Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 451

Chapter 451 Challenge

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In the Yinglie region, the Saint Tyr base city.

In the northern outskirts of the city stood a lonely, yet elegant-looking manor. This once magnificent building was now in ruins. Smoke and dust seemed to swirl eternally around it. Among the ruins, three massive monsters stood facing each other.

On the left side stood a green-grayish monster, as tall as a small hill. Deep grooves lined its skin from head to toe like a tree’s growth rings. Its three eyeballs were embedded on its chest in a triangle. Vines spread out from its feet, squirming like earthworms in the mud. A green-gray aura emanated from its body.

Beside the behemoth stood a 30-foot-tall stone statue, which was slightly hunched over. Muscles rippled across its upper torso. It was also holding a stone torch in its right hand. Curiously enough, a fire was burning on the tip of said torch. The Lord-tier aura that surrounded the stone statue’s body seemed to be comprised of red and white patterns.

A huge snake lay coiled up before them in the lake. Its black and green reef-like body was adorned with red stripes. Its red Lord-tier aura had dyed the lake red. Its cold, cruel eyes stared down at the green-gray behemoth before it.

Elias stood on top of Laen’s head, his face expressionless. His blonde hair was a mess.

“How dare you crash my party! I don’t know who you think you are, but I’ll have you pay with your lives for ruining my day! No, I won’t just stop with you two; I’ll hunt down everyone you’ve ever loved and make them all pay!” he roared, pressing one hand against his chest. His eyes were bulging out of their sockets, giving him a crazed look.

Since becoming an elder of the Monster Trainer League, he had never met anyone so bold as to ambush him in his own home. If he hadn’t activated the failsafe trainer ability he had awakened in his body, he would have been killed by these fiends.

“Laen, kill them all!” ordered Elias as he relaxed his hand, which was pressed against his chest. Moments before, someone had shot at him with an anti-material sniper rifle while he was swimming in the lake. He had thought he was dead when the bullet tore through his heart.

It was his failsafe ability that had scooped him out of the jaws of death in the nick of time. Upon activation, Laen had been able to pour all of its life energy into him, letting his ruptured heart sew itself back up.

The Iwaki Mountain Giant slammed its massive arms down on the ground, which shook and cracked as thick, long vines snaked through the earth before emerging from the ground and entwining themselves around Laen’s body.

Hundreds of black-green vines came out of the ground and latched themselves onto the black-green serpent.

The stone statue raised its torch up in the air like an Olympic marathon runner. Flames burned fiercely atop the torch, then suddenly, the flames came pouring down from the torch like a waterfall, as if someone had suddenly tipped it over. The fiery torrent immediately set the vines ablaze, trapping both Laen and its trainer in a fiery cage.

“Did we kill it?”

“Not sure… I doubt it would be that easy to kill the snake, but at least we took care of its trainer,” said a dark-skinned man wearing a baseball hat who was watching the whole thing unfold from a distance through a pair of binoculars. He licked his dry lips.

Suddenly, a black shape lashed out from the inferno like the hand of God.

Bam! The Iwaki Mountain Giant was sent flying away in the opposite direction, a noticeable impression left on its chest by whatever had struck it. Red light spilled out of the open wound on its chest, which also seemed to be lightly smoking.

Upon seeing what had happened to its comrade, the stone statue turned back to the snake and swung its torch at it with all its might.


The flames reared up and twisted themselves into the shape of a dragon that collided heavily against Laen, leaving a nasty burn on its chest. Crackling sounds could be heard from it.

Laen wanted to follow up its attack on the giant when it was rudely interrupted by the fiery dragon’s assault. The stone statue leaped forth, hellbent on ending the snake’s life.

Elias gazed grimly at it, the blood on his body glinting in the firelight. “You really think you can take me on? Me?! The only reason I was chosen as one of the elders of the Monster Trainer League was that I was strong enough to become one! Laen, finish this one off with your Blood Spirit Ability!”

The huge snake opened its mouth and let out a roar. It spat out a blood-red moon that instantly engulfed all the light in the area. The blood moon floated in the air for a moment. Then, without warning, it sailed through the air towards the stone statue!


The orb came barreling down towards its target with such speed that an ordinary human being would probably only have registered a blood-red streak in the air.

Schwing! The stone statue couldn’t avoid the attack in time.

The blood moon sliced through the statue’s body, leaving a tenuous bloody line across it. The statue froze. Cracks began appearing across its eyeballs. In the next second, they exploded into puffs of dust.

After finishing off the stone statue, the blood moon now seemed weaker than before as its color began to dim. It made a turn in the air and headed straight for the Iwaki Mountain Giant.

As the giant was much bigger than the stone statue, its movements were noticeably less agile than the latter. It could sense the threat that the blood moon posed. Letting out a deep roar, the giant turned around to flee. Before it could even take another step, the blood moon sliced through its head cleanly from behind.

The Iwaki Mountain Giant staggered… Then, with its hands holding his head together, it began limping away.

The blood moon had grown dimmer. It was now on the verge of fading away completely. The snake’s roar echoed across the field as it swung the blood moon around at its target once more.

A dazzling red light exploded from the blood moon, which was now much brighter than before. The blinding light stained the whole place red. The blurred image of the blood moon rained down on everything around the snake, slicing everything in its path into pieces!

No enemy shall survive this attack.


The blood moon had ripped through the Iwaki Mountain Giant multiple times. It staggered for a moment.

Elias smiled triumphantly. Then, his smile froze.

The green-gray behemoth continued to limp away with one hand holding its head together and the other preventing its buttocks from falling off…

Elias’s jaw dropped. He tried to think of something to say but failed. Seeing that his familiar was no longer in any state to chase after its assailant, Elias simply heaved a sigh.

He took out his cellphone and yelled into it, “I’m being attacked! Find out who’s behind this! Now!”

The other elders of the Monster Trainer League were being attacked at the same time in other corners of the world.

Some were ambushed. Others were challenged to a fair fight.

Most of the elders were able to defend their titles as elite monster trainers by beating back their assailants. They were, after all, some of the strongest trainers in the world.

However, there were some who didn’t survive the onslaught. In the Lohan Region, one of the elders, Nazef of the Frozen Tundra, was defeated by the Wings of the Eternal Night, Deng Linken, in a duel. Many had witnessed the defeat of Nazef, who was later captured alive by his opponent.

Just like that, the Wings of the Eternal Night had usurped Nazef’s title as a world-class elite monster trainer from him.

“Just when I thought we could finally have some peace and quiet around here…” muttered Ji Hanwu, who was looking out of the window on the top floor of the Southern Sky Group’s headquarters.

“There’s nothing unusual about this. We couldn’t even come together as one to fend off world-ending catastrophes like the Cataclysm. As long as there are people in this world who aren’t content with their lot in life, peace will always be nothing more than a pipe dream,” said Gao Peng, shaking his head.

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