Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 455

Chapter 455 Dragon Decapitation Chapter Water

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To the right stood Feifeng Peak, where Yu the Great, renowned for mitigating the Great Flood in ancient China, supposedly received a mystical book which taught him the ways of flood management from the Goddess of Mount Wushan, Yao Fei.

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if a book just flew out from one of these mountains… Gao Peng chuckled at the thought, shaking his head.

He then realized that the sound of flipping pages was growing louder. Without warning, a white-covered book flew out from Feifeng Peak. Gao Peng stared at it, speechless.

The book flew out from Mount Feifeng before disappearing into the Goddess Peak. Frowning, Gao Peng continued deeper into the mountains.

He fed Stripey a Guise Fruit, shrinking it down considerably so that it could climb up the mountain. Locks of mist swirled around them. Thanks to his refined senses, Gao Peng could feel the eyes of monsters weighing down on him from every corner of the forest. However, they seemed to be content with just spying on him from afar for now.

The Goddess Peak was a small mountain compared to the others in the region. Even after the Cataclysm, it only reached 6,500 feet tall.

As they continued on, Gao Peng saw a small black dragon hurtling through the air overhead in the corner of his eye. As it flew, its movements began to change. Gradually, its form too began to change until it settled into the shape of a pair of golden scissors.

[Ingredient Name]: Concentration Stone

[Description]: Not only can it imprint on itself the shadows of other monsters, but it can also absorb a monster’s Yin Yang essence. It can summon said shadows in places rich in elemental energy.

The Concentration Stone! Gao Peng’s eyes lit up. “Let’s go, Stripey.”

They continued climbing up the mountain until they reached a huge cavern. After walking along a precipitous passage for some time, they finally came out into a valley. Even after consuming the Guise Fruit, Stripey was still remarkably huge compared to most of the wildlife living in the mountains. Its massive body was precariously hanging out over the face of the cliff.

Unable to restrain itself any longer, a black chicken leaped down from a tree in the forest, its eyes glinting hungrily. It stamped out its leg at Stripey, trying to kick it off the cliff.

It was staring ravenously at Gao Peng. Cluck, cluck, cluck. If I can kick this huge spider off the mountain, that human will be mine. I’ll be able to sleep with a full stomach tonight…


A blast of heat roared out from the dark ominous clouds above Stripey’s head, roasting the black chicken to a crisp on the spot. After seeing what had just happened to the black chicken, no other monster dared to bother the huge spider and its trainer again.

Silence and the fragrance of wild plants reigned over the valley. A huge rock stood in the middle of it. Gao Peng rubbed his eyes. There, before him, stood an elegant-looking goddess.

However, when he blinked, the goddess disappeared. In her place stood a mere rock. Gao Peng narrowed his eyes at it.

[Monster Name]: The Wu Gorge’s Goddess Stone

[Monster Grade]: Level 51 (King-tier)

[Monster Attribute]: Rock/Mystic

[Monster Grade]: Excellent

[Monster Ability]: Weather Prayer Level 4, Hard Body Level 4

[Description]: A stone on top of the Goddess Peak that was brought to life by people’s faith. It has the power to control the weather.

The Wu Gorge’s Goddess Stone had transformed into an actual monster. Gao Peng was not at all surprised by this. He had suspected that there might have been a nearby relic or statue that had come to life. On top of his list of suspects was the Goddess Stone. To top it all off, it was in possession of a rare weather-controlling ability.

Gao Peng surveyed his surroundings. He wanted the Concentration Stone.

Even though the stone could summon the shadows that were imprinted on it, it was still just a stone. As long as it didn’t transform into a monster, it wouldn’t be able to move by itself.

Pages fluttered behind him. A book flew past Gao Peng from behind and settled between him and the Goddess Stone.

Gao Peng raised an eyebrow. “You looking for a fight?”

He was never one to run from a fight. The only thing that concerned him every time someone or something picked a fight with him was that he might get carried away and accidentally beat his opponent to death.

Gao Peng looked over the book in front of him. It was a white-covered book, as tall as two grown men standing on top of one another. Its pages were thin. It was flipping its pages menacingly at Gao Peng, from the first page to the last, then again from the last page to the first.

[Monster Name]: Dragon Decapitation Chapter (Water)

[Monster Level]: Level 50 (Lord-tier)

[Monster Attribute]: Water

[Monster Grade]: Legendary

[Monster Ability]: Water Mastery Level 4, Accelerated Regeneration Level 3

[Special Characteristics]: Secret Dragonslayer Mark (A mysterious birthmark that holds incredible power.

Active Effect 1: Greatly reduces the power of all Dragon-type monsters for a certain length of time. If its opponent’s level is lower than the Dragon Decapitation Chapter’s, its elemental powers will be completely negated.)

Water Suppression (A new page that was added to the Dragon Decapitation Chapter.

Passive Effect 1: Any Water-type monster within its range will be weakened to an extent and controlled by the Dragon Decapitation Chapter. Low-level Water-type monsters will be more severely affected by the book’s ability.)

[Description]: One of the chapters that was ripped out from a mystical book.

A Legendary-grade monster in the wild… Gao Peng’s eyes widened.

“Move out of the way, or I’ll come over there and move you myself,” shouted Gao Peng.

The Dragon Decapitation Chapter (Water) flipped its pages until it stopped at an entirely blue page, which then flew at him like a sword. The page sailed through the air like a quiet ripple across the surface of a lake before colliding against Gao Peng’s forehead with a thunk.

A crack appeared on Stripey’s head at the same time. Stripey rubbed its head. That itches.

“All right, you asked for it!” roared Gao Peng. “Stripey, take it down! But don’t kill it.”

Suddenly, Gao Peng heard the sound of trickling water nearby. A pool of water hung in the air upside-down. Another pool materialized beneath it on the ground.

[Monster Name]: Holy Spring Spirit

[Monster Level]: Level 50 (Lord-tier)

[Monster Grade]: Epic

[Monster Attribute]: Water

[Monster Ability]: Accelerated Self-regeneration Level 3, Divine Spring Whirlpool Level 4

[Special Characteristics]: Holy Spring Reflection (The Holy Spring is capable of conjuring anything that is reflected on its surface.

Passive Effect 1: The Holy Spring Spirit can capture other monsters’ reflections on its surface and can keep a record of, at most, three reflections on it. It can also replace any of its reflections any time it wants.

Active Effect 1: The Holy Spring Spirit can bring the reflection of its target into being. Said reflection will have 90% of the target’s combat power, as well as its abilities. However, the reflection will not be able to replicate the special characteristics of monsters above Legendary-grade. It can conjure up to three reflections at the same time. It will need to use its own power in order to maintain the integrity of its target’s reflection.)

[Description]: The Holy Spring Spirit is as real as the moon in the well. Reality and illusion are simply two sides of the same coin.

It was indeed a rare creature, capable of making copies of other monsters and letting them do battle in its stead. After going through the Holy Spring Spirit’s abilities, Gao Peng heaved a sigh of relief.

It’s a good thing the Dragon Decapitation Chapter and the Holy Spring Spirit are only Level 50. Any higher than that, and I would have had to fight three King-tier monsters at once.

Despite Gao Peng’s confidence in Stripey, there was no telling if they would be able to make it out of this alive. However, there was a stark gap in level between Stripey and its opponents. Gao Peng had the upper hand. Now was his chance!

Gao Peng ordered Stripey to attack first. Might as well be the attacker than the attackee at this point and finish these monsters off as soon as possible, he thought.

On the left, a dazzling light began to emanate from the Holy Spring Spirit, completely engulfing Stripey from head to toe. A white light bloomed from the body of water on the ground. The white light gradually faded, revealing a smaller-sized Stripey.

Stripey’s reflection was conjured out of thin air, no more than 160 feet tall. It was fiercely glaring at the original.

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