Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 450

Chapter 450 The Eve Of Chaos

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The monsters that reached the Lord tier or above would often have a rather complete body structure. The primate monsters could speak like humans, however, it wasn’t difficult for other types of monsters to speak a human language that was accepted by humans.

However, the premise was that these monsters had to be willing to learn the human language or be like the Growing Brain and have the ability to retrieve the memory.

Goldie wasn’t dumb, although it looked it. It had learned the language since it had been in human society for a long time.

( Boxno vel. co m )  There was a gathering that night. Some students performed singing and dancing, while others recited poems.

The more creative show was the performance related to the familiars. Teacher Da Guan and Teacher Da Qin led the performance. Some monsters that were caught trying to sneak into the school had been asked to play the supporting roles in the show. These few wild monsters, Teacher Da Guan, and Teacher Da Qin performed a unique drama scene which won applause from the students.

It was getting late, but the gathering continued until midnight. The bright red, green, and blue fireworks were blasting when the bell rang at midnight, and these colorful fireworks filled the sky.

During the first year after the Cataclysm, no one dared to set off fireworks. Perhaps they were afraid of provoking the monsters, and everyone was at risk of being attacked by these monsters at that point, so they weren’t in the mood to consider these things, even during Chinese New Year.

During the second and third years, it had been prohibited to set off firecrackers. At that time, the Large Scale Base City was restoring its stability and developing on the right track. However, the explosive sound of firecrackers at night was too conspicuous. To be on the safe side, the government set off the firecrackers in public at the center of the city.

The rules were loosened only after the Spring festival the year before, when some of the Large Scale Base Cities were permitted by the government to set off the firecrackers in some areas of the city.

It was because humans had become stronger over the years. The defense power of the cities was also enhanced, and the well-developed Base Cities had started to expand the perimeters of their land.

The firecrackers were blasting endlessly in the sky that night, but the monsters in the forest of Yuzhou Base City had basically all been killed. Currently, every single part of a monster was like a treasure; even a Normal-tier monster could sell at a decent price. Over the past few years, most monsters would either escape to the forest or become exhibits in a shop…

The remaining monsters, such as small fish and shrimp, would tremble with fear when they heard the blasting fireworks in the sky, hiding in holes or bushes while staring at the sky.

This was a gigantic world.

The trees were so tall and seemed to grow to the sky, the birds were chirping by the black cliff, and the canyon was so deep, just like a passageway to the netherworld. Giant monsters that weighed a million tons were running wildly.

On the east side, there was a group of stone forts in the rocky jungle. The stone forts looked like large, dense, gray-white colored balls when looking down from the sky. From time to time, gentle-looking or giant familiars could be seen passing through the stone forts. In the central area of the stone forts, there was a black stone fort that was similar to the other stone forts.

There was a monster’s bone displayed in a room on the second floor. The size of the monster’s bone was almost the same as a human’s palm, and there was a deep red pattern flickering on it.

There were a lot of gold patterns intertwined on the monster’s bone, at last condensing into an icon with a total of three patterns on it and a mosaic flower in the middle.

Dried bone flowers were hanging, the dead leaves were swinging in the wind, and the gray leaves and flower appeared silently. Suddenly, the leaves and flower on the monster’s bone started to ignite; the surface of the bone was now flaring with blue light.

The flares were gradually increasing. Finally, the flower was brightening up. The bright blue ray ignited and turned into fire, and then the falling flower started to rise.

Bang! The table flipped. A small kid wearing a cloth made of animal skin was rushing out in a panicked manner, shouting, “Dad, Dad, the flower is shining! The flower is shining!”

Lohan district, San Tel City.

There was a giant Black Dragon opening its wings and standing on the top of the Barofi Tower. The sky was gloomy with heavy rain and thunder. Under the wing of the Huge Black Dragon, the San Tel City was in a deathly still condition.

“Only the strongest can set the rules of the world!” said the mysterious man in a white mask and black coat who was standing on the back of the giant Black Dragon. The man was wearing a headset, so his voice was sent through the radio wave transmission and transmitted through all the speakers in the San Tel city. Everyone in the city could hear it clearly.

Under the wings of the Black Dragon, San Tel City was in chaos, and people were panicked. The city was caught on fire and became smoky.

Bam. A big black vulture flew up to the other side of the sky, moving around the black dragon a few times before flying toward the city hall.

“From now on, San Tel City is declared independent. We belong to the World Allied Government, but no third parties are allowed to be involved in the internal positions or affairs of San Tel City!”

South District, Trudeau City.

The land was shaking, and a gold coffin that controlled the black clouds was flying in the sky. Then, the coffin was lifted all of a sudden.

An arm bound with white bandages could be seen coming out from the gold coffin. Suddenly, a mummy bound in white bandages all over its body walked out. The mummy pointed to the sky with its left hand. Its fingertip ignited the bright ray, and it started to burn like a miniature sun.

“From now on, Trudeau City is declared independent. We belong to the World Allied Government, and only internal members are responsible for any of the internal affairs in Trudeau City.”

Nihon District, Ueda City.

It was a slightly bigger city, and the street was very clean. There were small bungalows on both sides of the road. Along the way, warriors in uniform were seen patrolling the street with familiars.

In the central area of Ueda City, there was a 300-foot-tall giant cherry blossom tree. The falling petals were fluttering around the pink tree, and some of them flew into the city.

A group of people rushed into the city hall silently and took control over the entirety of Ueda City.

“This is an order from the Almighty of Cherry Blossom. From now on, I will take over everything in Ueda city,” uttered the warrior in wooden clogs coldly while holding a token.

The warrior was followed by a Four-Armed Kappa, which was wet. Water was leaking out from the pores on its body. Its deathly pale eyeballs were staring at the man behind the small table.

In just one night, while the Huaxia Region was still celebrating its first day of Chinese New Year, all the base cities around the world had declared themselves independent. It wasn’t a coincidence.

On the internet, a lot of commenters were appearing on a hidden personal local area network. All of them were basically wearing masks. No one could see these people’s real faces.

“We’ve finished raising the flag, but why has there been no action in the Huaxia Region?” asked a man who was wearing a white mask.

“…It’s a totally different level of difficulty! Yuzhou is right next to me!” said a man wearing a yellow mask in a muffled tone.

The atmosphere in the network became awkward all of a sudden. It seemed like the two men in Yuzhou were great obstacles for them.

“It’s okay! I wish you good luck. If one day, you can’t survive in the Huaxia Region, you can find me in the Lohan District,” laughed the man wearing a white mask in a high-pitched and sarcastic tone.

It was, indeed, a carefree organization, only staying together because they all had the same purpose. Now, they had almost achieved their goal; one or two mistakes wouldn’t affect the overall results.

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