Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 459

Chapter 459 You Really Changed

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They just left the lab. Behind him, the lab exploded with a tremendous roar. The whole mountain shook violently.

Xu Qingzhi’s pupils were enlarged in the next moment as the lightning clouds in the sky covered the whole mountain. The lightning shattered the summit, and an extremely rich purple electric ray was emitted from the broken gaps and the cave, dying the night sky purple.

Stripey, who had been playing, looked up silently. It stomped hard with its right foot and an earthen wall rose up and encased the entire mountain. Only the dark purple electric rays illuminating the sky reached through the gap in the middle of the earthen wall, as if a very powerful purple searchlight was shining onto the summit.

The factory and the mountains nearby could also see it clearly.

“What’s wrong? Is the electricity leaking?”

“Don’t say nonsense. Perhaps the big bosses are training their familiars again.”

“Could training a familiar cause such a huge commotion?”

“You must be new.”

The employees in the Southern Sky Group were always trained to have big hearts and be open to accepting everything.

Gao Peng could sense Da Zi’s mood through the Blood Contract. From the pain in the beginning to the itch at the end, Da Zi had been constantly transforming. Gao Peng didn’t blink at all as he stared right in Da Zi’s direction.


The earthen wall trembled, accompanied by a violent tremor. It even shook the lake at the foot of the mountain.

The Little Silver Dragon raised its head in dissatisfaction. Just before it could open its mouth to let out a roar, a dragon claw immediately held its mouth shut. The White Dragon shook its head slowly; warning signs were written all over its eyes.

The Little Silver Dragon that had its mouth shut was a little disgruntled. Its eyes suddenly lit up, as if it thought of something, and its face showed a hint of embarrassment. It then closed its eyes and dove into the bottom of the lake. The White Dragon sighed, also following it to the bottom of the lake.

The earth and lake shook, along with the peak of the mountain.

Bang! A large dragon claw fit into a huge hole in the earthen wall. The terrifying arc of light entangled itself around the surface of the dragon’s claw.

“Ow!!” The roar was ear-splitting. Toward the end, it sounded piercing and shrill. A raging dark purple figure penetrated the void and flew up the heavens.

Two dragon heads poked out of the lake, one after the other. They heard familiar breathing, so they came out to check it out.

Through the heavens, a slender purple figure traveled through the void.

With two sharp bones on top of its head, the three sections after the skull had stretched out into ferocious looking curved bones. The original hundreds of feet had turned into tiny golden thorns that grew out of the sides of the bones. Two pairs of sharp and slender claws stuck out from the front and back sections of the body.

Three pairs of black and purple dragon wings grew out of its spine. Their color grew darker the closer they were to the edge of the wings. The dragon wings fluttered along as thunder roared in the bright night sky.

The golden lightning entangled around the surface of Da Zi’s body. Its pupils turned dark gold; it looked sacred yet ferocious, just like the glaring gaze of the King Kong. Attributes of both the divine and the demon were in the same body at the same time.

[Monster Name]: Dark Golden Centipede Dragon

[Monster Level]: Level 48

[Monster Grade]: Legendary

[Monster Attribute]: Electric

[Monster Skills]: Royal Thunder Level 4, Bone Hardening Level 4

[Monster Weakness]: Objects or monsters that can restrain dragons

[Monster Special Characteristic]: Dark Dragon Wings (Passive Effect 1: Increases the speed of flight. Each wing can store additional lightning force, increasing the upper limit of the lightning force in the body permanently. Every dark dragon wing can increase the upper limit of the lightning force in the body permanently by 10%.

Passive Effect 2: The Dark Dragon Wings can grow and increase in number. It could be regarded as an organ of the Dark Golden Centipede Dragon, as a pair of dark dragon wings can only be grown once at a time.

Current number of dark dragon wings: 6)

The Eye of the Heart: an Eye of the Heart grows in the depths of the Dark Golden Centipede Dragon’s heart; it has the power to read minds.

Active Effect 1: Able to pry into the mood changes of other monsters.

Active Effect 2: Able to turn emotions into explosives that can be detonated later, causing substantial damage to the enemy.)

[Route of Promotion to Mythical Grade]: 1. The destruction of the Centipede Dragon in a dark night sky (evolution by way of destruction) 2. World Cleansing Thunder Dragon (dragon-typed evolution)


Gao Peng thought carefully, This is probably a noun rather than an adjective.

Perhaps the heart that was grown was pretty small; even the data frame had particularly labeled it as being “small.”

The evolved Da Zi had not only increased in strength, but it had also rapidly improved its appearance. The shape of the centipede could barely be seen now, but the contours of the dragon could be seen in many of its details and body parts. The horrifying and ferocious appearance of the centipede and the formidable yet domineering presence of the dragon had perfectly fused together.

Da Zi proudly hovered in the sky, venting out its emotions as much as it liked. Its huge purple dragon eyes were blazing like torches as they scanned around. It could clearly see the bunch of familiars and the facial expressions of the humans beneath it.

A plump crane was bouncing about by the lake. Ha, the fat crane is jealous of me. What a fat crane.

Stripey moved its paws and found a comfortable position to lie down. The two Orange Delivery Children trembled on its back.

The warm red magma spread from the gaps of Stripey’s head, like a bright lamp in the dark night. Well, Stripey still likes me as always.

A little white lion beside it laid on the ground and glanced at Da Zi.

That technician actually dared to show such disdain toward me!?? Da Zi was infuriated. At the same time, it was snickering deep in its heart and had decided to keep records of this occasion in its diary.

Da Zi looked at Gao Peng again and realized that it couldn’t read his emotions. The Blood Contract was like a layer of curtains; it was blocking Da Zi from exploring further.

It could probably only roughly perceive Gao Peng’s joys and sorrows. As for more detailed emotions, it might not have been able to perceive them.

He really deserves to be my master. He’s just extraordinary, Da Zi thought proudly.

Da Zi, Goldie, and Flamy were all at Level 48. The White Steel Bladed Beast was two levels higher than them, at the bottleneck of Level 50.

In comparison to the three of them, the White Steel Bladed Beast’s grade was a lot lower. Hence, it would be harder for it to be promoted to the King tier.

After flying for a while, Da Zi got bored and it descended from the sky. It crawled directly to the side of Gao Peng’s feet and rested its head against him. Gao Peng touched Da Zi’s head, and his palm became numb.

After the evolution, Da Zi had grown from a height of 26 feet to 40 feet. Although the growth wasn’t obvious, the presence of the width and the dragon wings certainly increased its body size in an exaggerated manner. Da Zi would be regarded as having a medium to large body size, even among other monsters.

After playing around with the group of familiars for a moment, Gao Peng returned to his room to rest. At midnight, Gao Peng was woken up by a knocking sound on the door. After waking up, he realized that the sound came from the window.

Dong-dong-dong, dong.

The knocking on the window was always the same; three long knocks and a short one. It had a rhythmic pattern. It was immediately clear that Da Zi was the one knocking on the door. After opening the window, a huge head poked out, its dark golden pupils luminescent in the night. Electric sparks spurted out of its nostrils in between breaths.

It couldn’t have been anyone but Da Zi.

“Gao Peng, I can’t sleep,” Da Zi said miserably. “You used to let me sleep in your house in the past. I don’t want to sleep on the grass.”

Before the evolution, Da Zi could still lie down in Gao Peng’s room, but it couldn’t stay there anymore after its evolution.

“I’ll fix the villa tomorrow,” Gao Peng comforted Da Zi.

Da Zi shook his head and stared at Gao Peng as if it had been wronged.

Gao Peng firmly shook his head. He would probably freeze to death if he had to do renovations outside in such weather.

Da Zi snorted. You have truly changed!

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