body. It has extreme desire for the brains of intelligent living creatures, which could also allow them to grow rapidly.

“So you were the one that was messing around,” Gao Peng realized.

After being found, the Brain of Growth panicked. It seemed to be very nervous and started to move the surrounding sand inwards to allow itself to sink even deeper into the burrow.

Goldie snorted. “You ugly fish with only a brain. Do you think you can escape from me?”

It immediately stepped forward and chopped off the extended milky white whip beside it. Loads of milky white liquid flowed out of the fractured whip.


As the Brain of Growth realized that Goldie was approaching, it suddenly drew back into the burrow! The next moment, countless invisible ripples started to spread all over it.

Goldie covered its head and took two steps backward. In the previous moment, he had felt as if his head was being crushed by a three-hundred-yard-long truck, causing its mind to turn blank all of a sudden.

Not just Goldie, but the others in the periphery, including Gao Peng, the Desolate Lion, Da Zi, and the Treasure Sniffing Rodent were all under attack.

The Treasure Sniffing Rodent had suffered the worst damage. It went through increased blood flow, its corneas filling with blood and even blood flowing out of its nostrils. The blood from its nose flowed down and dropped onto the sand, dying the sand a red color.

When Goldie finally regained consciousness, it realized that the environment of its surroundings had changed.

The yellow desert had turned red. There were blazing flames burning on the top of the sand dunes in the distance. The sand under its feet was flush with flames, and the air was burned and twisted by flames as if it had transformed into a volcano in the flash of an eye.

“Hmm?” Goldie’s twisted its eyebrows, wondering what was going on.

When Goldie turned its head, Gao Peng and the others had disappeared. “Gao Peng doesn’t want me anymore?!” Goldie panicked.

As Goldie was justifying its assumption, Gao Peng’s figure suddenly appeared at the end of the horizon. He was wearing purple clothes with a pair of horns on his head. His eyes were narrowed in a line, showing a catlike look.

“Goldie, just go. I don’t want you anymore.”

Gao Peng’s placed his hands behind his back, and his voice turned cold. “I can’t afford to raise you anymore. Each of you requires five hundred dollars of expenses. However, you’ve been using too much of my money. I simply can’t afford such a diligent duckling like you.”

Goldie started making assumptions in its mind. “Was demanding five hundred bucks per monster too much?”

And thinking about how it had deceived Gao Peng’s money with fake monsters that weren’t fish, Gao Peng had suffered great losses.

Goldie became more and more unwell as it tried to think about its wrongdoings. It had honestly taken a huge amount of Gao Peng’s money, therefore Gao Peng couldn’t afford to raise it anymore.

Such a thought made Goldie feel terrible, causing it to laugh out loud to release the tension.

On the other side, Gao Peng had a headache and suddenly felt an inexplicable force rushing to the depths of his mental sea. The burning lilac flame outside of his mental sea lit up suddenly, and Gao Peng recovered his vision after blinking a few times.

After that, Gao Peng saw Goldie standing alone in front of him, starting to mumble to itself, with an occasional excited look on its face as it constantly flapped its wings.

“This stupid duck must have been bewitched by psychic power.” The Desolate Frost Lion licked its paws while explaining its opinion.

“Gao Peng, I’m never going to steal your food again.” Da Zi laid and shivered on Gao Peng’s feet. “I won’t spit in your cup, either. Please don’t hit meeee.”

Gao Peng’s face darkened. He stopped the Desolate Lion, which was about to grab the Brain of Growth.

“Don’t do it yet. I’d like to see what it did behind my back.”

Da Zi’s held its head with its tiny paws while wagging its tail high. “I’ll confess, I’ll confess. Actually, I was the one who gnawed and destroyed your couch, but that wasn’t my intention. The couch was the one that started first!”


On the other side, the Brain of Growth had already gone back into the depths of the desert, trying to escape.

Gao Peng coldly snorted, “I’m going to teach you a lesson when we get back. Go seize that huge brain for me, Desolate Lion.”

The abilities of this huge brain seemed pretty good, and this was the first time Gao Peng had met a monster with Psychic attributes. He hadn’t expected it to have such supernatural abilities. If he could capture it, it would definitely save him some trouble.

The Desolate Frost Lion nodded. It leaped forward and clapped with its tiny paws. The next moment, a heavy gust of cold air started to condense in the air. A few icicles emerged appeared out of thin air in the desert, connected by a series of frozen locks. The icicles immediately trapped the Brain of Growth with the connected frozen locks.

After being trapped, the Brain of Growth started going mad, and this triggered its mind power. The strong mind power nearly evolved into a substance in the air, sending layers of sound waves to its surroundings.

Goldie frowned while covering its ears.

Da Zi’s head had completely drilled into the sand, and its exposed tail was wagging quickly in the air.

The Treasure Sniffing Rodent had completely fainted. Its eyes were rolled back, and it was foaming at its mouth. Gao Peng immediately picked up the Treasure Sniffing Rodent and ran in the opposite direction to protect the mouse from being killed by the shockwaves coming from the Mind Power.

In the Black Fog World, Dumby felt as if someone was pushing on its head. However, there was nothing around. It scratched its head in confusion and then continued to instruct the ghouls to surround the prey. There were countless ghouls surrounding a golden two-headed lion in front of Dumby. The lion roared loudly, but it was on the losing side under the siege of the ghoul army…

It didn’t have too much impact on the Desolate Frost Lion. The capabilities of the Brain of Growth weren’t meant for fighting head-to-head. Therefore, it wouldn’t do as much effective damage to the Desolate Frost Lion, which was at the same level, but one grade higher.

When Ji Hanwu arrived, Gao Peng had already captured the Brain of Growth alive. The white brain the size of a house was constantly wriggling on top of the sand dune. Right in front of the brain, there was a dark cave.

From time to time, the dark cave would spew out colored mist, and various magical images could be seen in it.

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