Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 449

Chapter 449 What Happened To The Little Brother?

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The Little Silver Dragon spat out a piece of silver scale and passed it to Ji Hanwu. “You pass this scale to the Mystical Mirror Diviner Turtle. After receiving the scale, it will…” advised the Little Silver Dragon.

At this moment, Ji Hanwu’s phone rang. He took out the phone and found that the call was from the guardhouse. Normally, he would only receive phone calls from the guardhouse under special circumstances. “Chairman Ji, a huge turtle has broken in. We couldn’t stop it since it isn’t attacking anyone, but it’s moving in the direction of the villa.”

Before hanging up the phone, Ji Hanwu heard a loud running noise and felt a slight tremble of the ground.

Turning over his shoulder, he saw a silver turtle with a smooth bright shell similar to a mirror that was as huge as a house, and it was running crazily towards him.

“I’m coming! I’m coming! Chi… chi… chi… chi!” The giant silver turtle made a grunting sound.

There was a floating ball of water on the back of the huge silver turtle. Inside the water ball, there was a silver fish that was as fat as a silkworm. It was rolling around, spitting bubbles and not fearful at all.

The huge silver turtle was also not afraid of strangers. It sat on the lawn, making a big pit in the lawn.

“…” The Little Silver Dragon looked stiff. It turned its neck and asked, “You’re here?”

“Yes, I’m here,” said the Mystical Mirror Diviner Turtle with its red eyes on its white head squinted.

“When did you get here?” The Little Silver Dragon was a little bewildered.

“Big Boss, I departed on the second day after you left.”

The Little Silver Dragon bent its neck, looking confused.

“Big fortune!” said the Mystical Mirror Diviner Turtle mysteriously. “I have foreseen that the turning point of my life is here.”

Then it was looking at Ji Hanwu with its sparkling eyes. It opened its mouth and spoke in an unclear human voice. “Are you my future master? You look smart. Look at your silver hair. Doesn’t it match my shell color?”

Ji Hanwu was blank.

“Why did you bring along the fish on your back? Is this for our dinner?” asked Gao Peng, who was standing beside curiously, wondering why the Mystical Mirror Diviner Turtle had brought the fat fish here.

“No, this is actually the son of Master Silver Dragon Prince. Ummm, of course, it’s also Master White Dragon’s…” the Mystical Mirror Diviner Turtle said earnestly.

The fat noodlefish seemed to smell the subtle savor of meat, staring intently from afar at both Karen Chen and Joey Ai, who were having barbecue. Its mouth formed an O-shape.

Gao Peng gazed at the Silver Dragon Prince. He had thought that it would deny the news, but it just hummed coldly and turned its head.

Gao Peng spat out the tea that he had just been drinking. Did the White Dragon become a father?

He had thought that White Dragon would be angry, but it turned out that it was just looking at the little noodlefish hesitantly and sniffing it. Then it closed its eyes and, like before, didn’t deny anything.

Though neither of the dragons showed any signs of denial, they didn’t seem to like the little noodlefish.

“It’s normal. This child is most likely not able to activate their bloodline. You can tell from looking at its outer appearance. It looks so different compared to them,” said the Desolate Frost Lion to Gao Peng through their Blood Contract.

“Many monsters act that way. If their offspring inherits their bloodline, then they’ll be fond of it, and vice versa,” said the old-fashioned Desolate Frost Lion while shaking its head.

“Why?” Gao Peng couldn’t understand the mindset of these monsters.

“It’s normal. It’s still acceptable. Some even let the newly born offspring fight against each other, and the last survivor will be the winner to earn their parents’ love. For example, Eagle-type monsters will break the wing bones of their offspring and push them off a cliff. If they can overcome the hardship and fly up themselves, then they can live. If not… then they’ll die.” The Desolate Frost Lion said calmly, “There are many of these cases.”

“Will you be treating your offspring like this?” Gao Peng asked.

The Desolate Frost Lion’s face turned red. “I don’t even have any offspring yet!”

“Oh, you have yet to get yourself a mate first.”

After all, it was the offspring of both dragons. Although it looked like any ordinary obese noodlefish in Lake Tai at that moment, this didn’t change the fact that it was their offspring.

Ji Hanwu put the noodlefish back into the lake and requested that the dragons spend more time with it during their free time.

“Eeeek…” The White Dragon was unhappy.

“Both of you are neglecting this child. Just see how fat it is right now!” Ji Hanwu scolded.

After that, Gao Peng brought his familiar to Tiange Academy to learn how to make rice cake with the students in the cafeteria.

“Is he the principal?” The students downstairs were discussing him stealthily.

“He seems to be the principal. Isn’t the classroom pasted with his photo? He looks so young,” said a girl with shining eyes.

They had heard of his other role, which was as one of the top Monster Trainers in the world. The students were chattering, sounding like a flock of chicks freed from their cage.

“Wow, I can finally see the headmaster. He’s just as handsome as he looks in the photo!”

Gao Peng coughed twice. “Everyone, please remain silent.”

The procedure of making rice cakes wasn’t complicated, so it could be learned easily if one paid attention seriously.

“Principal, can we touch your familiar once we finish the rice cakes?” asked a boy with a buzz cut who looked dignified and strong, raising his hand excitedly.

Last time, they had celebrated Chinese New Year by themselves, but now they could celebrate it with other students. It was their first experience, and this made them extremely excited and willing to act more bravely than usual.

Gao Peng took a glimpse at this student. He could see that his eyes revealed some nervousness, desire, and a little anxiety. “Yes, you may. But you have to finish making your rice cakes.”

Finally, the rice cakes were all steamed. The students exchanged rice cakes with each other. Those who were better looking or performed well in their studies received many rice cakes. Gao Peng received the most rice cakes on his table.

That night, Gao Peng asked Goldie to come over.

The children began to gossip. “Is that the Lord-tier familiar? It looks weird.”

“Looks like a monk.”

“I think it looks cool.”

The bald and muscular Goldie was staring at these children with a poker face, letting them touch it freely.

One boy walked closer to another boy and started whispering, “Ah Jun, why does this duck not have hair?”

“Little boy, what’s wrong with you?” Goldie approached this boy, then lifted him up with an unpleasant look.

“I-I…” The boy was panicked and spoke incoherently.

“I’m a legendary rare hairless duck from Yuzhou,” said Goldie. “I was born with no hair, but I’m the most handsome in my ethnic group.”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes.” The boy nodded his head wildly. “I knew that, I really knew that. You’re the most handsome one.”

“You’re a sensible boy.” Goldie put him down and patted his shoulder as a form of encouragement.

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