Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 448

Chapter 448 Twin Dragons

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After drinking a bottle of a beverage manufactured by the Southern Sky Group, Gao Peng gave a contented burp. Then he threw the empty bottle into the trash can, which was located 100 feet away, accurately.

“Let’s go back, let’s go back. There’s no show for us to see anymore.”

Gao Peng patted the leg of Da Zi, who was sitting beside him like a dog. He had yet to tell it the cruel fact that they were still lacking one material to complete the full list.

Da Zi was waiting hopefully with glittering eyes.

“You can go back first,” said Gao Peng to Da Zi seriously. “I’ll call you when it’s time for you to evolve.”

Da Zi replied, “Oh,” and climbed to the root of the tree to watch the ants.

The White Dragon and the Silver Dragon who had flown to the sea of clouds seemed to disappear. Gao Peng yawned twice, dragged the chair below his butt away, and put it back in the laboratory.

“Oh my gosh… Listen to that nagging sound; that must be the Silver Dragon Prince. I have no idea what’s so interesting to talk about between two male dragons.”

Joey Ai and Karen Chen both greeted Gao Peng.

“Cousin brother.”

“Cousin brother.”

Joey Ai’s eyes were filled with excitement to meet the well-respected Gao Peng. He truly admired Gao Peng, especially when he heard about some of his past achievements, which made him adore this cousin brother of his even more.

“Hmm.” Gao Peng nodded and greeted them.

The day after the next would be the first day of Chinese New Year. The following day would be the Chinese New Year’s Eve, so every family was busy preparing for the festival.

If Gao Peng could go into the town, he would see the streets full of people shopping for Chinese New Year supplies. The shops were having various special offers, such as “70% discount or more for all items,” and so on.

“Fat Flamy, let’s go.” Gao Peng pulled up Flamy, who had been doing aerobic exercises, to ride on its back.

Flamy nagged, “Don’t call me ‘fat Flamy.’ I’m not fat. It’s just that I have thick hair that makes me look fluffy.”

“Okay, I’ve got it! Thick-haired Fat Flammy.” The young man flew west to Tiange on the crane.

Almost a third of the students in Tiange Academy had left, while the remaining students were homeless. The main entrance of Tiange Academy was marked with a couplet written in red:

The knowledge was generated and taught by the earlier generations,

The next generation absorbed knowledge and stimulated the creation of a new journey.

His grandfather had written these two lines of verse some time ago. Gao Peng had moderate skills in calligraphy, so he couldn’t appreciate it as much, provided that it looked good to him.

Both sides of the main entrance had two bronze statues with heights of approximately 65 feet.

Gao Peng was feeling weird. He hadn’t been around for some time, and the statues seemed to have grown taller and had increased by a few levels.

The horse’s neck and the crescent blade of the Guan Yu statue were both covered in red clothes; the same had happened to both the swords on Qin Qiong’s statue.

What were they doing? Gao Peng didn’t understand the reason for covering the statues with red clothes. It was like the Buddha statue in the temple that had just been consecrated. But why hadn’t they covered the top part of the statue and only the weapons?

The security guard at the main school entrance had left. There was no one in the security room, but there was no need for security guards, because the presence of Guan Yu and Qin Qiong was more than enough. Even Lord-tier monsters couldn’t act wildly here.

The security guards played an important role in operation and maintenance most of the time. For example, they cleaned the garbage near the statues and the excess ashes left on the incense burners. Before the guards left for Chinese New Year, they had already cleaned up the excess ashes on the incense burners.

When he arrived at the school, it was about time for dinner. Gao Peng caught a whiff of the scent of rice from the cafeteria.

“Eeeek…” There were two shadows in the sky, flashing into the mountains simultaneously before they disappeared.

The place where they disappeared was in the same direction Gao Peng had come from. Gao Peng felt strange. He remembered that the White Dragon was a male dragon, but now it seemed like the Silver Dragon Prince had conformed to the White Dragon.

Since Gao Peng was in the school, he wasn’t clear of the specific situation there. Though the presence of the White Dragon and other familiars would be able to repress the Hornless Silver Dragon, Gao Peng still couldn’t rest assured.

After a quick inspection of the school, he looked through the materials that were required and the activities prepared for the next day once again before he left the school. After returning to the villa, Gao Peng saw his grandfather standing at the lakeside. There were two giant dragons in the lake, and their heads were lying on the shore.

The White-Horned Dragon was on the left, its wet mane near its ears, with a cold temperament. It squinted its eyes and showed its orange-yellow eyeballs and vertical slit pupils, which made it seemed particularly frosty.

The Hornless Silver Dragon on the right was leaning its head against the White Dragon. It secretly glanced at the White Dragon at times, but it rapidly looked away when the White Dragon turned its sight towards it, pretending as if nothing had happened.

“Why does the prince look so girly?” Gao Peng was speechless. It was a male, but acting in such a girly way was a shame.

There was a muffled humming from the White Dragon; the Silver Dragon seemed to be reluctant. The humming sound of the White Dragon increasingly became hoarse.

The Silver Dragon glanced at the White Dragon twice. The White Dragon snorted and looked towards Ji Hanwu impatiently. Then the Silver Dragon moved its head to face Ji Hanwu and stared at him for a few seconds before closing its eyes.

Gao Peng saw his grandfather sign a Blood Contract with the Silver Dragon.

Wait… Gao Peng felt a little bit shaky. He rubbed both sides of his forehead. What’s actually happening? I have to figure it out.

This Silver Dragon had come to look for the White Dragon unknowingly, and they’d had a “friendly interaction” in the sea of clouds. Then, they went into the lake together. Now, another gay creature was going to sign a Blood Contract with Grandfather.

Err… this wasn’t the main point. The main point was that this was a King-tier dragon.

Grandfather’s Soul Power had become stronger after upgrading the White Dragon to the King-tier. Moreover, the Thunder Shell God and Primitive Jade Armored Crocodile had reached the Lord tier. Hence, Grandfather could manage to achieve the aim of signing a King-tier Hornless Silver Dragon.

Perhaps it was because of the White Dragon, since although the Hornless Silver Dragon looked rather reluctant, it still signed the Blood Contract with Grandfather.

After signing the Blood Contract, the Silver Dragon seemed to have softened its attitude towards Grandfather due to the connection of the Blood Contract. Though it wasn’t as friendly, at least it wasn’t rude.

Gao Peng congratulated his grandfather for having another King-tier familiar. However, he was still feeling weird about the interaction between the White and Silver Dragons.

“Little Silver isn’t a male dragon,” Ji Hanwu said, seemingly knowing what Gao Peng had in his mind.

Gao Peng didn’t feel embarrassed even though someone revealed his thoughts. He asked his grandfather cheekily, “Grandfather, is this the Silver Dragon Prince from Lake Tai?”

Ji Hanwu nodded and said, “It’s her.”

“That’s good! Since she has become your familiar, we mustn’t let others take advantage of her. I remember she has a servant, the Mirror Turtle. It has good divination techniques in predicting whether something is good or bad. It’s the only monster that I’ve ever seen have this ability, so we shouldn’t let it go.” Gao Peng had actually been thinking of finding the Mirror Turtle a long time ago.

After Ji Hanwu considered what was being said, he realized it actually made sense, so he talked to the Silver Dragon. In fact, the Silver Dragon didn’t care much about the Mirror Turtle. It was just a little turtle who had relied on her to survive years ago.

The Silver Dragon made an inattentive agreement. She believed only in powerful individuals and strength, so she didn’t care about the Mirror Turtle. Her main concern was actually finding ways to take the White Dragon to Lake Tai.

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