Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 447

Chapter 447 Love Debt

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As the year’s end, was approaching, the villa had become more and more lively.

Gao Peng was also preparing for some experiments in the laboratory, such as the Green Plague Queen Bug brought back from the Hanzhong base city and a Shape Shifting Elf they had previously captured.

Although the Shape Shifting Elf was only Level 19, Gao Peng was more interested in it than the dead Green Plague Queen Bug. The Green Plague Queen Bug could only be considered dessert, whereas the Shape Shifting Elf was equivalent to a meal.

The Shape Shifting Elf that was tied to the table shivered and looked at the man in front of it with horror.

It had come to this place by chance, since it had been taken off of the streets. Every day, people came in to give it water and food. There wasn’t much, just enough to ensure that it didn’t starve to death.

That day, it was brought into an unfamiliar room right after lunch. There was an icy iron table in the room and something that didn’t look like it could be eaten was placed on it.

After a while, a man came in. It wanted to struggle, but it didn’t work. The man lifted it up violently and tied it to the table.

“Have mercy! My lord, please have mercy!” The Shape Shifting Elf screamed loudly.

Gao Peng calmly looked at the little monster that was struggling. He had long grown accustomed to these kinds of scenes. No monster came without screaming, and this was just another one of them.

This monster’s attributes seemed good, so Gao Peng’s attitude towards it became gentler. “Don’t move. Stop moving your legs… Otherwise, I’ll break them.” Gao Peng’s voice was cold.

Gao Peng could easily immerse himself in the experiments he was conducting.

The Shape Shifting Elf looked at the Bone Breaking Hammer in Gao Peng’s hand and lowered its head, letting itself surrender to Gao Peng’s mercy.

[Monster name]: Shape Shifting Elf

[Monster level]: Level 19

[Monster attribute]: Mystic

[Monster skill]: Morphing Level 1

[Monster weakness]: After shapeshifting, it can only keep the basic form and the same level of physicality of the target creature, but cannot possess the target’s biological element or other abilities.

[Monster profile]: The Shape Shifting Elf from the world of Qingyang has the ability to shape-shift. It can imitate the appearance of the target creature, or change its own appearance as it wishes. They’re weak, timid, and tend to avoid conflict if they can solve problems without violence. They like to drink pure water from the snowy mountains.

The ability to shape-shift was worth studying, concerning what conditions could break the shape-shifting ability after morphing. Another example of a research question was whether the shape-shifting energy could be attached to a foreign object or stored in any container.

Even if the above goals couldn’t be achieved, testing the weaknesses of these Shape Shifting Elves could also help them learn how to deal with monsters that possessed the same ability.

Half a day passed by quickly. Gao Peng was satisfied when he left the lab, as he had seen some results.

Da Zi waddled close to its master. “Gao Peng, Gao Peng, when will you work on me?”

“You?” Gao Peng squinted at Da Zi. He fretted slightly while he sat on the sofa and sighed. “I’m too tired recently. Even my legs are sore.”

Da Zi quickly stood up, bowed its back, and carefully massaged Gao Peng’s legs, its two small claws massaging Gao Peng’s legs. Its upper body was swaying to the same rhythm as its claws.

“Too soft.” Gao Peng yawned. “Have you not eaten?”

Da Zi repeatedly apologized, then put greater strength into the massage. “Gao Peng, Gao Peng, what do you think about the massage now?”

“It’s all right.” Gao Peng barely accepted it and moved his legs forward two steps. “My back is also sore.”



A dragon’s hum echoed through the sky while a silver shadow flashed by. The people from Yuzhou City and the Southern Sky Group were accustomed to this.

Ji Hanwu didn’t notice at first, but the message transmitted from the White Dragon into the mental sea made Ji Han Wu put down his work. He stood beside the window and looked up to the sky.

The dark clouds rolled over his head, as dark as if they were about to drip ink. The sky had become dark before they even realized it, and a silver flash was particularly dazzling among the dark clouds.

Ji Hanwu had a solemn look on his face, because the dragon up there… wasn’t his.

“Wow, is that the White Dragon? That’s so cool. I wish I also had such a fantastic familiar!” Karen Chen’s eyes lit up while she spoke loudly.

Joey Ai, who was behind Karen, had his mouth wide open. His chubby little face was solemn. “Karen, that doesn’t look like the White Dragon.”

Karen looked ridiculed, wearing a face that said, Don’t think that you can lie to me like I’m not knowledgeable. I’m a graduate student that has studied abroad!

“If that’s not a dragon, then what is it? Go and play with your chicken poop, you chubby little kid!”

Joey’s face turned red. “No, please don’t mention that.”

The sky changed colors, and the silver light flowed through it. The dark clouds were like a huge whirlpool of swirling ink. In the next moment, a huge dragon head penetrated the dark clouds and overlooked the mountains below.

The surface of the dragon’s head was as smooth as a mirror, shining with silver glints. There were no horns on the top of its head. A trace of starlight glimmered around the dragon’s head. Its white eyes contained hints of anger, whereas its head was petite like a delicate doll.

Gao Peng had his hands behind him when he arrived and saw this scene.

“Ahhm!” A water column rose from the lake. The column rushed up to the sky until it was 3,200 feet tall. There was a white body hidden in the water.

Two dragons? Gao Peng’s eyes lit up, and he quickly brought a chair, mineral water, and sunflower seeds out from the research lab.

The White Dragon was hidden in the water column, invisible. It stared at the Silver Dragon above it through the thick water.

When the Silver Dragon descended slowly, Gao Peng noticed that it also had the same number of toes as the White Dragon, three.

[Monster Name]: Lake Tai Hornless Silver Dragon

[Monster Tier]: Level 54 (King-tier)

[Monster Grade]: Perfect

[Monster Attribute]: Electric/Cloud

[Monster Skill]: Thunder Manipulation Level 5 Cloud Manipulation Level 5 Harden scales Level 4

[Monster Specialty]: Electric Thunder Net Scales (Adds an additional layer of thunder scales within the inner layer of scales.)

Passive Effect 1: Thunder Net (Effectively absorbs lightning attacks and reduces the effect from physical attacks to a certain degree.)

Passive Effect 2: Electric Scales (Its enemy’s attacks will be deflected onto themselves with electricity if it is hit on the scales.)

[Monster Profile]: The Hornless Silver Dragon was born in the depths of Lake Tai. It is naturally capable of lightning manipulation.

The Hornless Silver Dragon was closing its distance with the White Dragon. The two dragon heads were face to face, almost touching.

Thick clouds rose, and the sky was quickly covered in white mist. Looking from the ground to the sky, nothing could be seen except for the white smog.

Gao Peng was disappointed. He had only just opened the cap of the bottle in his hand.

Is that it? That’s it?!?

He grew mad and gulped the whole drink in one go.

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